Beth Meets Dan

For several weeks Beth and Gwen had been exploring together. They had enjoyed discovering new things to do and new ways to do them. Gwen’s enthusiasm and adventurous spirit were contagious, and she was able to talk Beth into several things she probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. One evening after an exhilarating session of oral sex, Beth asked Gwen a question that had been plaguing her.

“Gwen, do you tell your husband about what we do?”

“Of course, I tell him everything. Haven’t you told Shane?”

“I’m sort of scared to.”

Gwen laughed “I’ll bet you he won’t mind. As a matter of fact, I bet he’ll enjoy thinking about the two of us. When I told Dan, he asked for pictures!”


“Don’t worry, I didn’t send him any. But most guys get turned on thinking about two women together.”

Even though her words were reassuring, Beth still was nervous about telling her husband. She kept putting it off.

One night, Gwen called Beth “Can you come over for a while tonight after the k**s are asl**p?”

“Sure, do you want me to bring anything?”

“No, just come down when you can.”

Later that night, Beth knocked on Gwen’s door. Gwen had sounded a bit strange, and she wasn’t sure whether this visit was going to be sexual or comforting. She knew Gwen had been missing her husband a lot lately. She and Gwen had become good friends, as well as lovers, and she knew how Gwen felt.

Gwen met her at the door with barely contained excitement. “Come on in, I want to try something new tonight.” She handed Beth a glass of wine and led her to the bedroom.

They had tried lots of new things in the past few weeks, ranging from ass play to fun toys, to light bondage. Beth wasn’t sure what to expect this time. Gwen seemed to delight in experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of Beth’s comfort zone. As she walked towards Gwen’s room, Gwen’s hands beginning to wander over Beth’s body. The room was dark, except for a few candles. Gwen pushed her onto the bed, and began undressing her. Her mouth and hands were everywhere, as if she was determined to get Beth as aroused as possible. She sucked both of Beth’s nipples into her mouth, knowing that that always made Beth incredibly horny. When Beth was moaning and writhing on the bed, Gwen asked her “Do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you. Why?”

“Just trust me tonight, okay? “

Mystified, Beth nodded. Gwen reached under the bed and pulled out a mask. She slipped it over Beth’s face. “Just lie back and enjoy.” The mask was disorienting. Beth couldn’t really tell where Gwen was. Gwen went back to using her lips and fingers to relax Beth again. Soon Beth was begging Gwen to make her come.

“Not yet, there’s more.”

Beth felt something slip over each wrist. She and Gwen had played around with bondage before, so she knew it was Gwen’s set of leather restraints (almost exactly like the ones she had upstairs.) She lay spread eagled on Beth’s bed, with her hands tied to the posts at the head of the bed. She waited for Gwen to continue, and was surprised to feel Gwen get off the bed. What was Gwen up to tonight? She started when she felt someone get on the bed. She knew immediately it wasn’t Gwen. The presence was much larger and heavier. A strong, masculine hand stroked up her leg, and across her stomach.

“Gwen!” she cried, trying to remove the mask.

“Shhhhh, it’s okay, it’s just Dan. He’s home on R and R and thought it would be fun to join our games.”

Dan’s hands cupped Beth’s breasts, and he ran his thumbs across her nipples.

“Gwen I can’t!” Beth cried “If Shane……I can’t!”

“Shhhh”, Gwen stoked Beth’s hair, “Shane knows all about it. He said it was okay. He wants you to have fun while he’s gone.

Beth was almost in tears “How can he know? I never said anything!”

“Beth, you’ve got his address taped up in your kitchen. I wrote him and asked him. With everything you’ve told me about him, I was sure he’d want you to experience this.”

While Gwen had been talking, Dan’s hands had continued to explore Beth’s body. He leaned down and whispered “You’re just as beautiful as Gwen said you were. Let me make you happy. I know how long it’s been for both you and Gwen. Let me make you both feel good tonight.”

Beth couldn’t think. The four hands stroking her body were making it impossible to consider anything rationally. Would Shane really be okay with this? They’d talked about fantasies of threesomes before, but she’d never thought they would be anything more than fantasies. But those hard male hands stroking her body felt so good. It had been so long. Dan’s lips brushed across her stomach, and she gasped. Her reason was slowly deserting her. Gwen leaned down and kissed her mouth. She whispered “If it helps any, I’ll let you tie me down when Shane comes home.”

Beth couldn’t help it. The words brought an instant image of Shane with his hard cock inside Gwen, while she sucked Gwen’s nipples and watched her husband fuck another woman. She felt her skin flushing. Dan’s mouth traveled up her stomach to her breasts. He licked first one, and then the other nipple. He returned to the first one and sucked it into his mouth. Then she felt Gwen take the other nipple in her mouth and she was lost in the exquisite sensation of having both nipples sucked at once by two different people. She stopped thinking at all as the sensations washed over her. Dan’s lips were rough and hard, and Gwen’s were smooth and soft. Beth cried out as the pulling, tugging sensations on her nipples brought her close to orgasm.

Dan’s fingers traveled down her body and stroked the hair at the top of her thighs. She knew that she was dripping wet, and she shuddered as his fingers slipped inside of her. She cried out again as he pressed against her. Gwen’s lips traveled across her chest and up to her neck, kissing and nibbling behind her ear, knowing how sensitive Beth was in that spot. Her hands continued to stroke Beth’s breasts. She felt Shane kneel between her legs. His mouth touched her and she screamed. He licked inside her, and let his tongue lap up her wetness. He swirled his tongue around her clitoris. Gwen had resumed sucking her breasts, and Beth was lost as the pleasure washed over her. How many times during oral sex with Shane had she wished that he could suck her nipples at the same time? Both mouths at once brought her to orgasm, and she thrashed wildly on the bed.

Before she had time to recover, she felt Dan’s cock at her opening. By now she was eager for more, and lifted her hips to meet him. He slid his throbbing cock inside her, and she moaned. It was so different than Shane. He began to move inside her as Gwen began licking both of them. He felt so different inside her, and his movements were different. She’d always had trouble climaxing from just sex, but with Gwen’s mouth on her clitoris and Dan’s cock inside her, she orgasmed again almost immediately. Dan continued to thrust as she whimpered and moaned. She felt Gwen beside her. Gwen kissed her passionately, and Beth tasted herself on Gwen’s lips. Dan continued to fuck her harder and harder. Gwen slipped her hands under Beth and touched her lightly on the ass. Beth shrieked and convulsed again. Dan groaned and Beth could feel his come shooting deep inside her. Her arms were sore where she had been straining at the restraints. Gwen gently unbuckled them, and kissed her wrists.

“Do you want to take the mask off?”

Beth wasn’t sure. It was almost easier not to be able to see. It made her less responsible somehow. She wasn’t sure she could look at either one of them.

Dan lay down next to her, and Gwen lay on her other side. She slowly reached up and took the mask off. It was a completely bizarre sensation to get her first look at Dan, after he’d already been as intimate with her body as it was possible to be. He smiled at her. “Gwen was right. You are one the most responsive women I’ve ever seen.”

Beth couldn’t help it. She asked “Have you been with many women?”

“Not many. Gwen and I don’t do this very often. It has to be someone really special. Your husband is a very lucky guy. “

At the mention of Shane, Beth felt herself grow cold. What had she done? Had he really said it was okay?

Gwen saw Beth’s expression and answered it “I promise, he’s fine. He called me on the phone and he asked me to do something for him tonight.” She pointed to the corner, and Beth saw the video camera with the light blinking.

Gwen continued “He said he was perfectly willing to share you, as long as he got to see it. He did have one request though.”

“What?” Beth was almost afraid to ask.

“He wanted to see you and me together, and he wanted you to make me come.”

Somehow that sounded exactly like Shane, and Beth was reassured. She took a deep breath and turned to the camera. “This one’s for you, sweetheart.”

She leaned over Gwen and kissed her softly, and then harder. Dan leaned against the foot of the bed and watched them both. Beth entwined her legs with Gwen’s and their breasts rubbed against each other. Beth’s hands found Gwen’s nipples hard and ready. She used her tongue to flick the nipples and then sucked one into her mouth. Gwen began moaning, and Beth’s tongue traveled down her body. She flicked the sensitive spot at the top of Gwen’s thighs, and then ran her tongue down between Gwen’s legs. She loved the taste of Gwen, and she licked her with long slow strokes, causing Gwen to writhe and begin begging. “Please Beth….” Beth ignored her, and continued to slowly lick Gwen’s nether lips, pausing to nibble on her thighs. She admitted she was enjoying torturing Gwen, after the way that Gwen had tortured her earlier. Dan continued to watch them, his cock slowly becoming hard again. Beth took pity on Gwen, and her tongue swirled around Gwen’s clitoris. She took it between her lips and flicked it with her tongue. Gwen’s breathing became faster and faster, and she suddenly screamed in pleasure. Beth continued to lick her as she came, causing Gwen’s convulsions to continue. She looked over at Dan. He was just as hard as he had been earlier.

“I want to watch you fuck her.” Beth couldn’t believe she had said that.

Dan was happy to oblige, and slid between his wife’s legs with the ease of long practice. In one swift motion he had buried himself inside her, and she screamed his name. Knowing how sensitive she was after orgasm, Beth could imagine the sensations that Gwen was feeling now. Dan began to move in and out, and Beth bent her head to Gwen’s breast again. Gwen screamed and Dan began to move faster and harder. Beth couldn’t believe she could get more aroused, but watching Dan and Gwen fuck, and the memory of Dan fucking her, and she could feel herself getting wet once more. Gwen convulsed again and Dan’s breathing changed. Beth was lying next to Gwen, their faces close together, playing with Gwen’s breasts as she watched them. Dan unexpectedly pulled out of Gwen and immediately hot come was shooting into both their faces, and onto their breasts. After a final convulsion, Dan collapsed. Gwen turned to Beth and began licking Dan’s come off her face. After a moment, Beth returned the favor. She looked at Dan as she did so. His eyes were glazed, and she imagined Shane watching the video, seeing her lick another man’s come off another woman’s face. She hoped he would find it as arousing as she did.

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8 months ago
Awesome story!!
2 years ago
that is one of the hottest stories I have read my cock is very hard
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2 years ago
This is a fantastic story. From experience I know how exciting these kinds of surprises are.
2 years ago
very very hot my cock is still hard and leaking precum