Shopping in the leather store on underwear night

It was Thursday night -- underwear night -- at the local leather club and I was horny. I had never really gone out in any gear in the city I live in because its pretty conservative… well, or so I thought! I wasn’t sure what to wear? Did I wear leather, a jock, fashion underwear, tightie-whities, or some spandex swim gear.

I chose a PVC bikini that I had bought online. The pouch and part that covered my ass was PVC, but the waist band was black elastic. I slipped on some jeans, a black T-shirt that was way too small for me, and some boots. As an after thought I put on my leather armband on my right bicep. I didn’t even look at myself in the mirror for fear that I would not go through with it.

When I got to the main door of the club I paid my cover and came in. The place was busy for a school night. I saw some guys in white briefs, others in Jocks, a few in awful boxers, and the rest not participating. A bar back wearing a 2xist black brief walked by and I stopped him. Explained I had never been here for underwear night and needed to know what goes on.

He checked me out and pointed to a coat check which also doubled as a general clothing check. I could wear as little or as much as I wanted, except, no total nudity. He pushed me to the clothing check and I got a bag and pulled off my shirt. He stood and watched me and I pulled off my boots to reveal the tiny PVC bikini. He released a long breath and told me to look for him later. I put my boots back on and headed for some inspiration at the bar.

The music was good, the guys were friendly, but no one was really showing any interest in me. I got off the dancefloor and had guys checking me out. And I noticed a stairwell down. It led to an outdoor deck and to a leather/gear store under the club. I saw some guys inside but decided to go back up to the dancefloor. I met a guy who was from out of town and he was hot. He had jeans and boots on, and they were riding low enough on his hips to see he had on a jockstrap under. We went to the restroom together and at the troff urinal he got down on his knees and sucked me hard.

Other guys came in and watched, some pissed, and some pulled out there cocks and stroked. The lights came on and he got up and left. I was disappointed. I hoped he would fuck me.

I got my clothes and put them on well enough to be able to walk to my car. I was still buzzing and really horny as I walked out and around to my car. I saw the back patio of the bar had some patrons on it, and I remembered the little store.

I walked up to the gate and walked onto the patio. I went into the store, and I looked around for a minute before I realized that there was no one else – including staff – visible at all in the store. I looked through some gear, some porn and a guy wearing boots, a harness and jock came out and said “We’re closed, man.” He seemed distracted and I noticed two guys in the dressing room. The two were fucking and the salesman had a huge hard on.

He looked me over and said “Unless you know what you need.” “Yeah, I know what I need.” I replied, “I want to get in the middle of that!” as I pointed to the dressing room.

The clerk chucked, and walked over and closed the front door, came up to me and took off my shirt. He called to the other two, “ I have a guest for you two – it’s the guy with the tiny bikini on and he wants to join us.”

There was a tall guy, dressed in leather from head to toe with a hot black celtic tattoo that ran under his pec, around his side and back to a point above his hip. The tat framed his sexy abs covered in dark clipped hair. He roughly pulled out of the guy he was fucking and stood up and waited. The clerk helped me out of my clothes and I quickly stood before him in my black pvc bikini, boots and armband. The other guy was built like a “fireplug.” Short. Stocky. Bald. Clipped hair all over his body. And he clearly didn’t like the intrusion.

The Clerk pushed me to my knees and locked on some kind of device to keep my arms behind me. He said, “You watch, until Sir invites you in.” I waited and longed for some cock, but I played the game and went into the submissive stance, eyes lowered, bulge in my bikini. Sir came up to me, cock dripping, and stood in front of me, but I didn’t move until he pulled me up by my hands and stood me up full height. He snapped some cuffs on me, and over a pole, so I was stretched as tall as I could, barely touching the floor. I kept my eyes lowered, and made no noise.

The fireplug was pissed that I was distracting his top, so he slapped me on my pecs first, then my ass, and thighs. It stung and I could tell it was leaving a mark. Sir, pushed him to the sub position and slapped his hard cock against fireplug’s face. The sales clerk was up on me licking and smelling my ripe pits. Sir asked him, “Tommy, which do you want from bikini, his cock in your cunt, or his ass with your toy collection and cum?” “Fuck” replied Tommy “I want it all!”

Sir came up and grabbed my chin and kissed me deep. He gave me a pill, something to drink, and a bump or two. He allowed fireplug to get up and massage my bulge, but not take it out… then I started to feel great! The letters of the alphabet were working… I was high and horny and got all geared up. I had a ball gag, blind fold, nipple clamps, all put on me! I heard someone taking pictures and just rolled with the flow.

Sir came up finally, and started massaging elbow grease into my ass, and pulled fireplug into my hole. His cock wasn’t big and soon he wanted to play with the others, Tommy, came up and pulled my little pvc bikini to the side and slid in. He was hard and he was working my hole. Nice big cock and a long n slow fucking. Sir pushed him out of me and slid his big 8+ inch uncut cock in my hole. Tommy was pulling my cock from my bikini and slid onto me. I bucked back and forth as I fucked tommy and get fucked by Sir who started convulsing. He jammed his cock into me so deeply I did the same to Tommy…he came next and got off my cock.

Fireplug said ‘this is gonna be one hot video for later’ as I was let down. I was super high, horny and looking for relief. Tommy looked at me and asked if I wanted to get off, ‘And I nodded. He said ‘go pick up some trade, boy. Sir got off and that is all that matters, as Sir left. I felt cum running down my ass as I stood up, put on my bikini with my other clothes in Hand. I walked out onto the patio with cum oozing from my hole and ready to play more. I sure did.

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