Did this happen......you tell me...

I had just said goodbye to my husband; he was on another business trip and would be back in approximately ten days. This was fairly common; I tried to get used to it but it was always difficult. That left me and my teenage son living at home.

The request came on Tuesday; the second day. He knew better to ask such things while his father was here. My son Alexander and I were having breakfast; before school for him and work for me. He was a senior in high school and had just turned eighteen the month before . "Mom"; he asked; "do you think it would be possible to have a party here for cousin Tony's birthday? He is turning eighteen on Thursday. I thought I could ask a few people; not that many and we could have it around the pool. We could just order pizza maybe; something simple? What do you think?" Well he had good timing I thought; no way could anything like that happen when his father was here; being older than me by about 15 years; he had no patience for Alex or his friends. But, it was for a f****y member; cousin Tony was a good k** as was Alex...maybe it would be okay. "That sounds all right to me; as long as you keep it rather small and no drinking or anything else. We could have it Friday night so it wouldn't interfere with school. How about that?" I had just gotten up from the table, clearing up some of the dishes. Alex jumped up saying "Thanks Mom; you are the best!" as he hugged me and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. "And you can come too; you always look good in a bikini!"

The day had arrived and Alex was so excited. He told me he had invited about twenty people; a fairly even mix of boys and girls. Everything was ready and now we just had to wait. People started arriving and all joined Alex by the pool. I stayed in the kitchen; nervous kind of; as usual when I was around a group of people that I didn't know. I had put my bikini on; it was yellow which went very well with my red hair and fair skin. I had put on a skirt also to cover the bikini bottoms but had not covered up the top. When Alex saw how I was dressed; all he had said was that he was happy to have such an attractive mom even if she was 40 now. Just then; the doorbell rang and I went to answer it as everyone else was outside. When I opened the door; I had to do a double take to recognize who was there. It was Tony; definitely; but he had really filled out; he was about six feet tall; lots of long blond hair and a face that most young men would kill for. He looked like a surfer; which was a secret passion of mine. He stared at me for a moment and then I saw his eyes go to my swelling breasts then slowly down; taking in my tiny waist; full hips and firm legs and thighs. "Wow; Mrs. Brown; you look great," When I heard that; I said "please call me Beth; Mrs Brown makes me feel really old!" Tony then came in and I told him that everyone was around the pool. "Are you coming too?" he asked as I was leading him back to the pool area. When I heard his question; I turned around to look at him and first caught him staring at my ass and then when he looked up; caught a flirtatious/sexy look in his eye. I stared at him for a moment and then said "not yet; but maybe later" never breaking our eye contact. He smiled even bigger then as we reached to door that led outside. "Can I ask you a question; I hope it isn't too personal?" We were standing next to one another; very close and I gave a slight nod. He leaned in toward me and whispered "Are you a natural red head; I have always wondered? He stepped back; we locked eyes again and instead of shutting him down; I said "wouldn't you like to know" giving him a big smile. At that moment Alex appeared and grabbed Tony's arm to take him outside. Is everything all right he asked us; we both looked at him and said yes it is fine. We just hadn't seen each other for a long time and were catching up a bit. They went outside and I went back to the kitchen.

Without thinking too much about it; I immediately went a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of wine; opened it and poured myself a large glass. I took a few swallows attemping to get a hold of myself and calm down. I can't believe it; I was thinking. Just that short flirtatious exchange and my bikini panties were wet ; I could still feel my throbbing pussy; just like a strong heart beat between my legs. Wow; he was a cute one and also very sexy; what was he doing trying to flirt with me; his aunt; who was twice his age? This was very surprising. I finished off the first glass and poured myself another; which was also finished before I had calmed down. I was standing there; my pussy still feeling soft and wet and hot; I looked at the neck of the wine bottle; thinking of what I could do with that once I finished drinking.

I closed my eyes and imagined laying on the couch; taking down my panties and then thrusting the bottle in and out of my wet pussy; going faster and faster; deeper and deeper; feeling my clit throbbing; quicker and quicker; oh yes yes yes; that is it; yes; and cumming after fucking myself with this bottle. Pulling it out of my pussy and licking my juice from all over the neck; sliding the tip in and out of my mouth; getting every drop of my pussy into my mouth. Hmmm; that sounds good I was thinking; opening my eyes and looking around. I was still alone; so I continued to drink my wine and let my hand slide down my skirt and in between my legs. I gently started stroking the outside of my bikini over my pussy. It was now throbbing even more as I just lightly teased myself. Then I slid my fingers underneath the panty and plunged two fingers into my dripping pussy. I slid them in a couple of times and then brought them out; dripping with my juice. I slid them into my mouth and sucked and licked them clean. Ummm; I sure do taste good I was thinking. I took my fingers down; looking around not seeing anyone. Taking another sip from my glass; I slid my fingers back to my sweet pussy and was just in that position when Tony and Alex came into the kitchen.

Now I was definitely nervous. I clenched my glass of wine in the one hand and then slowly removed my hand from under my skirt. The only problem was that my fingers were covered with my pussy. I took a quick gulp of wine in the hopes it would help calm me down. Now the problem was that I could smell the aroma of my pussy and now had to wonder if they could too and if they would know what it was. I looked over to Alex; "How is everything going" I asked in the hopes of drawing their attention away from me. "Everything is great; we just were coming in to see what you were doing. The pizza just got here; I thought; well we both thought" at that point Alex gave Tony a look; "we both thought you could come out and join us". I looked at Alex and he did not appear to notice anything wrong. Then I looked at Tony; we locked eyes and then he gave me smile; "please come out Aunt Beth; it will be fun; unless you are having too much fun in here by yourself?" He said that as a joke; and Alex laughed; but as I looked at him; I could tell he knew something had been going on. I put my glass down and walked to the sink; rinsing my hands off; acting like all was normal. It was probably the wine; but I found myself agreeing to go with them.

Outside; there were some people eating; some still in the pool or just sitting around talking. At that moment; a pretty blond came up to us and asked Alex to join their group. He hesitated; looking at me and then Tony said"Don't worry I'll take care of your mom and get her settled" Alex left with the girl and Tony directed me to a table set back a ways from the pool; and kind of out of the light. He held a chair out for me; told me he would be right back. I sat down; trying to get my breathing under control. This was not good; I shouldn't be alone with him; in the dark; almost wearing no clothes.

Tony arrived back with a couple of large cups and settled down. I took a large drink from my cup of wine and then looked at my nephew. He looked so good to me; I just looked at him; feeling a wetness spreading between my thighs. "Is something wrong" he asked; at that point I realized that I was staring and looked away. "No,nothing is wrong; I am sorry I was staring at you" He smiled again and then moved his chair closer to mine; we were almost touching but not quite. "You are so pretty; no not just that; you seem so sexy to me" he said in a low voice. I stared again; I am sure I was blushing and looked away. "You can't be serious; I am twice your age" I said. "So? That doesn't matter; and I was serious about my question earlier." His question; what question was that; I was thinking; probably thinking slower than normal due to almost drinking a whole bottle of wine. Oh, now I remember; that real redhead thing...I think we are at a crossroads here; depending onwhat I say; I can really find out if he is just teasing me or is serious. Also; what do I want to do? Or should I do? He is the same age as my son and a rather close relative. I looked back at him; he was still looking at me; "Well, how curious are you about finding the answer to your question?" I saw him jump a little and then he said, "very, very curious; I haven't thought about anything else since I got here and saw you standing at the front door. Do you think I will get an answer to my question "?

I took another drink and looked up at him. I then took his right hand in my left and moved it off the table and down, over to my legs. Still looking at him, I moved his hand over the top of my thigh and in between my legs, slowly drawing it up my skirt. His eyes were getting very intense as he let himself be led. I continued bringing his hand closer until his fingers reached my pussy. I then took my hand away and whispered to him "it is your turn now; what do you want to do?" He moved a little closer to me and started to move his hand up and down the outside of my bikini panties; lightly caressing my pussy. He then started to stroke more firmly pushing my panties into my wet pussy. I was continuing to stare at him but could not help myself; I put my hand under the table and started rubbing his thigh, then slipping further up and in between his legs. I felt his hardness right away; rubbing my hand up and down the length of his cock; feeling it move underneath my touch. He was only wearing a thin set of swim shorts; I could circle his hard dick with my hand; rubbing my hand slowly up and down and then squeezing the head; then releasing; then squeezing again; rubbing my thumb over the tip. He then took his other hand and moved my hand to the inside of his shorts; placing my hand directly on his swelling cock. He just looked to me as he took his hand away. In order to be fair; I did the same for him. I reach between my legs and pulled aside my panties, allowing his fingers to touch my pussy directly.

We sat there rubbing each other for some minutes; getting excited with the touch on ourselves plus touching each other. I finally, put my head down, my mouth opening with my moans of pleasure as he was starting to circle my clit with his wet fingers. "You like that don't you; you like having your clit rubbed don't you" he whispered. "Oh yes, yes; it feels so good; rub my clit; rub my clit; please please" I whispered to him as I continued to firmly stroke his cock; playing with his head; wishing I could take it in my mouth; and run my tongue all over it; sucking the cum out of him. I suddenly sat up and said "I think we should go somewhere more private. Why don't you follow me into the basement; if you remember the way?" Without waiting for an answer; I got up and walked toward the house. I stopped in the kitchen and grabbed another bottle of wine; then headed through the back of the house and then downstairs to the basement. We had it currently set up to be used as an extra bedroom so there was a bed plus a sitting area that had a chair and couch. There was also a small bathroom attached at the end.

I sat on the couch; poured myself another drink and tried unsuccessfully to relax. I waited for about twently minutes before I finally heard some footsteps on the stairs. I heard the door shut and hoped that he locked it behind him. I looked up and saw Tony coming down the stairs; he walked over to me and sat close to me on the couch. I took another drink of wine; a rather large one and then asked "do you want a glass?" "Sure; I'll have some"; so I poured him a large glass. We sat; not talking; drinking our glasses of wine. Finally, he grabbed my hand and placed the glass of wine down on the table. He moved closer to me; I moved so our thighs were touching, leaned over; finding his willing lips with mine. I pressed my lips to his feeling the heat coming from them. I opened my mouth as did he; then thrust my tongue into his mouth. I pressed further against him; pushing my tongue deeper into his mouth; then finding his tongue in mine; sucking on it harder and harder; not letting him go. While I was enjoying sucking; I felt his hand lightly on my throat; then moving down my chest. We continued kissing; pressing harder and deeper into each other; then I felt his hands behind my neck; untying my bikini top and then letting it fall down; my breasts now being completely uncovered. He pulled back and looked at me. "Oh my god" he said as he looked at me and then moved one hand to one of my full breasts, rubbing his fingers back and forth across the nipple; causing it to get hard and thrusting out from my tit. While he continued to squeeze and pull on one of my nipples, he lowered his head and started licking the other. I laid back on the couch, stroking his head as was sucking my nipples; first one and then the other. "Yes yes, suck me; suck me; oh that feels so good; so good" I was saying as he continued to lick and suck me then reaching over and stroking his hard cock again.

Tony then sat up suddenly, stood up looking down at me. I thought something was wrong but then he untied the string around his shorts and let them fall to the ground. He pushed apart my legs and just stood in front of me. "I know what you want" he said; as he started to stroke his cock. I couldn't stand it anymore...I grabbed his cock in one hand; leaning forward and started licking the head of his dick; then sliding the head between my willing and waiting lips. I pulled his head in and out of my mouth sucking and licking the whole time. I could hear him moaning as I was sucking; then he started to stroke my head and I continued to suck more and more of his cock in and out of my mouth. "Oh yeah; just like that; you know how to do it; suck it suck it" he was saying. I then pulled his cock completely out of my mouth, lifted it up and leaned further down; leading with my tongue; licking his balls; first slowly and then more quickly and firmly. As I sucked each of his balls into my mouth; I could hear him; "oh fuck yeah; fuck me; don't stop". I took my time with him; rolling each of his balls around in my mouth; lightly sucking and licking each one. I finally pulled away; and took his cock into my mouth again, starting with licking the head and slowing sliding his throbbing dick in and out of my mouth. I was sucking faster and faster; deeper and deeper; he was thrusting his cock harder and harder into my mouth; I was taking it all; he couldn't know how much I loved to suck cock; feel it in my mouth; loved to be fucked in the mouth. I could hear him now; "I'm cumming; cumming; fuck me yes yes yes" I sucked faster and harder relishing the feel of a cock in my mouth when he exploded; cum shot deep into my mouth; I pulled him out really quick; swallowing his cream and then continued sucking and licking; waiting for the next shot.

I didn't have long to wait; I could feel it and hear him again; so I pulled out his cock; rubbing the shaft. I pointed it toward my open mouth and he shot directly through my lips and onto my tongue. I paused a moment so he could see what he had done and then swallowed and licked my lips clean. I sat back on the couch, panting and breathing hard. "Oh yes, yes; I love to suck cock and yours was so good" I told him still leaning back on the couch. He looked at me for a few moments and then dropped down on his knees; so he was kneeling between my open legs. He pushed my skirt up so it was around my waist. I reached behind my back, unzipped it and pulled it over my head. I leaned back and waited. With one hand on each side, he untied my bikini panties and then paused. I knew what he was thinking; now he would find out; real redhead or not? He placed his fingers on the front of my bikini and slowly pulled them down, tugging harder andpulling the entire suit off; throwing it on the couch. I was now completely naked and he was staring at my pussy; not saying a word. "I am old fashioned; but if I were shaved you wouldn't know if I was red or not." He continued to look at my pussy and then looked at me; saying "I have never eaten a redheaded pussy before; they are kind of rare." With one finger, he first found the opening to my wet pussy, sliding a finger slowly into my hot wetness. Then with the same finger,he slowly moved up my pussy, opening my lips as he went. Once he was at the top, he spread open my lips; holding them wide, looking at my drenched pussy. My lips were glistening and shiny, my clit felt like it was quivering; one touch would probably get me screaming. He leaned forward, touching his tongue to my pussy, circling around and around the opening, then sliding his tongue inside, deeper and deeper. He pulled his tongue out and slowly licked up one side of my lips, around my clit without really touching it and then down the other side of my lips. "You taste so good; you smelled so good earlier but tasting is much better" he told me.

I was laying back lost in all the sensations when I heard his comment. "You smelled me; earlier? When?" He pulled back; looked up and said one word "kitchen" and went back to licking my wet pussy. I almost said something; but then he started really working on my pussy, licking up and down each side, tongue fucking me until I was calling out "fuck me; fuck me; tongue fuck my pussy; oh yes yes yes; fuck me". He then moved his tongue slowly up to my clit and then stopped; looking up at me. "What do you want me to do" he asked. By this time; I was throbbing so hard; I knew exactly what I wanted; "lick it; lick it; lick my clit; my clit; lick my clit" I kept saying over and over. He did. He used his hot tongue; circling my clit slowly knowing I wanted him to lick it; so he kept circling. I was starting to thrash around on the couch; now begging him to do it "lick it lick it please please please now now now lick my clit lick my clit!" Finally he started lightly teasing my clit; touching very lightly; licking, licking. "Faster, faster; now now, faster lick my clit faster, yes yes yes" I kept saying as he was now licking my clit more and more; until finally I thrust my pussy up hard into his face; screaming "yes yes yes; oh god; yes; oh yes; oh yes; lick it lick it; yes yes yes" as he kept licking my clit, my pussy; my entire cunt was now throbbing; thrusting up uncontrolably; as I kept cumming and cumming. He finally pulled back; his mouth covered in my cum and I said "no no; don't stop; more more; lick it lick it" he went back down and licked my clit again again, faster and faster again; "suck it suck it" I was now calling out; needing to feel his lips around my clit; he started lightly sucking me; but going fast on my clit when I thrust up my pussy and spraying cum deep into his open mouth. He kept licking and sucking as I was moaning, screaming; calling out for more; lick me lick me lick me; was all I could say.

I finally pulled back as did he. I had to catch my breath for awhile and then looked toward him; still kneeling between my legs. I leaned forward and licked his lips and all around his mouth; loving the taste of my own pussy. Now I only wanted one thing; his hard cock deep in my pussy. "Fuck me, fuck me" I said. He stood up and grabbed my hands pulling me up. He led me forward a little and then turned me around pushing me down on the floor. He pushed me to my knees and I went down on all fours; spreading my knees. I could feel his hands rubbing my ass, then one hand was slowly stroking my wet pussy; up and back very slowly. "You are so wet; I love your wet cunt" he said as he slid his hard cock deep into my wet pussy. I immediatlely was pushing back; fucking his cock as much as he was fucking my cunt. "Yes yes yes; fuck me; fuck me; fuck my pussy fuck my pussy; harder harder" I was calling out and he went faster and harder. "I'm going to cum I'm going to cum"he said; "in my pussy; I want it in my pussy!" He pushed harder and harder and shot hard; deep into my pussy; calling out "oh Beth; fuck me fuck me; your pussy tight pussy; fuck oh fuck" He pushed in again and this time I squeezed my muscles around his cock; squeeze and release; squeeze and release and then felt another hard deep push as he called out again "beth beth; fuck me; oh fuck me!" I pulled myself forward, quickly turning around; seeing his glistening dick as it was pulled from my hot cunt. I had to have it; I leaned forward; pulling his wet cock deep into my mouth; sucking and licking him; getting his cum and my pussy juice all over the inside of my mouth; savoring the flavors mixing in my mouth. Then I was sucking and licking his again hard cock; not letting him go; needing to suck him; wanting that cock so badly. I kept sucking; in and out; deeper and deeper; even deeper than I had taken him before; deep, down my throat; pulling out then sucking him in again and again. This time; he pulled himself out as he was going to cum; I was kneeling in front of him; I opened my mouth with my tongue ready to get the cum I was hungry for. He was stroking himself faster and faster and then shot toward my face; hitting my cheeks and then my open mouth. I licked it all and swallowed; then licked he head of his dick clean.

I sat back for a moment; looking at him; not believing what had just happened; I had just fucked my teenage nephew; I really couldn't believe it. But I knew neither of us was finished; there was definitely something I wanted to right now. I bent over again, still on my knees; but this time down on my elbows so my ass was high in he air. I turned around and said "fuck me; fuck me in the ass; fuck me!" I was almost panting just thinking of it; I could feel his hand caressing my ass and then spreading it open. He now was rubbing that sweet opening, massaging it; I started to cry out "Yes!Yes! Yes!;fuck it fuck it! He moved forward and pushed the head of his cock firmly against that tight hole until he pushed his way in and slid in all the way to the top of his shaft. He then started moving back and forth; in and out; first slowly; then picking up speed. "Oh yeah; oh yeah!" I called out as he was fucking my ass faster and faster; but I needed on more thing to make it all perfect. "Spank me; spank my ass; spank me! I felt a quick hesitation; then the thrusting was steady again, faster, harder as I felt a hand come down on my ass; spanking me over and over again. "Yes yes; spank me spank me; fuck me; harder harder; fuck me!"I was now thrusting my ass up to meet his cock; then I slid my hand between my lips; massaging around and around my clit; feeling it throbbing ;then massaging it more and more. "Yes yes; I'm cumming; my cunt; my clit; yes I'm cumming fuck my ass fuck my ass!"I was pushing up harder and harder; feeling the deeper thrusts of his cock and the slapping of his hand on my quivering ass; while rubbing my clit faster and faster; needing another orgasm; needing it again; please make it happen again I was thinking. All I could say was "fuck me fuck me fuck me" over and over again. He kept pushing and thrusting; spanking my ass more and more until I finally cry out; my clit finally exploding one more time as I am cumming again and again; as I keep stroking my wet soft hot clit. As I am in the middle of my orgasm; I hear "fuck me yes yes here it comes!" as he shoots again and again deep into my ass; I keep rubbing and rubbing my clit as it continued to explode in pleasure over and over as he shoots one more time. I pull my hand out of my pussy; thrusting it deep into my mouth; in and out; in and out; sucking all the cum off of it.

Tony pulls his cock out of my ass and collapses next to me on the floor. He lays on his back breathing hard; I lay down next to him; watching. He finally opens his eyes and looks at me. “My god; you are a good fuck” he says as he pulls me forward until I am laying on top of him and starts kissing me; lightly at first and then more strongly and firmly. Our tongues find each other and take time to explore the insides of our mouths. I move my hips to match his; moving lightly up and down; feeling his cock growing hard again; my pussy was still wet and getting wetter. I sat up and lowered myself onto his cock; moving slowly up and down; up and down; but then couldn't keep the pace; I had to have it faster, faster. I was riding him faster and faster; grinding my hips down on his; my tits bouncing up and down with each deep thrust. He reached forward and lightly; very lightly started rubbing my pussy. Yes oh yes; this is so good; I haven't had it so good in so long; these thoughts were going in my head as I continued grinding on my nephews hard cock and then hearing him cry out as he came again; shooting more cum deep inside me. He was still massaging my clit and it started to explode again and again. I was crying out again; I couldn't believe it; "fuck me fuck me oh my god; yes yes yes!" The shots of pleasure were going all over my body; my clit was just exploding; I reached up and started squeezing my nipples; pulling on them; feeling the pleasure shoot from my pussy up to my nipples and back down until my clit and cunt convulsed one last time and I shot cum all over his cock. I pulled up and then laid down next to him again.

We were laying there; both quiet; I didn't know what to say; if I needed to say anything; but thinking to myself; my husband never wants to do this with me; he won’t even let me suck his cock; even though I have tried. I wonder how this k** got so good at licking pussy; someone must have taught him well. “This is the best fucking experience I have had in a long time. We just have to be sure that Alex never finds out. If you are interested; I want to do this again. But how did you get so good at eating pussy” I say to him; thinking I could fuck this boy every day and never get tired of it. Tony looked over at me; and says “I started early; I have been licking pussy for about 3 years now; I can’t seem to get enough of it. But yours is the first redheaded; real redhead pussy I have ever had; and it was even better than I thought it would be. Your cunt tastes so good and then is so tight; you are tighter than some girls my age.” He was quiet for a moment and then asked “What if Alex does find out; what would you say?”
I looked at him for a long moment and then started rubbing his cock again; feeling it harden under my touch. I moved on top of him; lowering my still wet; throbbing pussy onto his again erect cock; surrounding it with my heat. As I moved up and down on him; slowly for now; I looked down at him; increasing my speed. “What would I say if Alex found out? Fuck me; that is what I would say” as I was grinding down harder and faster on his young, hard, thrusting cock. And, as it turned out; this was just the start of my experiences involving Tony.

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2 years ago
That was hot, very much like when i was asked to chaperone a party for the son of a friend while she went on a business trip.
3 years ago
i wish my nephew was like this wow that would be nice
3 years ago
nice story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
I realy hope it did...and if it happens again..please tell us!!So hot