My first night in Bradford

Was the first time I’d been to Bradford, work had f***ed me there but once my shift had finished thought I best see what all the hype about the nightlife was. I started in a couple of bars then moved on to one of the clubs. My first impressions were that the locals were friendly and all the women were as game as a pebble. I laid low in the club, checking out who was who and who was with you. Being new in town, didn’t want to be treading on anyone’s toes. One girl I had seen in the pub was there. She had been part of a big group of girls in the pub, but by the time she got to the club, there was only 4 of them left. 2 were being chatted up by a couple of guys at the bar, one was trying to shake off a sugar daddy, but it was her mate I had my eye on. We had already exchanged glances at the pub, had been clocked checking her out at the bar. What made me look were her legs which went on forever and despite being the beginning of December, were out for all to see. Combined with the short skirt, she had made her mark on me, and if I was being honest, was the reason I’d come clubbing. Not really into clubs but her first impression on me caused me to follow her out of the pub and into this place.
I’d set myself up at the bar, a clear line of sight to the dance floor where she was mingling. She made her move to the centre of the floor, heads turning as she did.... her blonde hair and fantastic smile was a real head turner. I took my vodka and moved to the edge of the dance floor. She dominated her space.... a couple of guys wanted a piece but she soon got rid. I sank the rest of my drink and made my move. I danced round her a couple of times. Our eyes met and she knew she had seen me before, but she turned away, showing me as much interest as the previous guys. Not one to give up, I circled closer, this time dancing by her side. I made no eye contact but saw her take another look. This time for a few more seconds. I moved away and could feel her look again. The tease in me made me leave the dance floor. I grabbed another vodka and made another move onto the dance floor. Too late. She had been collared by someone else. Just my luck I thought. Not one to give up, I snaked my way through the now much busier floor, I started dancing behind her. I gave it a few minutes and decided to go for it. I rested my right hand on her right hip, swaying with her rhythm.... my left hand followed and suddenly her hands were on mine, soon controlling our rhythm. My cock reacted very quickly and could feel it gathering strength. Fortunately my jeans held it back and we carried on dancing. Wasn’t long before I started to rub my cock against her arse. My hands now move down off her hips and off the end of her skirt. Her legs felt so soft and smooth. I started to kiss her neck and her head tipped back wanting me to do it more. I pulled her into me, she could obviously feel my now hard cock pressing into her back. She turned to face me and I kissed her, gently letting my tongue explore her mouth whilst her hands explored my hard on! I moved down to feel her firm arse..... through the material of her dress I could feel she had no knickers on. I opened my eyes and she just winked. I ran my fingers down the back of her thighs and pulled one leg up, wrapping it round me. I reached in and ran my fingers across her pussy lips, dripping with her juices. We pushed against each other and kissed even harder.
As I came up for air I could see we were getting a bit of an audience. It was turning me on and by the look in her eyes, so was Jenny. The doorman though weren’t too impressed with us so I led her off the dance floor to one of the booths, no less private but as I sat down, Jenny straddled me and started pushing her soaking pussy onto my straining cock. I squeezed her arse hard and ran my tongue down her neck. As she undid my belt and jeans, she released my cock, wiped the precum off and sucked her finger dry. We kissed again as she repositioned herself, straight down onto my shaft. Even with the loud music I could hear the moan, so could the booth next to us!! Jenny’s rhythm timing was perfect, I was squeezing her nipples on every down stroke which seemed to make her go deeper every time. When she got to the bottom her pussy tightened round my shaft and could feel by balls ready to explode. Her pace quickened and I squeezed her arse as my balls emptied and filled her shaven pussy with what felt like a gallon of spunk. Jenny’s hand went round the back to cup my balls, caught the dripping cum and sucked every last drop up!!
I said that I was in the hotel round the corner and whether she fancied round two back in the room. With that she looked straight into my eye and stuck her sticky tongue in my mouth. She tasted so sweet! Jenny jumped off me, grabbed my hand and we headed past the crowd that had gathered, 4 deep, and straight for the door.... This night was far from over, perhaps staying in room 69 wasn’t going to be a coincidence after all...
To be continued....

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3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
wow, wow, wow! I love it it! Thank you so much xxx