I'm in my early 30's and my mother-in-law is around 50 and for years now i have sniffing and licking her dirty panties until last summer. one Saturday afternoon i went over to my mother-in-laws as i do every weekend yo mow her lawn,after i finished the lawn i went inside she wasn't home like normal so i went to her room like i do every week and went through her laundry and found a how pair of light pink cotton panties. i sat on the floor against the bed and jerked off as i smelled the dirty fabric, rubbed it all over my face and cock. as i got close to shooting off i heard footsteps and i tried to think of something and hide what i was doing. well she walked in and there i was pants down panties in hand. "fuck I'm in deep shit" is what i was thinking then she grinned at me and said "please don't let me stop finish", i was amazed i couldn't believe this woman wanted to watch. i sat back down on the floor and started rubbing my cock again only faster now as i stuffed the panties into my mouth and looked at her full figured frame and fat juicy ass. after about a minute i heard my wife downstairs and my mother in law said "oh yeah i forgot she's with me so you better hurry" and she came over turned around and pulled down her pants but not her panties and she backed up and plopped her fat cheeks down onto my face and said "since you like the smell of my crotch and you need to hurry ill let you sniff the source. i was in heaven, i mean this shit only happens in porn, but here i was with my wife downstairs having a conversation with her mother who was sitting on as i smelled that sweaty ass and jerked off. i came all over the floor then she just got up and went downstairs like nothing happened, god I'm glad i married into white be continued
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4 years ago
if real you damned lucky!
4 years ago
hell ya you have to fuck that lady now
4 years ago
you must fuck her
4 years ago
"fuck I'm in deep shit"