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Hi everyone, I am new here and wanted to share a fetish my wife and I have about public sex! We love to search out very sexy babes in shopping centers and park by thier car and wait for them to return and see my wife and I doing our things. My wife loves to have her naked ass and pussy up in the window area as she sucks my cock when the ladies return to leave they can see me fingering her wet pussy. We video this so we can watch later and have sex again while watching the tapes. We sometimes go to a beach parking area here in Miami and just sit in our car as the sexy girls walk by and look in and see her sucking my cock or me eating her pussy, sometimes we even fuck with my wife on top! This has been going on for many years now and we never tire of the expressions on the girls faces when they see what we are doing! Some even stop and watch awhile witch makes us both cum super hard! We have over 1000 videos of our fun times over the past years all on dvd now we really recommend this for everyone just dont be too crazy and get caught. We use magnetic plates to cover our real ones so nobaody can call on us. Have fun and always fuck responsibly lol!!
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4 years ago
can you post some of your movies?