Field Trip with miss_milf

It’s a warm spring day and you have come out to the local paint ball range on a school trip. We are on different teams. I see you across the field. I can feel my self getting hard as I watch you walking. The game starts and you sprint away I follow you as you head for cover. I sneak up behind you as look around to see if anyone is coming. I'm almost right behind you when I step on a twig breaking it.

You have on a tight white tank top that shows off your amazing breast, and a tight pair of pants that look like they are painted on. you also have your hair pulled back in a ponytail. You turn just as I grab you and pull you to me. I press my hardening cock against you as you try and break free from me. I take one of your hand and bring it to my crotch resting it on my rock hard cock. Through the face mask I have on I say, "Feel how hard your sexy little body has made me.” “Oh my god what are you doing!?" you yell trying to escape my grasp.

"I'm just capturing a enemy spy" I say "and now I'm going to make you talk." I see an old out building and pick you up and start to walk towards it. I have you over my shoulder as I walk. You continue to wiggle around. I take my hand and slap you tight ass. telling you to stay still. Confused you still try to escape, when I slap your ass you feel your pussy tingle and startled you stop and wonder what I mean by "make me talk"

When we get there I have to kick the door to get it to open. I see some old ropes and a chair along the far wall. I bring you to them and set you down on the ground. I grab the rope and tie your hand behind your back and set you in the chair. I walk behind you and reach around you. I gab your breast and say "You have such nice firm tits. I'm going to love playing with them. I run my hands farther down your body and cup your pussy through your pants. I start to rub your pussy and I feel you start to squirm again.

“What does this have to do with the game!” you yell as you try to squirm back and forth still confused as you struggle.

With a hint of humor in my voice I say "We go for realism here. And in real battles spies are caught and made to "talk"." I take my hand and start to work it into your pants. I feel the lace of your panties as my hand sinks deeper and deeper into them. Off in the distance I can hear people yelling and laughing. My hand finds your pussy and I start to run my finger along you lips as I rub my thumb on your clit.

“Oh my god stop this! You mean to tell me this can happen to anyone?" you yell startled and confused and starting to get turned on slowly.

"No, not just anyone only a few people are choose to be spies." I say as my other hand move back to you breasts and starts to play with your nipples. I start trying to work my hand in your pants into your panties. My cock is throbbing with anticipation of that is to come.

You hear people getting near. You yell "HELP!!" as you try to resist your pussy tingling.

I pull a head band out of my back pocket and place it over your mouth as they get near. They are right out side the building and I hear one of the ask "Did you hear something?" "No, it was probably just some of the k**s running around." his friend says as they walk away. I move in front of you and say "That wasn't very nice, now you will have to be punished." I grab your pants and start to pull them off you.

You mumble something trying to call for help as you feel your pants start to slip down your legs. Your eyes widen thinking "Oh no he might see I’m getting wet." as you think this you try to lean forward to cover yourself.

I see you starting to move towards me and stop. I go over to where I found the rope and grab some more. I tie your arms to the back of the chair as I pull your top up over your breasts. I see you have on a sexy little black bra that is fighting to keep your tits in place. I move back in front of you and start to pull you pants off again. I slowly see your panties coming in to view. My cock is starting to ach with lust as I watch them come into view.

You think "Oh shit no he’s gonna see." as you mumble into the rag as you struggle to get loose.

Your pants slip past your thighs and start to move down your legs. I can't take my eyes from your sexy body. I catch a hint of something in the air as your pants go past your knees. I look at your panties and see a dark spot starting to form on them. I smile to myself as I finish removing them. I take my hands and place them on your knees and start to spread your legs. I run my hands up your legs and feel you shudder as they near your panties.

“Dammit!” You think as you see me notice what I’m doing to you. Just then you phone goes off in your pocket. As you try to struggle again hoping someone hears.

I get up and find you phone. I pull it from your pocket and see that its a text from your son. Turning to you I say "He's asking if he can go with some friends to get something to eat and then a movie." I text him back telling him it's okay and to stay out of trouble. I show you the message as I hit send. I turn off the ringer as move behind you again. "Now if there are no more interruptions where were we." My hand moves back to your pussy this time I work in inside your panties as my other hand frees your breasts from your bra.

“Oh my god!” you think as you try to shake free mumbling again into the rag looking up at me.

My fingers find your pussy again and I can feel you starting to get wet. I reach my other hand up to your mouth and I say "I'll remove the rag if you don't scream. If you do it will go back before anyone can hear you." My thumb finds your clit and starts to rub it as I start pull the rag away from your mouth.

You think about screaming "What would someone do if they walked in on us anyway? Oh god." You nod and look at the floor.

"That's a good Milf." I say as start to try and work one of my finger into your pussy. As I continue to finger your pussy I move around in front of you. I lift my mask just enough to uncover my mouth and move ever closer to your tits. I clamp my lips around one of your nipples and start to suck hard on it as one of my fingers sinks into your pussy.

“mmmfff" You moan as you feel me suck on your nipple feeling your body tingle.

I can feel your nipple harden in my mouth. I take my free hand and move it to my pants and free my cock. I pull my finger from your pussy and bring it to my mouth and suck your juices from it. "Damn you taste good." I say Moving in front of you I spread your legs apart and move your panties to the side. I lower my mouth to your pussy as I say "I can't wait to taste that hot little cunt of your." I inhale deeply as I'm within a hair width from your pussy.

“MMMMMMM” You moan again louder this time.

I stick out my tongue and give your hard clit a lick. I see you jerk away but I grab you and pull you closer. I clap my mouth over your pussy and start to snake my tongue into you. I use my tongue to pull more of your juices from your pussy. I move my free hand to my cock and start to stroke it. Hearing you moan only spurs my on as I try and f***e more of my tongue into you.

“MMMM” You moan louder this time and hear people walking by.

I look up at you and say "I know you are enjoying your self, and it would be a shame to let all this fun come to end." I lower my mouth back down to your pussy as I hope our fun isn't finished. My hands move up to your breasts and play with you nipples as I suck on your clit.

“MMMMM I know.” You moan.

I get to my feet and move towards you. My cock hanging out I grab it and your head. I start to move it forward as I say "Here suck on this maybe it will help keep you quiet till they move on." I feel the head of my cock move along your lips as I step closer.

“MMMM yum” You say.

I fight not to let out a moan as my cock brushes past you lips and I feel your tongue play along the underside of it. "Oh fuck yes baby suck my hard cock." I say as I start to move my hips. I hear the people moving away as I piston my cock in and out of your mouth. I pull your head towards me as I thrust forward trying to f***e my cock farther into you. I pull out letting you catch your breath as I say "God you are a good cock sucker, I can’t wait to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock."

As you moan with my cock still down your throat you slide your tongue around my cock tip looking up at me.

I push my cock back in your mouth I reach down and grab one of your tits and give your nipple a pinch. I feel your moans ripple through my cock as I start to piston my cock in and out of your mouth. I reach behind the chair and undo the ropes that hold your arms behind you.

You newly freed hands slide over your thigh as you rub your clit, while the other hand rubs your nipple as you suck my cock faster now still looking up at me moaning.

I pull my cock from your mouth and pull you up from the chair. Bending you over the chair I take my cock and start to run it along your pussy lips. I feel your juices coating my cock head as I start tease you with it.

You moan and reach back and spread your cheeks looking back at me biting your lip.

I press forward and feel my cock start to enter your pussy but pull back. "I know you want my cock but I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you want me to do with my cock." I say as I press my cock hard against your pussy.

“MMMM” You moan and say "I want you to ram my pussy and make me talk, I want you to penetrate my ass and make me suck it clean."

That's what I wanted to hear." I say as I slam my cock into you. I grab you hips and pull you back hard onto my cock as I thrust forwards forcing me farther into you. "Your such a dirty milf, I'm glad your son volunteered you to be the spy." I say as I grab a hand full of your hair and pull you back so I can grab your breasts as I fuck you.

“What does that mean?" you ask as you moan with one hand rubbing your clit and the other holding yourself up.

"I mean we ask the k**s to volunteer one of the parents to be the spy. Your son volunteered you. Don't worry he doesn't know about this part of the game. I only do this with a select few parents." I say as I grab your tits and thrust up into your pussy. I sit back in the chair and start to lift and lower you on my cock as I watch your ass shake with every thrust.

“So who’s the spy on your team?” You say as you wink at me wiggling your ass on my cock.

"If I remember right a daughter on my team volunteered her dad, and he is getting the same treatment from one of our female employees." I say I take one of my fingers and wet it in my mouth and start to press it against your asshole. I groan as I feel your pussy gripping my cock.

I keep working me finger deeper into you ass. Your pussy tightens as I push farther into you. "I'm going to love fucking your tight little ass." I say. Just then the door opens and in walks one of the other employees. I keep fucking you as he gets closer. I hear you gasp when you see him.

You try to cover myself the best you can while looking at me confused.

I look at him and say "It's about time you got here. I don't think this hot little thing is going to be happy with just one cock." He undresses as he walks towards us. By the time he reaches us his rock hard cock is pointing right at you. I reach my hand up and grab the back of your head and push it towards his cock. "Show my friend what a good cock sucker you are." I say as I slam my cock into you.

He grabs you by your hair and starts to fuck your mouth. I hear you moan as we fill you from both ends. I reach forward and grab one of your breasts and pinch your nipple as I slam into you driving his cock farther into your mouth.

You gag as I ram your cunt with my friends cock down your throat wondering who’s gonna find us next.

I stand up forcing you forward. "Time for me to find out how tight your little ass really is." I say as I pull my cock out of your pussy and press it against your asshole.

You moan with my friends cock still down your throat as you try to look back at me.

I feel my cock f***e its way into your tight ass and let out a moan. I grab you and lift you up into the air and let you sink farther onto my cock. I look at my friend and tell him to fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass.

“OHH MY GOD!!!!” you moan as you feel my cock fill your ass as my friend slides into your cunt feeling both hard cocks inside you.

Me and my friend each grab on to you and start to lift you up and down on your cocks. letting gravity drive our cocks deeper and deeper.

“MMMMMM YES!!!” You moan as we ram our cocks inside your holes.

“God I knew you had a tight ass but, god this is good.” I say. Just then the door opens and in walks one of the other employee. My friend and I look over and grin as they come closer. They walk over to a mattress along the wall and knock it to the floor. “Bring her over here” she says “I want some of that fine ass too.”

You moan as we both ram your ass one last time before we pick you up.

I lay down on the mattress and tell you to lower you tight ass back onto my cock. I look over and watch as the new girl strips down and walk over to us. I watch as inch by inch my cock goes into your ass. When I all the way in your ass the other guy moves between your legs and rams his cock back into your pussy.

You moan as you rub your clit as my friend slides inside you.

The girl moves over to us and lowers her head to one of your tits and sucks hard on your nipples as we fuck you. She takes one of your hands and moves it to her pussy telling you to finger fuck her as we pound your pussy and ass.

“OH YES!” You say as you feel her wet pussy as you kiss.

She grabs you tit and pulls hard on your nipple. She looks at us and says you guy haven't been doing you job. She stands up and move over us she grabs your head and brings it to her pussy telling you to eat her wet cunt like a good little fuck toy.

You smile and wink up at her as you lick her pussy and suck her clit while you finger both her holes

"OH god you are a dirty little slut aren't you." she moans and starts to grind her pussy in your face. I reach up and grab your tits and pull on your nipples pulling them as we use all your holes.

"You suck my pussy well, but I need a hard cock in me now." the woman says. She pushes the guy in your pussy away and kneels down. She gets between your legs and moves ever closer to your pussy the guy get behind her and rams his cock into her as she starts to suck the juices from your cunt. "God she tastes good." she moans as her face is driven into you pussy.

You moan as her tongue is driven into your wet cunt. You grab her head and rub it into your pussy.

In the distance we hear the sound of a siren, telling everyone the game is over. “Shit!” I almost yell “We better finish up before we get caught.” With that I get you on to your knees and start to ram my cock in to you ass as hard as I can as the other girl gets under you and claps her mouth to your cunt, sucking your clit for all she is worth. The other guy takes you head and foces it down so you have to lick bothe his cock and her pussy as they fuck.

Your body trembles as you rear you climax. You are almost screaming as it builds and build in you.

With out warning the damn breaks and you flood the girls mouth with your cum covering her face. She tries to drink as much of it as she can but she can’t keep up. Watching this send the rest of us over the edge. The girl starts to sceam as she cum her pussy clamps down on the other guy making him blast his load into her cunt filling he as he keeps fucking her.

I grab your hips and ram into you as I start to cum. I shoot rope after rope of cum into your ass filling it to over flowing. My cum starts to leak out of your ass and on to the girls face mixing with your cum. Spent my cock slips from your ass and hit’s the girl in the face. We get up and start to get dressed as we hear people starting to leave. On shaky legs we lead you to the spot where everyone is to meet up. As you leave you look back at us and smile knowing that you will be back.

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10 months ago
i would sign that permission slip
10 months ago
Yeah, Kelsey is a hottie!