My First Milf

This a true story that took place my junior year highschool.

I always had a thing for milfs, mature women , cougars and what ever name there is out there to describe a sexy older women. But up until this point in my life I never had the chance to have a sexual experience with one them. This soon will change in a few short weeks.

I was t_een just getting ready to begin my Junior year in high school, I was having a really good time, especially with the ladies, I never was into cliques and all but I guess I would of been considered popular in school, if that really matters any way, but I got along with every one from all social classes. And me being a teen, I was always horny 24/7.

It was the last month of the summer before school started, and since I was a varsity football player, I had to go back to school early for 2 week training camp. I was used to this by now, but the only thing was, that I recently moved further away from the high school and camp was 12 hours long 5 days a week and it started at 6 am. I knew I would never make it for 2 weeks driving miles at the butt crack of dawn. And not to blow my own horn, but I was a team captain and it was a must for me to show up. So I asked one of good friends Kenny, if I could stay at his house for the 2 weeks of training camp. It was the ideal spot,it was only around the corner from the school so I did not have to get up to early and we were great friends, so on the weekends after practice, we could party and hang out. He was ok with it and his m_om Vicky was fine.

Vicky was never married, but she had a bf, who lived in his own home. She was very hot, she was medium height. Golden blonde hair and nice brown eyes. She had a pretty face she was in good shape for a 42 y.o, she put 20 y.o girls to shame. Her legs was nice and she had a nice tight ass, but her best quality was her big juicy DD's. She would always wear sexy tight clothes that showed off her sexy body, and bright colors like pink, baby blue sultry red. Shit that would certainly make a teens with raging hormones go wild. She was quite the tease and she knew she was, I know she got a kick out off teasing all of her s_ons friends when the came over. I knew Kenny since we were in grade school, so I had a good relationship with Vicky. But our relationship changed for the better.

It was week into my stay over at Kenny'sa house, i was crashing on the couch in the living room and Kenny lived in a one level 2 bedroom apartment. His room was down the hall in the front of the house, while Vicky's room was right outside of the living room. So I got to see her come and go, and she saw me do the same. It was the last day of the first week of camp. I was aching from hard workouts and using muscles I have not used in awhile. I remember getting a text from Kenny, asking me if I wanted to meet him at a party. I was to sore to party I told him I catch him later. I just wanted to go home and relief some of the tension in my muscles, little did I know my muscles wouldn't be the only thing getting relieved. When I got in I noticed Vicky was home she was in the living room watching Tv on the couch. I kinda limped in and said hi to her. She was looking so sexy she had on tights, like black leggings and a tank top, that showed serious cleavage. I made some joke about her sitting on my bed. ( the couch). She moved over and patted the seat and told me to take a load off, no pun intended. She asked me how practice was I told her I was a little sore. She told me she took up a massage class years ago in college, and she remembered some techniques to work out kinks in the muscles.

I told her anything would help. She got up on her knees sitting next to me and put her arms around me and started massaging my shoulder and back. After a few minutes it actually started to work. I told her she was doing a good job. She then went to my chest. She put my arms around me and rubbed my chest, I could feel her boobs pressing against my back,I stayed cool the whole time making small talk. But I was so horny. She smelt so good and her hands were beginning to go from massaging to caressing. Then she stop for a while and asked me where the most tension was. I took this as a chance to test the limits, so I told her my thighs. She gave me a coy smile and slowly dropped to her knees. There was a coffee table in front of the couch. She told me to prop my leg up their so she could massage it. Mind you I had on shorts and I did not bother to wear under wear after a wore a jock strap. (its a football thing). She was rubbing my legs and she started to compliment me on my physique and she said some other stuff that was flirtatious. I told her something of the sort, like her being one of the hottest moms out of the group of friends. She smiled at me and kept rubbing my leg, then it happend. She rubbed under my shirts and she felt my semi hard dick. Her soft touch of her fingertip made my cock get harder. She smiled and said," I see some one was loving this massage a little too much". I was not gonna back out now, I was gonna get me first chance to be with a Milf. I told her that her she was the one to blame for being so hot.

She said I knew the right things to say to a women. She then started feeling under my shorts and stroking my cock and caressing my balls. I was getting nice and hard. She told me how nice my dick felt and how big it felt. told her I will feel much better in her mouth. She smiles and called me a naughty boy. She pulled off my shorts and my cock popped up and hit her nose, we both laughed at that. It was such a beautiful, is what she said. She was the first person to call my dick beautiful. (but she was not the last lol) She then kissed it and licked all over the shaft. It was surreal to me, I was getting blown by a Milf, not to mention my friends mom. She had the most amazing tongue. She then sucked my balls and jerked my cock she gave me the best bj. She was deep throating and slobbing all over mu cock, she really had some cock sucking skills. She even let me fuck her face lil. Then I told her I had a surprise for her, I took of her pants and thong. Then revealed one of the hottest cunts I have ever seen, She had the type of pussy I love the phat puffy lips,and wet and pink on the inside., and she was shaved completely bald. I have been licking pussy since I was 13 and by this time I was pretty good at it, now I'm not trying to say I am the best pussy eater in the world but I am pretty damn good. I ate her pussy like I was starving k** who has not ate in months. I spelled the abc's frontwards and back words and sucked and licked her clit. I finger her pussy and she even tought me how to find her g-spot. She was bucking like a wild horse, her eyes rolled back to her head, it looked like a scene from the exorcist. She was cumming and creaming right into my mouth and I loved it, my dick was twitching.

She said I need this cock in me now. I was so hot and horny and charged up I flipped her leg over my shoulder and placed my cock in her waiting fuck hole. I could not believe how tight she was. She was so wet and warm her pussy was like the Sahara dessert,but with wetness added to it. Her pussy felt so good.I was picking up a steady speed, then she told me to fuck her hard and fast. I leaned into her and was pounding her pussy like no tommorow. I was going balls deep. She had her heals around my waist digging into my ass and nails scratching my back. She was talking real dirty too. I loved hearing her talk like that, she kept saying, you like fucking your friends mom slutty cunt. She kept saying she was a black cock whore. I loved hearing it so much. I got into it, I had to have a go at her tits . I told her to lay back so I got could fuck her tits. Before I did that though, I sucked on them. They were big like melons but so nice and firm. Her nipples were pink and hard and shaped liked gum drops. I laid her on her back and placed my cock between her fun bags. I squeezed them together and stroked in out, she looked at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. I was determined to make this last forever. So I was holding my cum back. She even managed to suck my dick while I fuck her tits. Then she wanted more cock in her. She turned around on her hands and knees. Her ass look so hot her heart shaped ass was calling for me to pound her pussy from behind. I fucked her long and deeo from behind, I found out the she loved it rough.I slapped her ass and grabbed her tits. she played with her clit. I even mad her call be daddy. I was looking at her sexy ass hole. I did not know or even care if she was okay with it, but I took my thumb and finger fucked her ass hole whole fuck her pussy. Turns out thats what did the trick and in a few minutes he started to cum and shortly after I did too. I pulled out and cam all over her ass and back,some even got in her hair.

We laid down naked together, our sweaty post orgasmic bodies. I never forget her words, when she said that was the best sex she ever had. She said she needed some young black cock, and she has been watching me over the past week and she was so hot and horny for me. I was so surprised and pleased to her it.I forgot I even had sore muscles that she actually did a good job on relieving them. She told me that she liked me fingering her ass. She let me fuck her ass the next day. For almost 2 years, she became my milf fuck buddy and sex teacher. She was the first of many Milfs that I would fuck. And to tell you the truth most of the milfs I fucked including her fucked way better than some of the girls that are my age that are in there early 20's. A word to the wise out there, moms and cougars are where its at lol. Til next time hamsters.

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1 year ago
Awesome. Very hot
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1 year ago
my wife is a cougar and we both love it when she is getting a good fucking from some young guy. and the creampies are the best
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2 years ago
I would have fucked you in your junior year in high school too.
2 years ago
Well done
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Very hot :)
2 years ago
Very hot indeed,,thanks