She Loves to swallow part 2

This is a second installment of she loves to swallow part 1. If you have not read it you should you might like it. These are different stories from, my fuck buddy Crystal shared with me about other guys she has been with they were pretty lemme know what you think.

First time swallower: Crystal and I were hanging out a week after the first night she sucked my dick, we fucked every single day more than once after that night. She still had a boyfriend but things were going south I guess. I loved fucking her,and I loved that she swallowed. I was just curious on how she became a cum Lover. She told me she first swallowed cum when she was 14 y.o. It was her cousin and his friend. I had to hear this, I was all ears. She said that one summer day, her 16 y.o cousin, his friend and her were watching a movie. She lived down the street from her cousin and they were close in age so they hung out a lot. Her cousin and his friend were the popular guys in town. She came from a small town so, that was a big deal she said. She said the movie had a reference to blow jobs in it, the guys started to laugh about, and she said she laughed too. Her cousin and his friend, asked if she knew about bj's, she lied and said she gave lots of them, she wanted to seem cool to them. They asked her to show them what she , she was hesitant, they persuaded her, then she was down on her kness , blowing both of them back and forth, she did not much she said, but she like the feeling of doing it. She said that her cousin friend asked to cum in her mouth, she knew about cum, but she really did not know what it was. She said yes and they both took turns cumming in her mouth and they made her swallow it. She said she did not like the taste, but she like doing the dirty deed.

The start of loving to swallow: A few years after she first swallowed cum, Crystal was warming up to swallowing cum, but she said she only did it for special boyfriends. This story I found really hot. When Crystal was a Jr in high school, she had a best friend named Tammy. Her Tammy were close and they slept over each others houses every weekend in high school. Crystal had a crush on Tammy's dad. He was a middle aged man, divorce and in shape head football coach of the high school team. She liked him alot and she would masturbate to thoughts of him. She said one night , while at the sl**p over, Tammy was sl**ping and she was horny and restless. She went down stairs wear Tammy's dad was watching tv. She set with him and watch tv, she got closer to him and then after awhile started rubbing his cock, She said,he was scared thinking she was setting him up, she convinced him she was not. He cooled down and went along with it, she took his cock out, she said it was really thick . She never had one that big at the time. She was nervous but eager she sad. She said he started sucking it and mid way through he grabbed her by the head and began to fuck her face, she said she was gagging and it was hard to breath, but she liked being controlled like that. She said he did nor even warn her, and he blasted his jizz all in her mouth. She swallowed it all. She said after that every time she slept over she sucked his cock. never fucked him, she still was a virgin until she was 18. She said after that she loved the taste of cum, cause he mad her swallow his cum every weekend and even everyday day after school before he started foot ball practice.

Swallowing on Halloween: One Halloween night Crystal went to a Halloween party, at some guys house. It was the typical high school party scene, u******e k**s,with tons of buzz and hormones raging. Only diffidence was it was Halloween and every one dressed up. She was a big cum whore by now,and she swore all the guys she sucked off to secrecy, she said it was a small town she did not to get a reputation. All the guys surprisingly kept their mouth shout. I guess when your getting good head, you will do anything to get it again lol. She was really horny at the party,and she said almost every guy from her graduating class was there. She was wearing a half cut masquerader mask covering her eyes and nose but not her mouth. She told about 10 guys to meet her in the basement. She know from the number of people at the party no one would miss them or suspect a thing. She did not have a preference,she just picked random guys she said. She said they ranged from jocks, to dorks. She took her top off, and told them to pull their pants down, she said some guys got nervous and punked out. She told them they could leave but kept quite about what was happening. She then had about half the cocks she started with but they worked. She sucked guys off in a circle around her,white and black. She loved them fucking her face, she loved the locks on the dorks faces knowing she was making their dream come true, she said the all cam too quick though. but she made sure that they all cam in her mouth. some got on her face but she still licked it off.

I have some more let me know what you think and I will post some more. I fuck her on a regular so I will have plenty fuck stories too.

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1 year ago
Awesome! have more stoty?
2 years ago
My wife Lisa tells me she was 14 when her step bro 23 should her how to suck his cock and swallow.
I love her stories about her and him and her jr and high school days. some day I will post one on here
2 years ago
Crystal sounds like she appreciates the best that life has to offer. Love him or hate him, President Clinton did much to make blowjobs vogue again. That is perhaps his greatest achievement as President.
2 years ago
Why didn't I ever meet girls like this? Damn, I've had my share of good sex, but you, my friend are the King, and I bow down to you.
2 years ago
Great,,luv it