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Do you spit or swallow

This question is mostly for the girls, but if your are not, feel free to chime in anyway, I dont discriminate. But any who,the other day I was with a fuck buddy, who I know from experience is a total cum whore, she loves to have on her face, her tits, in her pussy and ass, but most of all she loves to swallow it. She told me when she first tried swallowing cum, she did not like the taste , but after awhile she grew to love it. So the question to all you members out there, is do you like to spit or swallow, and why?
Posted by assluver7 2 years ago
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2 years ago
thanks so far to all who responded keep em cumming
2 years ago
I swallow. Or maybe the boy wants me to do something else with his cum. Like paint my body with it. Sometimes the cum tastes good and sometimes it isn't so delicious. But since the boy has fucked me, the least I can do is swallow. I've seen some vids of girls swallowing bowls of cum from 50 guys – that I could not do.
2 years ago
i enjoy swallowing, but like a lot of girls, the actual taste does take a bit to get used to.

and yes, a guy's diet does affect how it tastes, so the healthier you are the more willing we girls will be.

to me the reason i love swallowing is more of a mental thing, i consider it an acceptance of my lover, and its a way of showing him that i love being with him and making him feel good.

i know i'd feel pretty horrible if a guy turned his head to spit every time he licked my pussy, so i think swallowing is just good manners at that point, lol
2 years ago
I have also observed that one never hears of gay guys spitting.
2 years ago
Okay then, never it is...delayed posting.
2 years ago
I left a long comment here, but it disappeared. I wonder if other people had the same experience.
2 years ago
It is interesting how many guys feel that swallowing is so important, myself included. When you think about it, it shouldn't matter all that much. Cumming in someone's mouth is incredibly erotic, and we cum no matter what. Whether the person accepting it spits or swallows does nothing to enhance the experience of our cumming one way or the other, so why should we care? But we do. Is it an acceptance thing? Or perhaps a dominance issue? I'm not sure, but every guy loves a swallower.