Confessions of a s****r Fucker ( True Story)

Hey all you porn lovers out there, this is my first story so bare with me , but its true and if you like it,leave a rating and a comment,and if you don't like it,its nothing wrong with that enjoy.

It was last summer a week after my 22nd birthday, I went back to my home town of L.A to meet up with my friends to celebrate my belated birthday, there was my best friend,who was practically my b*****r Mike, Carlos and Craig. The 3 of them planned a boys week in Vegas, we were gonna drive down to Vegas, full of energy, hormones and cash, we were gonna party hard Hangover style. When my plane arrived at LAX, I was greeted by Mike and Craig, we were gonna drive back Mikes place and leave in the morning for Vegas. After catching up with some old friends from high-school and others who I use to associate with, noticed that I haven't seen or heard from Carlos all day, when I asked Mike were he was he told me he was not going to be able to go with us to Vegas nor was he would be able to hang out with us that day. it turned out that Carlos knocked up his on and off again girlfriend Mary, and she was in labor for 13 hours and counting. I was a little pissed but he had to take care of his business, but we were also out of an extra person for Vegas. But all was not lost, because Carlos had gave his spot to his little s****r Angel.

I have not seen Angel since I left for Miami 4 years ago, when she was a short and skinny little girl, bugging us when her b*****r and the rest of the fellas would hang out. I was a little annoyed to have her tag along for many reasons: for one she was 18 y.o and even though she was of adult age, there is not that much and 18 y.o could do in Vegas, (at least that was what I thought), and from the Angel I remember, she was very annoying and prudish. I told the fellas that I wasn't so sure about bringing her,and they both told me once I saw her, that I would change my mind. Later that night we drove over to a party of a friends over at Venice Beach. The party was pretty packed , the girls were all looking great and the drinks were flowing, we all spread out and did out things, I danced with a few sexy girls, coming from Miami, back to Cali, there was never a shortage of sexy girls, and I have to say i'm a pretty attractive guy, 6'4 ,black and muscular,and a good conversationalist its not that hard for me to get a good lucking female. In the middle of the party, I got a fairly well bj from a random d***k chick who passed out before we even could fuck , but I was not to worried because in less than 24 hours i would fucking girls in Vegas. Even though this might sound cheesy, this very attractive girl caught my eye from across the room. She was tall maybe about 5'7 or 5'8, her skin looked smooth and tan, she was a Latina, with long silky black hair, brown eyes and a curvy body, a body of a Brazilian swimsuit model.

When I noticed who it was I was shocked,it was the annoying little 14 y.o I mentioned early,but this time she was a grown women. She noticed me staring and she smiled and walked over to me, she said hey I thought that was you and gave a hug and a kiss on the cheek. " Hey how are you,I haven't seen you in forever!" is what she said to me. I retorted with something in the similar, and she hugged me again, and I just told her she looked great and she was stunning, I'm not the nervous type, I call it how I see it. She giggled and said I see somethings haven't changed. Angel was everything but an annoying little girl, she held a great conversation, she was witty,funny and sexy as hell. She had a tight sexy body, her lips were pouty, her stomach was flat , she had nice ample breast,c cup i figured,she had small waist,long legs and an ass to die for, it was firm, but round and soft. You would think she was from Brazil, but she was Costa Rican. After we talked and caught up I asked her she wanted to dance, she grabbed my arm and ran to the room were the DJ was, she had on a nice tight tube top blue skirt, that came just under her ass cheeks, she started grind on me, and I being a man, I started to pop a boner, she obviously felt it and continued to grind even harder and started bending over and touching her toes while I was leaning against the wall, she had some good moves. We were practically dry humping , I almost busted a nut in my jeans.

After we left the party, we all went back to Mikes house, but I told Mike I was gonna drive back with Angel, Mike knowing me the most knew what I was up to, he said , "see man I told ya, you would change your mind, I've been wanting to fuck her since she got all sexy" I drove back with Angel we took the long way, nothing really happened we just flirted and I told her she could be roommate in Vegas she hugged me gave a kiss on the cheek and dropped me off back at Mikes house. The next morning we picked up Angel, and drove to Vegas. It wasn't our first time in Vegas but it was Angel, we stayed at the Palms, the first thing we did was go to the strip and do some of things that Angel could do, we really couldn't gamble with her so we made sure she had fun in the day,while we went clubbing at night. The next day we wall went to the pool and hung out, Mike,Craig and I all had girls we fucked from the previous night with us, and I noticed Angel, sexy as she was in her two piece bikini looking sad and lonely, so I send my girl home and kept Angel company. I asked her what was wrong and she said she thought she would have fun hanging with us, but she really couldn't do anything. I told her I would stay in with her and just hang out, she smiled and we horse played in the pool, she kept feeling my chest and ass,she even pulled my trunks down, and whistled at my bare ass, I new she was hot for me and I was gonna just play along. So I picked her up and felt her up a bit,squeezed her nice tits, and she liked that and she tried to act mad but she couldn't keep a straight face,my dick was hard the whole time, and through out our flirtatious horseplay, it constantly kept brushing against her bikini clad pussy and ass. She finally turned around and looked at me with those pretty brown eyes and squeezed my dick, and said were gonna have to do something about this. I said what do you have in mind, she swam to the ended of the pool, and she got out and winked at me, and motioned with one finger, for me to follow her.

She told the guys, she had to go call her b*****r, and I told them I'm going to use the bathroom, we ran to the elevator, and we pressed the button for our floor, and I just grab her and pulled her close to me , and started to kiss her, we kissed tongue in mouth very passionately , some call for the elevator interrupted us, but they were d***k frat guys who cheered as they saw what we were doing. We went got to our room, pushed Angel on the bed, I took of my shorts ,she also stripped naked, we kissed so more ans she told me how she always had a crush on me and she would masturbate in the room when I use to come hang out with her b*o, back in the day. I told her she was sexy as hell and she i wanted to taste her pussy. She leaned back on the bed spread her legs, and she was already wet and ready, she had the most beautiful pussy, she had pink lips and a tiny clit, I kissed her breast first, i licked her brown gum drop nipples, and trialed my tongued down her stomach, to her naval, which was pierced,and finally to the top of her shaved pussy, then i went in for the kill. I spread her cunt lips and admired the glistening pink hole that was presented before my eyes, i licked up her juices, which tasted like honey, she moaned and then I stuck my finger her juicy pussy, i finger her awhile twisting my fingers, around she and sucking on her clit, she went wild, I eat her pussy like a death row inmate eating his last meal, I felt her pussy muscles contract and tighten up on my fingers, she was started to shake and huff and puff, it seemed like her whole body had a charlie horse, "Fuck fuck fuuuuck oh fucccck"!!, is what she said after she had her first orgasm of the session. After she came to after, I laid on my back and my nine inch dick was standing up like a flag pool, she got on top of my and kissed me and I squeezed that phat round ass of her ass, my dick was pressing against her stomach, and we were i was playing with her booty. I gave it a few slaps, she said ooo i like that, and then i fingered her asshole she took that real well.

She then started kissing my chest, and stomach , down to my rock hard cock, she grabbed it from the best and marveled at the size, she said she sucked one so big before, I told her it's a first time for everything, she licked my balls and sucked them both as she jerked me off, I was in heaven when she was doing this, she then licked the head of my dick and she lick around the sides of my vein filled shaft, she then sucked on my head and swirled her wet tongue around the it,as she stroked and looked up i my eyes, she then slowly went down 2 inched down and slowly but shortly another inch or two, and then in no time she swallowed my whole length balls, deep, she choked a few times but she kept her composure. I almost lost it, she then came back and off my dick, and a whole wad of spit came out of her mouth and she rub it in as she took deep breath. she was showing me her skills. she went back down and picked up a rhythm, and started bobbing up and down on my dick, her mouth was so warm and wet, and she sucked me hard.

She took my dick out her mouth and said she needed my dick bad , I told he I wanted her to ride my dick, I leaned back and she straddled me, she positioned her pussy hole with my dick, she slowly sat on my dick, when she was all the on, she sat there to get adjusted to the new size of black dick her pussy. She started to rock here hips back and forth and her pussy was tight and warm,she began bouncing up and down on my dick her tits were bouncing up and down, and I just had to feel them. She was riding my like a race horse at the Kentucky Derby, and I know some one or a lot of people had to hear us, she was moaning and screaming , " Oh fuck yeah, fuck my tight little pussy, oh fuck!!", I started to grab her ass, and she told me to slap it, her ass was soft, next to being in her tight pussy, playing with her ass was the best. I then put my finger in her tight virgin butt hole, as she rode my dick. She really liked that, she said all sorts of things, like oh that asshole yours , but the best was when pulled my finger out her ass and I put it in her mouth and started to suck it.

She was riding like a champ, and i wanted her to cum again, I'm pretty good of a holding off my nut before the girl, so I switched position and fuck her doggy style, not only could my dick go deeper in her, but I got a great view of that ass of hers, I fucked her hard from behind, and I had hunched over her and grab her tights as i pumped hard long stokes, and she began fingering her clit,. I slap her ass and pulled her hair she really like that, she started speaking Spanish, and I don't know what she said but it sounded so sexy, then she started bucking and she scream OH FUUCCKK I'M GONNA CUM, she fell down to her stomach, and started shaking,my dick was still in her pussy and her pussy squeezed my dick, like a vice, she was cumming hard and I could tell, right after that I cam deep in her pussy, she was still breathing heavy and so was I laid there on top of her, with my dick still in her. we kissed and then, my mind came back to reality, and I did not want to end up like her b*****r, I a said oh shit i cam inside of u, she said don't worry I'm on the pill. I found out that day that Angel was not a little girl any more. we got up like ten minutes later and heard applause coming from the room Mike and Craig were in here. They came through the connecting door, and Mike and Craig where cheering and clapping.

To be continued....

Sorry for the length guys,I know it was a little long , but I like to give a lil back round, comment guys if you like it I will continue on from what happened the rest of the week.

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1 year ago
loved it! would love more true stories from you. well written!
2 years ago
2 years ago
that was a good length, some more detail, a little build up, and a nice climax to the story...a good length and detail
2 years ago
You set the situation of your and Angel well. She had been a little girl and then she became an erotic woman that not only grabbed you but one that lusted for your hot brown body and that 9 inches of male lust. Of course the sex was the highlight so when you continue you can dip our lusting cocks right in the pussy pool.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Nice beginning, I like it.
2 years ago
Looks like a series in the making. Hot story so far...what could possibly make it even hotter?? I'll be tuning in to find out...great job, keep it up!
2 years ago
definitely a favorite..nicely done..continue writing your adventures and the best part is it is all real
2 years ago
Thanks for the comments the next part will be up and ready tommorow
2 years ago
not fair mate hanging us like that but u know wat i m waiting for part 2.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Dang dude don't leave us hang 4 part 2
2 years ago
Very good start. Looking forward to more. Keep it up!