Ultimate Taboo Pt4 - Hottest Steps****r & mom

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She turned around and slowly walked back towards me not loosing eye contact for even a split second. The bitchy look on her face made her look all the more sluttier with the massacre running down her face and it drove me wild.

Her eyes still focused on mine she squatted down and grabbed my cock with her right hand. She raised her top lip showing me her gritted teeth as she started to jerk my cock very hard. She had my cock in such a firm grip that my knob expanded every time her hand made its way back up. The disgusted look on her face made me wild as she slowly put on her tongue on the tip of my cock.

She slowly stuck her tongue out and slid it down my shaft and slid it back up with her eyes still fixed on me. She went down again but closed her eyes when she got to the base of my cock and slowly lifted her head along my cock only this time she seemed to be taking a long sniff of my cock. Her eyes opened once she got to the top and closed again and she took another long sniff of my cock as she made her way back to the base where she started licking my balls. Her hand was jerking feverishly again.

“Did you just smell my cock?”
“Yeaaahhhhh”. Her reply in amongst the sound of my balls being suckled.

“I wanted to smell it before I coated it with my ass”.

“So what did it smell like?”

Her hand started stroking much harder and faster as she lifted her head right back up. She looked at me for a second and then looked down at my cock and spat on it with half her spit landing on my shirt.

“It smelt like the saliva of a two dollar haw”. The moment those words came out of her mouth I lost my self and threw myself forward to grab her from her hair. I twist my wrist once around her hair and put her face right up against mine. I took a long lick on the side of her face, pulled back, spat straight on her face and shoved her head down my cock. She had no time to react or even swear. All that could be heard was the sweat sound of a sloppy blowjob and the occasional gagging noise. I persisted in guiding her head up and down at high speed before I felt her saliva run down my cock again. When I let her hair go she just continued to suck just as hard.

When she finally lifted her head up she blew bubbles with her saliva. She then licked the tip of my knob and pulled back so the saliva made a bridge before collapsing on her singlet. My cock was now shinning with saliva ready to reap havoc. As she stood up and turned I asked if she had been fucked up the ass before. She bent her knees, pull her shorts to the side and rubbed her pussy juices on her asshole for lube and replied

“Only with my dildo”.

She spread her ass cheeks as I slanted a bit more on the couch for her ease. She was really good at arching her back. Her round ass was sticking out ready to be devoured. I held my cock firm as she slowly placed her wrinkled tight asshole on my knob. She had her head turned back to me to see my reaction as I slowly eased the knob of my cock up her ass.

Once the knob popped in she took a little gasp before her tight asshole descended to slowly eat up the rest of my saliva coated shaft. Once she arrived at the base of my cock she let a long “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …….fffuuuuuu…..ccccckkkkk ”.

Her ass cheeks started to bounce up and down slowly. For a somewhat loud and talkative fucker she suddenly was very quite when my cock was in her ass. Her ass looked splendid as it lifted up every time. I could see her asshole grab along my cock like it was trying to hang on. She continued like this until I started doing the thrusting. The quicker I got the deeper and louder became her moans. It got to the point where I thought now is the time to start pounding the fuck out of it.

I shuffled my ass back up the couch and with her asshole still wrapped around my cock I lifted her legs from behind her knees placing her feet on my knees. She placed one hand on the couch and the other on her clit as I placed my hand over her mouth and whispered in ear to stay still.

I took one long slow thrust which now was digging deeper into her ass. I felt the heat of her breath as she tried to cry for mercy under the muzzle that was my hand.

Then I started!!!

‘Slap’ , ‘Slap’ , ‘Slap’!! …. Her ass was clapping with my abdomen at record speed as I relentlessly smashed my cock so far up her ass the she was squiling like a pig. I was fucking her like an a****l as my cock rammed up and down like a engine piston. The feeling of her warm gooey asshole made me go harder with every stroke. The rate at which we were going was so fast that she was losing her footing on my knees so I let go of her mouth and grabbed her legs from under her knees and lifted them up till her feet were facing the ceiling.

The pumping was now in overdrive as all she could do was pant out of control with the strokes of my cock. I couldn’t bear the feeling for more than 30 seconds as I felt my cock starting to tingle from deep within its roots. I took two or three more strokes before lifting her up and tossing her on the couch. I jumped on top of her placing above her stomach. I grabbed her by the hair and took one feverish stroke of my cock and let the carnival of cum flow.

The sensation that came from the travelling arming running from the depth of my cock to the open atmosphere was so paralyzing that I let go of my cock and put my hand on my forehead, squeezing it.

My cock was now the master of its own fate as it relentlessly pumped out my cum without the assistance of stroking. It jolted up and down at every pump with the first two pumps of thick cum crash landing on my step s****rs nose and lips. The next three pumps were so strong that it missed her face and jumped above her head to hit the couch and her hair. The last three made long lines from her forehead to her neck.

I twitched as my cock kept jolting up and down even after the cum streams stopped. I took a second to study my step s****r’s face. There she lay with the biggest cum load drenched over her massacre painted face. Her mouth was wide open in awe of what just happened. We came eye to eye and paused for a second. She then snapped out of our trance and yanked my cock closer to her face. I moved forward to feel her warm mouth take my cock all the way in and out twice before laying her head back and smothering my filthy cock vigorously all over her face and nose while starting to talk dirty again.

“You filthy fucking a****l… you like what you’ve done to your little s****r haa.. haaa!!... that’s it’s smother my face with that big cock… that’s it let me smell it…” taking a long sniff “aaaaaahhhhh its smells like my dirty filthy ass… ahhhhh … yes… it does….. oh fuck …you are hot….your like a wild a****l”.

Now she was begging.. “please fuck my mouth with you cock … plllllllleeeaassseeee…..please do it…. Please do it…. Please do it while I finger my slutty little cunt!.... please do it for your little… argh.. argh argh…”

I was already on top of her with my cock fucking her plastered face. I thought now or never as my cock would be a lifeless limb very soon. She immediately threw one hand on her clit while the other was fingering her pussy like her life depended on it. After about a minute of gagging her I felt her body throw spasms of ecstasy. She was cumming and cumming hard as her eyes rolled back from the wave shocks.

I took my cock out of her mouth and threw myself on the floor beside the couch she was laying on. We lay there for about two minutes just our deep breathes killing the silence.

She was the first to get up. She looked at the time.

“ Shit b*o… its 1 am. I got to get up early tomorrow. Let’s get out of here before somebody finds us”. She quickly lifted her singlet up and wiped my cum from her face. She tippy toed hurriedly up the stairs before stopping half way to blow me a kiss. Within a couple of seconds she disappeared.

I quickly fixed the living room to its old state and quietly crept up stairs into my room. I was lucky as the room I was staying in had its own en suite. I jumped in the shower and started washing. I was in the middle of shampooing my hair when I thought to myself how fucking risky it was to do what we did while everyone else was upstairs. Oh well they must be heavy sl**pers.

I opened my eyes and jumped back as I shit myself to find my step mom sitting on the marble bench top next to the sink. She had black leggings on which were clipped to her black lace underwear. Her matching black bra had the most prefect big round tits I had ever seen. The top circle of her nipple slightly busty out as if to say hello. She was slouching back on the mirror with legs wide apart. If this is what she goes to sl**p with every night then my dad is the luckiest mother fucker alive. She had a pissed look on her face as she squinted with her eyes as they probed over me, up and down.

“Shiiit mm..mmoom… you…you scared the hell out of me”. Automatically my hands went down to cover my cock.

“There’s no point covering that cock son. I have already seen it.” Her eyes were fixed on it.

All I could let out was “Whaaat??”.

“ That’s right…. What?... you thought I was sl**ping while you were fucking the living shit out of my Jennifer… you just shut the fuck up and put your hands back up and continue rinsing your hair”.

I felt my knees go week as the words came out of her mouth. Now I was fucked. I was caught red handed and had no way out. I was so afraid of what may happen I just did what she asked and continued to rinse my hair.

She continued. “ I’m not in here to congratulate you on how well you fucked Jennifer up the ass or how much of a nice big cock you have and how much bigger it is from your fathers or even how he never plastered me with the volume of cum you coated my daughter. No…. I came in here to let you know that I have many friends coming over tomorrow night and I will need your help all day tomorrow to help me prepare for them. O… that and you forget to grab a towel from the cupboard in the hall way”.

She grabbed the towel beside her and flung it at me as she bounced off the bench top. She turned around and made her way to the door. Her big round ass bounced like a basketball with ever step she took. For a 48 year old, she had the greatest ass I had ever seen.

She got to the door, opened it and turned her head back catching me staring at her ass. I quickly looked back up at her. She stuck one finger in her mouth, wet it and looked down at her ass. She looked back at me as she shifted her underwear to the side and slowly shoved her whole finger in her asshole and kept it in there.

“By the way son… Jennifer was right… you do fuck like an a****l!”.

She turned her head forward and stepped out of the door with her finger still deep in her ass.

To be continued…..

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Hope a friend punishes him for being a dirty boy.
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Looking forward to more
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