Ultimate Taboo Pt3 - Hottest Steps****r & mom

“Come on son. Get your ass up… its dinner time” called out my dad. Obviously, I ended up falling asl**p. Wow was I tired. The days’ events definitely drained my energy.

I raced downstairs and everyone one was already on the dinner table. Jennifer was happy and chirpy as ever not making anything obvious. My stepmom made a beautiful dinner and I sat out on the porch with my dad afterwards to smash down a few beers. As I conversated with my father I started to feel real guilty about what happened earlier in the day but I thought it was best to just keep my mouth shut.

Eventually it was his bed time and he went upstairs to hit the sack. I followed him in not too long after and noticed that the house was quite. Everyone must have already gone to bed I thought to myself. I was still wide awake due to my earlier nap so I just stayed downstairs, turned the lights off and started to watch some TV.

Half an hour later the lights switched on. I turned back and saw Jennifer. She was wearing some very short pajama shorts that very loose and an extra tight singlet. Her tits were about to pop out of them. The very sight of her made cock tingle again. From behind she jumped over the couch, parked her ass on my lap and placed her arms around my neck.

“So watcha watchin’ b*o?” she whispered.

“What the fuck are you doing Jen? Get the fuck off my lap”. I tried to shove her off but she held her legs tight.

“Whats wrong b*o.. you still freaking out about today… well don’t… I’ve got a whole lot more planned for us”.

This time I threw her off. “Like fuck you do! What happened today was wrong. That was never meant to happen. Do you know how close I am to telling my father what happened”.

Jennifer had a shocked look. “What the fuck for? Are you fucking crazy?”.

Our voices were getting louder “Because you stupid bitch. I love my father and I don’t wanna be messing up his life. I’ve betrayed his trust. Do you know how fucked I feel?”.

Then Jennifer pushed the limits. “Fuck you and your father. You even think to say anything and I will tell them both that you ****d me”.

Without thinking I slapped her so fucking hard that she fell back and held her cheek in shock. Once she grabbed her bearings she stood up and continued “How dare you slap me you mother fuc….”. I quickly put my hand over her mouth. She tried to break free and even spun around but I grabbed a hold of her tight with my other arm and didn’t let her go.

Panicking I whispered into her ear “ssssssssshhhhhhhh! Shut the fuck up you little shit.. your going to wake everyone up!”.

She was still struggling to get out of my grip and in an effort to keep her mouth shut and hold onto her at the same time we fell back on the couch. She landed square on my lap with her back turned to me. In amongst the commotion one of her boobs popped out and was pumping up and down from her heavy breathing. I just kept on holding her mouth and her arms. Every 10 seconds she tried to wiggle her way out but quickly realized I wasn’t going to let her go.

Her tit was still hanging out and the perfection of its shape with its chrome ring at the tip started to arouse me again. I slowly let go of her arm and grabbed her tit with the same aggression from before. I didn’t let go of her mouth.

I started to whisper in her ear “You like being roughed up don’t you, you little slut”. Her breathing started to get heavy again and her firm tit started to pump up and down in my hand. I could also feel her shifting her ass around so that the bulge in my pants slipped between her ass crack.

I continued “Now.. I’m going to let go of your mouth… just shut the fuck up… get up and get your ass upstairs into your room”. I knew that, that was never going to happen but I let go of her mouth anyway.

“Ahhhhhh…” she was breathing very deeply “you filthy son of a bitch” she said under her voice. Without waiting a second she jumped up on the couch standing with both legs either side of me. She had a really bitchy look on her face whilst she was looking down at me sitting on her parents couch in between her legs. Her pussy, square in front of my face.
She grabbed me by the hair and bent down to whisper in my ear. “Yes I am a sluttt! Now give your little slut s****r the treatment she deserves”. She straightened up and pushed my head back on the couch. Still standing she then turned around so that her ass was right in my face. She arched her back sticking her round ass right in my face. She pulled her loose short shorts to a side to reveal her juicy pussy which was popping out like an apricot. Her tight asshole was deep in her crack but was made ever more visible when she started to stretch her ass check with both hands.

Gritting her teeth “Now you can start by licking you little s****rs dirty asshole”. She pushed her ass right into my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both my hands and started lick her the surface of her asshole so feverishly that she let go of her ass and put her hands on her knees so she could arch her back even more. Her long moans and dirty talk drove me wild. The taste and smell of her ass made me dwell deeper to eventually squeezing my longue tongue inside her asshole.

Jennifer hit another level of dirty talk…
“ohhhh that’s it… stick your tongue deep inside your dirty s****rs ass. You are so dirty to your s****r. Ooooo this isss soooo hot… I want you to lick my ass alllll theee fuckinnnnng timmmmeee… ohhh big b*****rrrrrrrrr…. That’s it right there… that’s it that’s it…..Don’t stop please don’t fucking stop sucking on your s****rsssss assssssssss” .

After about 15mins of licking my s****rs tight asshole my arms were starting to kill from spreading her cheeks and so I just grabbed her by the waist put my head back and let her smoother me some more.

Now that my hands were free I started to unzip my jeans. As soon as my cock jumped out of my pants I felt my step s****r push her ass harder on my face. By the time I could start jerking my cock Jennifer let out a moan “ohhhh brrrootherrr” and started to dive down for my cock. She wasted no time in trying to take it as deep as possible. At full stretch she was standing bending right down to suck on my cock with both hands on my knees.

Her asshole had now gone up in the air and so I started sucking on her clit without invitation and her juices run down my chin with each movement she made. My right hand grabbing her firmly by the hair I f***ed her to go down deeper and deeper every time. The little slut was taking it in her stride as she relentless sucked up and down at such a speed that her constant gagging was like a rhythm. I felt her large junks of saliva run down my shaft and then my balls.

After about 2 mins she f***ed her head up for air “agghhh… you fucking pig… im cummmingg….fuck fuck fuck”. I grabbed her thighs, shoved her pussy so hard in my face that my nose was right up in her oozing pussy and suckled on her clit to the point that I was about to rip it off.

As soon as her first jolt of orgasm hit she threw her head so far down my cock that I could feel my knob squash at the back of her throat. The more she shook and quivered the more she made herself squeal and gag making it loud as she kept her mouth wide open while doing so.

At the end of her orgasm she twitched a bit but didn’t push off like most girls would. She lifted her head from my cock, put her hands on her knees again, arched her back and started to grind her over flowing pussy all over my face. She vigorously smothered her overflowing pussy from my chin to my eye brows , from each cheek to cheek.

Between her giggles and moans she gritted her teeth and said “oh my… big big b*****r… how do you like getting a facial from your s****r ha?…. do you like me smothering my juices all over your face.. ha? Do ya? ”. I just shut up and tried to lick the best facial a man could get.

Eventually she lifted her ass off my face and jumped off the couch. She turned around to look at me and there stood the dirtiest, sluttiest face I had ever laid my eyes on. She just stared at me with her black eye liner running down her cheeks. She had huge bubbles of salvia covering her chin, neck, all the way down over her breast mounds and down her singlet. She looked like she had been ravaged by an a****l. Her silence, posture and stance was as if to say ‘here look at me.. look at the artwork, look at this masterpiece you have painted.. you have created’.

Without saying a word she turned around and took a step to walk off.

“Wait” I whispered in a devilish voice. She paused.
“ I’m not done yet you little slut! This cock is yet to do to your tight pussy what it has done to your face!”

Her back still to me, she waited a second before turning only her head around. One eye brow lifted and her hand went back down to her shorts. She lifted the back of her shorts up and to the side revealing her wet pussy popping out from under her sweaty ass and hissed

“You’re my step b*****r. It’s wrong for you to fuck my pussy! But I’ll be damned if that’s going to stop me from letting you fuck me up the ass”.

Still stroking my cock I just grind “well then… bring that fat ass over here!”.

To be continued…..

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Julius Ceasar.

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4 months ago
Dam where is she now, I want some too. I love it thanks.
3 years ago
i want the lil'slut
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmmm good
3 years ago
Hot story! Oh yes, the distinction between pussy sex and anal sex. Don't know how many girls think that way in real life. But some do. I'm an only child. God knows what trouble i would have gotten into if i had a brother.
3 years ago
Got yourself a real good slut there, keep going.
3 years ago
Whats up with the in law
3 years ago
That is a great continuation and so looking for more of your slut step sister...
3 years ago

Hopefully even better yet to come.

3 years ago
best part yet
3 years ago
Give me more of your dirty slut sister!!! ;) she's a keeper!