Ultimate Taboo Pt.2 - Hottest Step s****r & mo

There Jennifer was sliding up and down a massive black dildo. Her eyes closed she had one hand on the hay stack behind her for balance while she was vigorously rubbing her clit with the other. Her pussy juices were running so badly that it made the black rubber cock shine to the point where you could make out the rubber veins that run up the shaft.

She slowed her pace and started lifting her ass higher so that the tip of dildo was almost about to come out of her pussy but just before it did she slowly descended down the whole 9 inches with her pussy lips absolutely wrapping the big black rubber cock. She was still a very tight girl that was for sure. Her big upright tits were out proud and bouncing with her nipple piercings dripping with sweat. Under her breath she kept saying my name and in between her panting she gave deep moans.

“Fuck me deeper Julius. Oooooo…. Make me your little cum slut. Ah ah ah ah ah Make me your haw. Gives this little slut what she deserves you fucking a****l” she said as she was grinding her teeth.

The fact that she was fucking herself thinking about me made me feel like my cock was now ready to burst the buttons of my jeans. My body was telling me to go in and fuck her little brains out but my mind was trying to fight back by the reminder that this would be i****t and that I could not do this to my father or her mother. This was so very wrong but so very fucking exciting.

She then all of a sudden opened her eyes and jumped like she saw a ghost.

In a high pitch voice “Oh fuck. Julius, what the fuck? What the fuck are you doing here? Oh fuck. “

I fucking panicked and blurted “ummm… me.. wwww…wwhat the fuck are you doing? I came to play with the horses. Your… your in big trouble Jennifer. Where the fuck did you get that thing anyway”. The big b*****r character kicks in. “Does your mother know what you get up to… geez imagine if dad walked in? You know what… fuck this im telling your mother”.

Her eyes widened “ No no no no.. you cant do that. Shit. Please don’t do that. They will kill me Julius”. She ran at me holding my hand as if to drag me back. “Please Julius. Please. I’m sorry… I know it’s wrong but I couldn’t help it. You made me go crazy at breakfast”.

She continued “ Please … look I will do whatever you want. Please. I’ll even suck your cock”.

I pushed her hand away “No Jennifer that’s fucking wrong and its fucking i****t. Whats wrong with you? Fucks sake.”

She quickly smiled and then said “Okay then I’ll jerk you off”.

“Jen. What the fuck did I just say… it’s fucking i****t”.

She laughed “How the fuck is someone you have no bl**d relation to holding your dick with their hand i****t?”

She was right. It’s not really i****t, if my step s****r only held my cock. Right???. By the time I could reply she already started to unbutton by pants.

My cock jumped out like a jack in the box. “Wholly fuck Julius. It’s so much bigger than what I thought! Fuck yeah baby. Give that cock to little s****r”.

I didn’t say a word.

Obviously not seeing a downward curved cock before she continued “Julius you have a hot shape for a cock.. It’s like a banana”.

I didn’t say a word.

She giggled and continued to jerk my 8 inches of meat. She then stopped ran back to her dildo, grabbed it and ran back. She placed it on the floor underneath her, pulled her undies to the side and started to squat on the big black cock as she continued to jerk my cock but only harder.

Again, I didn’t say anything but looked into her big blue eyes and listented to her pussy juices overflow on the black rubber cock.

Every time she put her head forward to suck my cock, I pushed her head back away. This made her crazy. “Oh you kinky mother fucker. You want to tease me ha!.. oooo ooohhh fuckkk.. you are making me go fucking insane with that big curved cock.. big b*****r”.

Her moans were making me go crazy and I felt like I was going to erupt. I quickly pulled my dick back from her hand. But she just grabbed it back even quicker. “Your about to come aren’t you. That’s it cum all over your little s****r.. yes put that thick cream all over my face… ahhh fuck yeah”. You guessed it…I was cumming.

She continued as the long streams of my thick white cum made stripes from her forehead over her eyes and down to her chin “yes.. yes.. yes.. yes.. cum for me… yes…. Oh my goddd… fuck yeah .. this is so hot”. She started to jump up and down quicker on the big black dildo. “Fuck.. fuck… fuck this is amazing… your cock is amazing”. Now she was screaming “ahhh fuck now im going to cummm…. Uuhhh… im cumming…. oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk”.

I was so scared someone was going to run in from her screaming so I shoved my still hard cock dripping with cum in her mouth. This brought her squatting speed go to overdrive and she grabbed my ass and pushed so it shoved my cock deeper down her throat. Her legs were giving endless jolts and shivers when I noticed she was starting to squirt all over my ankles. Each tiny squirt longer than the previous.

Once the squirting stopped she pushed me away and threw herself back lying on the floor rubbing and patting her clit and her legs were still giving kicks of tremors. She lay there on the floor with about 8 streams of my cum running from her hair to her chin and tits. Her face, tits and legs drenched in sweat due to the heat and her cardio workout.

She looked up at me as I towered over her with my cock still hanging out from my jeans.
“I have never eveerrr.. squirted before. That was so intense, so amazing.. fuck b*o.. I’m still twitching. That was the ultimate taboo.”

I looked down at her and just said “get the fuck up before somebody finds us like this”.

We cleaned up and left the barn together. I noticed in the distance that my step mom is staring at us with a troublesome face. When she noticed me looking at her, I wave and she waved back, turned and continued to feed the chickens. My heart skipped a beat but then I realized she was way too far too hear or see what was going on in the barn.

I went back to my room to recover before dinner. A lay there on my head with what my step s****r said ringing in my head. “That was the Ultimate Taboo”.

To be continued…..
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Thanks again for reading.

Julius Ceasar.

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