Ultimate Taboo - Hottest Step s****r & mother.

Hi again,

I have been writing about my true s****r in law stories and will continue to do so every time there is an update. As this may take a bit of time between posts I have decided to give fantasy stories a crack. These stories might be long but it should be worth it.

The continuation of these stories will depend on your feedback… please tell me your thoughts.

Eventually the taxi driver stopped. I looked out the window and there it was, house number 24. I stepped out of the taxi, paid the fare and grabbed my bags. The property had a long drive way aligned with pink cherry blossoms which were in full blossom. Eventually I got to the front porch of the double story house. I always wondered why dad bought a farm house in the middle of fucking nowhere. Now I knew, the house and the surrounding environment was absolutely stunning.

I knocked on the door and after about 20 seconds the door opened.

“Hey there gorgeous... you must be Julius. We’ve been expecting you”.

“ummm yeah??”. I couldn’t fucking believe my eyes. I’m thinking who the fuck is this? Gazing at me from head to toe was this young girl wearing ripped jean shorts that were cut so high that it barely covered her pussy. On top she had a super tight singlet that held these two perfectly round c cup tits tightly together. Not wearing a bra you could see the shape of her nipple piercings through her singlet. Her overflowing long brown hair was held by her truckers hat.

Her big blue eyes blinking at me she said “well heck, aren’t you gonna give you k** s****r a kiss and a hug”.

Wholly shit this must be my dad’s stepdaughter. After my father moved to the U.S he got married to some American Italian lady called Isabella who also had c***dren of her own. She had three daughters. I knew little of them but what I did know was that Maria is her oldest. She is a married lawyer in NYC. Then there is Nikki who is the same age as me (26). She owns her own little bikini shop somewhere in California. Last but not least is Jennifer. She finished high school not too long ago and should be around 20 years old now.

“Oh hey, you must be Jennifer. Wow so nice to finally meet you.” I extended my hand.She looked at it weirdly and said “Fuck Julius, you are my b*****r” and jumped up and gave me the tightest hug I had ever received. She pecked a couple of kisses on my cheek, grabbed my hand and rushed me in the door. As she walked me through I could see the bottom curve of her firm ass checks from beneath her shorts give a tight jiggle with every step she took.

My father came running down the stairs and we hugged, laughed and reminisced. After all it was 6 years since I last saw him. Isabella was cooking food on the stove when eventually I got through to the kitchen to meet her. She ran at me hugged and kissed me explaining how long she wanted a son and for that reason couldn’t wait to meet me. For a 48 year old she was stunning, looked more like a 38 year old. She had long black hair great big tits and wonderfully curvaceous body. She had that strong bitchy face. She looked a lot like Veronica Rayne (yes the pornstar).

See http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/629241/veronica_rayne.html

She hugged me so hard that her massive tits were squashing in between us and so were pushing up to my neck. I didn’t think much of it as she was now my second mom.

Eventually we had dinner, sat in the living room and chatted about the last 6 years over some few bottles of wine. My new step mom was really nice to me and kept commenting on how she found my Aussie accent very cute. You could tell that everyone was getting tipsy because my dad joked about how my mother in law almost finished all his money with the two boob jobs she had done. She just laughed and replied that at least now he shows her a lot more attention. We all laughed and I realized that Americans are whole lot more open than Aussies.

It was around midnight when Isabella showed me to my new room. The house was so big that they had two spare rooms even after I took a room.

Throughout that week I helped dad with his strawberry crops, rode their majestic horses at any chance I had and pretty much just chilled out enjoying the change of environment. Throughout this time I caught Jennifer always staring at me and watching me. It seemed as though she was building a crush but I didn’t think much of it and thought it was normal because she never had a young guy around the house.

My step mom was also very attentive. She constantly hugged and kissed me, even slapped my ass a couple of times as I walked by. It was all very innocent and motherly like though.

One morning during breakfast my foot got itchy. I steered my foot to the nearest table post and slowly started scratching my foot up and down the post so no one would notice. I had socks on and so barely being able to feel the post I scratched a little firmer. From the corner of my eye I noticed Jennifer slightly wriggling in her chair. She looked all blushed and started to stare at me. She gave a little smirk and continued eating.

‘Why was she smirking… fuck am I rubbing up against her leg’. I quickly jolted my foot back and instantly noticed her straighten up. She didn’t look at me and eventually left the table first. I didn’t think much of what just happened and got up from the table not too long after Jennifer.

It was coming close to midday and the heat had me very uncomfortable. There is nothing to do when it is this hot so I thought I would go to the barn to spend some time with the horses.

As I reached the barn door I heard my name. Then I heard it again and again. It sounded like Jennifers voice. Who was she talking too? I peeked through the slight gap in the door.

‘What the fuck’ said a voice in my head. I could feel the adrenalin starting to build in my stomach. My breathing started building up pace. Worst of all, I could feel the veins in my cock start to pump bl**d like I had an open wound. My cock was twitching and with each twitch I could feel my cock press harder on to my jeans….

To be continued….. maybe

Feedback = continuation.

Thanks again for reading.

Julius Ceasar.

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4 months ago
Nice build up start.
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
not bad coud be better
3 years ago
Hes right BFO
3 years ago

As i can see that you have absolutely no experience in posting a story on xham.. i will explain a few things to you..

When posting a story you are very limited with what topic you tag under.

I tag it according to what type of people i want to reach out to...and to what the story is about.

Yes it is an intro... intro to a long story that involves all of the tagged topics..

Stories take time to be written and proof read... i do them in parts due to time. it also adds suspense and helps me to work with the feedback i get...

So next time you start crying about 'tags'.. first try and understand you are reading a multiple part story.... in fact maybe try posting a story... see how it works.... then comment.....

sometimes its just easier to delete comments then write long winded responses like this...

thank you..
3 years ago
i still stand by my deleted post. the tagging for this "story" is all wrong. at most what you have here is maybe an introduction, nothing more.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good stuff man. This seems headed in a good direction
3 years ago
well written and great story line
3 years ago
Dude sounds really good so far I hope you continue this I wanna see where this goes ;)