UPDATE 1 - What to do about my s****r in law and h

Yesterday was my first ever post and actually the first time i openly admitted my sexual attraction to my s****r in law.

Well writing about what has been happening for you guys yesterday got me all worked up and so afterwards i sent her a text message while i was still at work.

Before i tell you what i wrote in the test message i'll give you a mini background to the lead up to the message.

She rang me last week to see if i knew anyone that could help with some dental air pipe that they wanted to extend for the dentist practice that she manages. Due to my f****y background and upbringing i have a lot of contacts in a lot of different places (i know that sounds cheap but im just being honest). My wifes f****y always approach me if they need anything done due to my contacts.

anyway i hooked her up with the owner of a medical gases company which i knew through the construction industry.

So i message her yesterday...

"how did you go with the dental air last week"

s-i-l replied "all sorted. thanks so much for that. i guess i owe you a favor now"

Its like she was willing to owe me even though what i did was nothing.. so i wrote "and how. you owe me big time".

s-i-l replied "well why don't you tell me what you want"

again because i am afraid of looking like a fool i just replied "no no you have to decide. plus its more fun like this".

s-i-l replied "how about i come and dig a hole in your garden next time you need help witht he gardening". she said this in relation to the gardening i have been doing the past fortnight.

i wrote "its good to know you are willing to get dirty to repay the favor.. lol im only k**ding.. anyway leave the digging to the expert.. plus im sure you can come up with something better"

s-i-l replied "its going to be hard, but i will think of something"

i wrote "it is going to be very HARD. but im sure you will think of something that will blow my mind ;p "

she wrote back saying "i'll come back to you when i think of something good"

we ended up sending another 10 or so text messages back and forth after that....

Do you think i fucked up the opportunity or did i play it smooth... i don't know

at this stage the balls in her court... but i could really do with some advise on how to test whether or not she is willing to fuck around...

your comments are really appreciated..
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3 years ago
rub up on her with a hard on
3 years ago
my fantasy side says to go with it...and I am one to talk having a lust crush on my SIL....but my rational side says she is being polite as she can be without dissin you....and unless your wife thinks you are "such a silly and flirty guy" and is ok with it...it could be trouble...delete, delete, delete !
3 years ago
once again erin is right she definitely wants it its just a matter of approaching the situation properly
3 years ago
You're an asswipe. I hope she shows all the text messages to your wife and your wife dumps your dumb ass, because you don't deserve to have a wife!
3 years ago
i would start deletting some of those texts because if the wife gets a sniff of anything the first thing see will check is your phone
3 years ago
Well, like i said in my PM, i'm going to think further about this one. But on first read, i think your sister-in-law is practically saying "I want you to fuck me up my ass."
3 years ago
Maybe a little to forward..... Playin with fire on this one..... hope she wanting to play though.... If so please give us the details