What to do about my s****r in law and her ass!!!

Hi everyone,

This is all true- No bullshit really need advise time.

I am 26 and living in Sydney. I have been married for a year and a half to a girl i went out with for 9 years. My wife has 3 s****rs which have known me since i was 15 and so we are very tight knit by now.

There is one s****r though. The one who is 2 years older than me and my wife.

Since the first time i saw her 9 years ago i have been obsessed about her. She is no where as beautiful as my wife (seriously my wife has more natural beauty than all her s****rs) but she is 10 times more fuckable.

She has blonde curly hair thats kinda cut above her shoulder. She has this real bossy, bitchy face (you know those who look like that they could fuck your dick right off your body). She has nice perky tits, slim toned stomach that curves out to a massive ass. Not a fat ugly ass, i mean big round toned ass that looks rock hard.

To draw the picture for you i have found ass on xhamster that kinda look likes my wife and then my s****r in law.

My wife's ass looks exactly like this (http://xhamster.com/photos/view/320065-4846510.html)

My s****r in laws ass looks like this (http://xhamster.com/photos/view/609584-9674146.html or even this http://xhamster.com/photos/view/609584-9674195.html)

You see what i mean. Its just fuller, juicier, rounder harder.

Anyway, since i know her we have forever been always flirting and joking around. She always puts on a bitchy feminist attitude on me where i give back the rough punishing man type attitude.

Well lately, i can't handle myself with all this sexual tension. I can't stop wanking about her and every time i fuck my wife i think of her. I love my wife but i love her s****rs bitchy attitude and ass. I am great friends with her husband which is from overseas (he never understands when we flirt in english).

I don't want to ruin her or my marriage but i wana drive my 8" cock up her ass.

What do i do? Do i leave it or go for it?
If so how do i find out if she is willing?

i need steps on finding out if she is willing to give me her ass? i dont want to make a fool of myself.

P.S i forgot to add. I sent her a message when i was engaged telling her that i wanted to stick my large cock up her ass upstairs in their house while everybody else was down stairs. I then sent her a message apologizing and telling her it was a mistake and that the message was meant for my fiance and not her. She just wrote back hours later saying lets forget this ever happened. I sent the message when she was alone waiting for her husband to get a visa to come down under. The day after the message she was even more jokey and kinder to me than she ever was and continues to be that way.

If there are women out there who can help me... please your advise is even greater help.

54% (9/7)
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3 years ago
i don't think that there is any problem to do your sister in low in the ass,to here every thing looks easy,son doing mom mom do her sister husband do his daughter,so what help you need?
3 years ago
rub up against her with a woody then do what erin said
3 years ago
i agree with erin might as well tell her when u are alone together but tell her in such a way that it is not threatening or propositioning
3 years ago
You're an idiot! You don't deserve to have a wife!
3 years ago
I would just come right out and tell her that you want to fuck her ass and that your previous message to her about that was actually meant for her and not your wife (fiance at the time). She might not bend over for you right away, but it sounds like she wants it too and sooner or later it will happen.
3 years ago
watch out could be a minefield your walking into
3 years ago
You have to be very serious with this sexy ass , so still emphasis up and good luck .
3 years ago
Innocently brush up against her with some wood at the next opportunity
3 years ago
have a 4some if you don't mind your wife fucking some other dude and it's not cheating either :)
3 years ago
Do you have any pics of them?
3 years ago
Go for it bro, first tease and do favors for her innocent favors, like cutting the grass or helping her out on occasion, but don't make it obvious. Of-course by her husband being away she does get lonely and horny. be careful with the wife though, and break it down to he slowly saying that you had a crush on her before you dated her sis. Start there and maybe she might give you a nipple lick.Do u know which one of all three like to fuck mostly?
3 years ago
check out my sis in law storie maybe it will help