The Amazing first time

I was working in a bar few years ago. I was about 21 years old, virgin Asian guy. Anita came one day in the bar. She lives in the next building. In was friday night. She ordered red wine and asked if I am new here. I said I started to work here last week. She is 38 years old, little fat and has a very mature, little kinky face and personality. She seemed very interested and sympathetic to me. We had very good eye contact. I was little shy about sex so I was kind of wishing someone mature for the first time. Anita got it very fast and seemed like she was looking for some very young and shy guy to fulfill her kinky fantasies. We had good eye contact and complement change. Before she left, she gave me her phone number. I knew, something is going to change tonight!

I finished work in the midnight. I used to live 15 minutes away from the bar. I first called her and asked what is she doing tonight. She replied, she feels like having some red wine at home and talk to an stranger. I said, ok I will take a shower and come to your place in about half hour if it's fine. She said, she would be very happy to see me.

I went to Anita's place with the wine. We sat in the living room in candle lights and start talking over the wine. After a while sex came in the topic. I said I never had sex in my life, just because I am too shy. But I would love if some woman be so nice and start sucking my cock. I was little bit d***k from the wine and she seemed pretty kinky so I said it. She looked at me and said, would you like to get some real pleasure from a mature woman? I didn't say anything but look at her and smile. We kissed at that moment and slowly moved to the bedroom.

She undressed me and I undressed her in the bedroom. There was little light from the bed lamp. My cock already got rock hard. I was standing, She got down in her knees and start sucking my cock nice and slow. ahhh I was in heaven. after five minutes of cock sucking she laid down in the bed and said that I should come up to her mouth and sit on her tongue so that she could lick my ass. I went up and spread my hole with two hands she put her tongue inside and start licking my ass. oohh that felt fucking amazing. She was eating ass like a hungry bitch. I started to move my ass front and back and grab her hair. then I put my cock in her mouth she started sucking my cock. It got so hot so I cum on her mouth.

She said it's fine. It's your first time so you came fast. But the night just started so we are going to have a lot of fun. Let's get 69. I would suck your cock and finger your ass. You clear the moisture of my cunt at the same time. I said oh yea lets do that. So, we got 69. She first hold my legs up and start licking ass again, after two minutes my ass got really soft and she put two fingers in my ass and started finger fuck me nicely. I smelled her cunt first..ohh great mature pussy smell she had. I start to lick it like a good boy while she suck my sl**ping cock and finger my butthole. Pretty fast my cock got hard. She said she loves anal, so she wants me to fuck me in her ass. So I got her in the doggy style. I start lick her ass from the behind so i can taste it before fucking. Guess what, it was a nice and amazing clean woman ass. She had a big enough butt and the hole was also big and elastic. I licked her nice and then put my cock inside. She moaned and said yeah, put it all inside baby. SO I pushed my hard cock in her elastic asshole until I reach the end and start fucking like a dog. She starts to scream, o yeah fuck my ass, yeah give it to me..I fucked hard in her ass and it sounded like pock pock pock, After five minutes I released my hot cum inside her mature ass. She said put your finger in my ass and get little come out. I did so. She start sucking my finger and ate up the cum I put in her ass.

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Good job man