the smell of a woman's cunt and ass

I was a 18 year old virgin and was always horny as hell. i used to jack off at least three times a day, but still wanted to get laid really bad. Anyway one night after work i decided to pick up a prostitute. I have had enough of being a virgin and wanted to do it already. Anyway i went to the local area where the hookers all hang out and drove around for a while. The picking was kind of slim this night but i didn't care, i was going to get laid once and for all. I noticed a slim black girl on the corner and pulled over to talk to her. We agreed on a price and she got in my car. She then told me where to go so we preceded to a private spot. this woman was clearly intoxicated and was in her mid to late 30's. Not too bad looking but i could tell she had a hard life. Anyway i was fucking horny! I pulled down my pants and my cock was so hard it could cut glass. She leaned over and put my cock in her mouth. this was the first time my cock was in another persons mouth and I was in heaven. I immediately started feeling up her saggy black tits, cupping and pinching her huge aureolas. Then i reached behind her and lifted up her short skirt, and ran my had in her ass crack. It was warm and moist and a little sticky, probably from all the walking. I began to finger her asshole, and with her natural lube my finger slipped right into her puckered asshole. I was going to town down there because i never felt up a pussy and asshole before. I was switching from her asshole to her wet cunt. I remember her unshaven snatch had big lips, i was pulling those lips while she kept sucking my dick. I almost shot my load down her throat because of all this new stimulation. I told her i want to fuck now, so she slipped on a condom and I climbed onto her. I remember as I first stuck my cock into her it was so hot feeling around my dick. It was so slippery after I was finger banging her. I must have thrust into her about 8 times before I erupted and shot what felt like my biggest load ever. I must have spurted about 7 times into the condom. I felt a little embarrassed but I said who cares, i lost my virginity. I then drove her back to the corner and dropped her off. As I drove home i decided to smell my hand that was down between her legs. Oh my god! The smell of her ass and cunt was so strong on my fingers. I sniffed hard to the finger that was in her ass and I could smell the musky smell of her asshole. My other fingers had her pussy smell which smelled a little like pee, but i remember the other boys saying it smells like fish. Which it did a little. My cock got so hard again! I quickly drove home and went to bed, to sniff my fingers and jack off. I must have came at least 5 times total that night. The last one was very weak, but my cock was still rock solid. Ever since that night i love to smell women's ass and cunts. Dirty panties are also a treat. Call me a freak but i like the dirty smell of a woman's ass and cunt.
84% (33/6)
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1 year ago
I love the smell and taste of a sweaty pussy or ass. May would say that, that is when the natural pheromones are actually present and we are designed to be attracted to those smells.
2 years ago
love the lingering smell on my fingers (and tongue)
2 years ago
I am with you 100% on that one! Absolutely love the smell of a woman's dirty asshole. Love the smell of pussy, too, but who doesn't?
3 years ago
same here
3 years ago
yep i also like the smell of ass
3 years ago
Yep- I can relate to this :-)
3 years ago
Thats Cool Dude!
3 years ago
Different strokes, for different folks.