Doing Karen a favour

It started as a favour to a friend, who knows where it will end.

Poor Karen - no luck with men. She had worked for us for over ten years as a nanny, and since leaving us five years previously we had remained friends. We had kept in touch socially and she saw the k**s a bit, as well as helping us out with babysitting. Her boyfriend had suddenly left for no very clear reason, leaving her unable to pay the mortgage and having to downsize rapidly into a rented flat. We had helped her a bit financially, and that weekend I was helping her get sorted, move in furniture, and do a bit of decorating. My wife had taken the k**s away so I had the whole weekend to help. Friday was hectic, straight from work with a hired van, and Saturday more of the same, with the afternoon spent moving furniture and helping her sort through her stuff. By early evening I needed a break, so I told Karen I was going to pop home for a bite to eat before coming back to start with the decorating. “Oh, you don’t need to do that, she said. I was just going to make us something.” “Great” I said, although I had really wanted to have a bit of a rest as well. She obviously read my mind, because she said “you sit down for half an hour - I’m just going to get changed and then I’ll get the food on.” The flat wasn’t a bad size really, and was open plan. Where she had decided to put the settee and the television meant that I could watch her in the kitchen whilst looking at the football results coming through. She had changed out of her work clothes and was wearing a dress - a beige shift dress, knee length, patterned, short sleeves, cut in what i think is called a sweetheart neckline. (Passive listening for years - the words go in but don’t necessarily come back out in the right order!). Her hair a chestnut brown, hung loose and swung as she moved about her tasks. I looked past the television at the curve of her hips, her thighs outlined by the material of her dress, her bust. Mm, I thought. What man hasn’t fancied his k**s nanny? I mean I bet even that bloke Mary Poppins worked for would have thought about it. I certainly had in the past, but of course I would never have done anything about it. That evening I sat back and enjoyed watching her cook. She is about five foot four, slimly built and with breasts still pert - no k**s of her own yet, and the way things were going, what with her track record with useless men, that wasn’t going to change any time soon. Oh well, that meant she had the tits of a twenty year old, and my did they look good. “Ready” she said - and I joined her at the breakfast bar. A simple pasta dish, but quite delicious. “Do you want a glass of wine?” she said. “Better not, I replied - I’ll be driving later” “That won’t be for ages - oh sorry,” she blushed, very prettily, “ I was presuming that you were staying - you’ve already done loads too much” “No, no I said hastily. “Of course I was planning to keep working - I’ll have a glass of wine if you will.” “Oh good” she smiled, “I’m dying for one”. She slipped off her stool and swished passed me, to the fridge. Her perfume trailed after her , I closed my eyes, inhaling. I felt a stirring in my pants. Oh oh I thought, think of something not sexy. But she was back, glasses in hand, smiling. I reached up to take mine, accidentally brushing her hand - a thrill passed through me - was it an accident? She was sitting opposite, something in her manner - was it possible? I tried not to think about it and pushed the conversation to the mundane. We chatted lightly about the flat, the k**s, and as I relaxed and watched her, her head dipping, her half smile, her holding eye contact for just that second extra, before dipping her eyes then glancing back at me, I knew I was not imagining it at all. It had been years since I flirted like this with another woman, knowing that , if I wanted, I could have her - not since I was married. Of course nothing would happen, but that didn’t stop me enjoying the moment. “That was great”, I said when we had finished. "But we need to get on." “ Wait till you have digested” she said, firmly - “go through to the living area and I’ll bring you another glass of wine - or would you like coffee?”. “ Coffee would be best, I think,” I said, mindful that I would be going up a ladder in a few minutes. She didn’t need to ask what I took in it - years of acquaintance made for an ease in our relationship.
I went through to the sitting area. I confess I could have sat on the armchair. She had a settee and a chair, and if I had sat in the chair it would have sent the right signals. And I confess I did have that thought. But I didn't sit on the chair. I sat on the settee. When she came back through with my coffee ( I saw she’d poured herself more wine - obviously no more work for you tonight, you idle trollop, I thought) of course, she could have sat on the chair too. But she didn’t. She sat on the settee too, next to me. Oh God, I thought, I’m in trouble now. I could smell her perfume, sweet, musky, intoxicating. She must have been re-applying her makeup as well, because her lips were bright, scarlet almost, here eyeshadow accentuating the brown depths of her eyes. Shit, I thought, I’ve been staring at her for ages - I looked away, downwards , only to see that she had crossed her legs and her dress had a slit up to her thigh - exposing her graceful slim legs, pale through the dark sheen of her tights. Now, I had never been unfaithful before, nor had I ever intended to be, but I am only human. This was too much - God she was lovely. Do you know, I don’t think I tried to resist any more - and as I felt the draw towards her, I felt a power surging in me that I hadn’t known for years.
Now we both knew what was going to happen,we both relaxed. She smiled, as I opened my body to her, and said something, I don’t know what, and looked away quickly. This was it - I reached out to touch her face, and our eyes met, and then we were kissing. Gently, first, like a teenager, and then our tongues flicking, dancing. What a thrill went through me! Now passionately, voraciously forcing my tongue in to her mouth, and as I did so my hands on her back, her thighs, her breasts. She broke away, her face flushed, her eyes full of lust. As I leaned back, she smiled, and reached out for my trousers. Her hand rubbed against my cock, stiffening as it was within its confines. Quickly she undid my belt and opened up the zip, her hand reaching for my penis. It bounded free and into her hands, free at last. A quick kiss, her tongue teasing mine, a smile, and she knelt down. I looked down at her, pretty hair bobbing, and sighed as I felt the caress of her tongue. She licked gently around my balls, her hand grasping the shaft of my penis as she worked upwards. Now there are erections and there are erections, but this was an erection. God I was hard. God, she felt so good. Up the shaft she licked me, her tongue dancing and flicking, reaching the tip. Her hand milking my cock as she licked, and then she had me in her mouth, her tongue working as she sucked and played. I closed my eyes to heighten my senses, and opened them again so that I could watch her, her beautiful mouth, her gorgeous body. I felt my climax coming, and she must have sensed it too, because she stopped her work, one last flick of her tongue, as I fought to restrain my orgasm. I had to make this last as long as I could! Now she stood, over me but out of reach, smiling, flushed, watching me. I held her gaze, and then let my eyes take in her body, a long, lingering stare, up and down. She took the hint. Gracefully, artfully, she undid her zip and let the dress fall. A sheer black slip followed it to the ground, and she stood in her bra and panties - black trimmed with red lace, her black hold up stockings (not tights - hmm my girl, I thought, those are not decorating clothes - you’ve been planning this!). But instead of saying anything i gestured her to turn around, so that I could admire the contours of her body, drink in her beauty. She turned her head over her shoulder, smiling that half smile. Enough looking, I thought, time for action. I stood up, my trousers falling to the ground, and struggled out of my t shirt. Shoes and socks off in a tangle, and then I was holding her again, kissing that beautiful mouth. Her eyes had closed, and she pressed against me as I started to explore her flesh with my hands. Her back, soft, slim, her belly, and now her breasts. I eased them out of her bra, first one then the other, and bent my head down towards them. Beautiful, pink, upturned, nipples hard, I licked and worked them with my tongue. Unclipping her bra and letting it fall, I sucked and played with her nipples. Gently I brushed them with my teeth and she gave a little cry, and then a groan. Feeling the surge of excitement, power even, rush through me, I worked away at her breasts while my other hand circled towards her panties. Over her soft, flat belly, then round her smooth buttocks, down the outside of her thighs and along the inside. I kept my touch light, feeling that I was back in control. She shuddered as I drew my fingers across the lace of her knickers, and then slid them under the material. Her lips were already swollen, soft and moist, and she trembled as she felt my touch. Then a little squeal as i brushed her clitoris , all the while pressing herself against my hand. I entered her now with my fingers, first one, then two, the heel of my thumb rubbing against her clitoris. We were kissing again, she grinding against my hand, her eyes closed, her body arching back every now and then as she broke free to allow a groan or cry to escape her lips. Now I wanted to taste her. I stepped away and her eyes half opened, cloudy with sex. Understanding what I wanted she lay down on the couch, spreading her legs wide open her engorged pussy. I paused to savour her - pale skin, dark hair, her flushed face , eyes closed in arousal, the beautiful cures of her body, her nipples taught and swollen, her small hands on her belly, her manicured brown pubic hair, that lovely pussy. I knelt down,almost overwhelmed by the musk of her juices. I started to work my way around her sex, the vulva, flicking the little area between her vagina and anus with my tongue, penetrating as deeply as I could into her, savouring the taste of her juices. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and was rubbing against the material of the sofa. I needed to act, but first I was going to make her come. I concentrated on her clitoris now, mercilessly, licking, flicking, sucking, penetrating her with my fingers. She groaned and sighed pressing herself harder and harder into my face, raising herself up as I f***ed her down. Her breath, noisy, quickening, and now a series of quick cries - I felt her approach her orgasm as I squeezed her and sucked her button. As she climaxed she did so with a shuddering groan, her juices on my face. I now felt all powerful, and I wasn’t going to let her rest. I moved up her body, kissing her open mouth so that I shared her juices with her, moving to her nipples and back to her mouth again, and then I entered her with the full length of my cock. God, to be inside another woman, after all these years! I stayed there inside her, it must be for a minute or two kissing, enjoying the feeling of her vagina as it stretched to accommodate me. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, and I was determined to come inside her. Gently at first, rhythmically, I thrust and thrust. Each stroke brought a wave of pleasure to my cock, each stroke f***ed a groan from my beautiful Karen’s throat. Faster and faster now, no need to hold back, just chase the climax, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. She was arching her back to receive me, her legs up and crossing over my back. I kissed and tongued her mouth furiously as I rode her pussy. Then, as I felt my semen rise, the glory of my orgasm, my cock pumpimg into her pussy as the jets of come poured into her, I too arched my back, grunting with pleasure. She squealed again, the muscles of her vagina squeezing me, milking my cock, until every ounce of my pleasure was drained from me. I collapsed back on to her, head down, and then we kissed again. A long lingering kiss, full of intimacy shared, clinging to the moment. I looked down at her, her beautiful face drowsy with love, her expression satisfied, her breathing even, what did I feel? Guilt? Not in the least. Joy? Certainly. Love? Of course not. Affection, yes, but the overwhelming feelings were of release, of triumph. And power. The inner b**st in me had woken!
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