Me and My Asian Girlfriends first time.

So me and my girlfriend met in college and she was an international exchange student from South Korea, we didnt start getting intimate till around a month or two in but our first big time is what ill be sharing tonight.

You see she had never done anything in her life and me myself had some experience but wasnt a professional by far. We were in her dorm on her single bed and just laying looking at one another kissing every so often till it started getting heated. I was rubbing her back and slowly slid my hand down to her underwear wear and starting rubbing her soft tight ass she then started to bite my lip. I got her on top of me when she took off her shirt and her little nipples were so hard, we continued to make out as i took off my shirt and she kissed my neck. I then got on top of her aggressively and almost ripped her pants off and started to rub on her underwear while she sucked on my earlobe and breathed heavily into my ear. She could feel my cock starting to get hard by her pussy and she reached down and unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, I took them the rest of the way off. I guided her hand to my cock and moved her hand in the desired direction because she didnt know what she was doing. I then rolled off of her and she started to use her soft little hands to move my dick up and down.

I pushed her head down towards my cock and she was hesitant but i said dont worry and that seemed to get her ready. She moved her mouth over the tip and began to suck and I moved her head up and down in a rhythmic form until I was close to climaxing and then because it was her first time i let her finish it off with her hand. I rolled back on top and removed her underwear and she gave me a wild look and I said dont worry. I put a condom on and started to rub her tight little pussy, get began to push her hips closer as if she wanted it in instantly. I slowly started to guide it in this was the longest time of my life. She was so tight that it took forever to go all the way in, she was biting my shoulder and trying not to make too much noise but she couldnt help it. Once i was all the way in we started and i moved in and out very slowly until she was moving her hims in motion with mine. At that point we started to fuck hard and she was getting into a nice rhythm. I flipped her on top and showed her what i wanted and she started to bounce up and down and reached back and was rubbing my balls with her hand and rubbing her clit with her other. At one point i could feel her cum running down my balls and dripping off. I through her back on bottom were i fucked her so hard she started to scream until she came hard and i came as well.

We lay there in amazement and i rubbed her head as she kissed mine and we fell asl**p... IT WAS AMAZING.
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