Gina Cucking John

CUCKOLDRESS March 10, 2011
Dear Friends
My Current Bull
Sincerely, Mrs. Gina Jones
My current Bull Bill is the same age as myself and 7 yrs younger than my hubby . My Hubby John and I have been married 6 yrs now , we have tried swinging with other couples the last two yrs but has become to slow for my tastes in our sex lifestyle . We met Bill one day hubby was working on the car engine and look frustrated unable to figure it out , Our neighbor named Bill always walked by our place often and looked and smiled at me every time he saw me looking out the window . I smiled back too because of his nice manner . This day he walked up to John and asked if he could help , John immediately look awkward and confused but said yes , it wont start , I think its broken somewhere . Bill said I was a vehicle mechanic in the Marines and could look it over right now . Bill did not know I was watching them from the window , I was looking at them both , Bill good looking a lttle thick but not fat , pretty average , and then John my hubby smaller in stature thinner not muscular . After a few more moments Bill got in the car and started it right up , I smiled immediately , Bill looked into the window and saw my approval , he smiled back immediately . John stood there and scratch his head , wondering what did bill do so fast to fix it . I came outside with two cold drinks said my name is Gina and offered them to the guys , they both smiled and said thanks . John asked for the strangers name , My name is Bill looking from John to me as he said his name and smiled , I smiled back too . I said immediately liked Bill and wanted to know more about him and now for some reason , I invited him inside to sit and talk while they enjoyed the drinks . John looked at me as we all walked inside . John said he was going to wash in the bathroom and went . Now Bill and I were alone and a excitement went through us both , we could feel it as we looked at each other . Like a powerful surge . I could see no wedding ban on bill so I knew he was single and never saw a girlfriend with him . I did notice what I thought was a huge bulge in his trousers MMMM I thought . Bill explained he just got out of the Marines and is a Gym Teacher at the local High School . I smiled and said thats close by too . He caught me off guard when he said Gina you are a very beautiful and sexy woman , your hot in fact , then he asked , are you a hot wife ? I looked at him and smiled and said yes Bill I am in fact . Bill said I could tell , ?you have that irresistable look Gina . I felt even warmer to him now . We both could hear John coming back and I winked at Bill with a sexy style I knew he understood . John sat down and asked some questions to Bill about him and then the car . Bill commented about our house and explained his place was going through a renovation currently and is hard to invite others over for visits because of the on going work inside , I said that must be hard for you Bill , right now , and feel free to visit us any time you want with that sexy wink . We exchanged phone #s . John offered bill a seat in the living room and turned on the baseball game , John said Gina loves baseball and watches it all the time , Bill immediately said its his favorite too , I smiled at him warmly then and ask John who is playing now ? he said Yanks and Reds , awesome I said, lets watch it . John said come in and sit down hon . I was wearing my short black mini skirt over my black garter belt and blue thigh high nylons and a sheer see thru black blouse with purple bra then I sat down right between them on the couch . The game progressed to 4th inning and john dosed off with snoring sounds . Bill smiled at that as I did . I rested my right hand on Bills leg while looking him in the eyes and said what a light weight huh ? Im not at all sl**py . Bill smiled while looking into my eyes and leaned towards me and our lips touched my tongue slipped into his mouth breifly . We smacked another two, three, times and I could tell Bill was very excited now , I confirmed this as my hand went from his leg to that bulge , it was like steel now , I looked to his eyes while rubbing that rock hard cock of his as John slept soundly . Bill was sqirming as pleasure was flowing through him , I looked at his bulge again and could see a precum wet spot starting to show ,, I said I think you love me ! . Bill said your making me so wild Gina . I said lets let your big ol cock straighten out it must be uncomfortable bent down in your shorts like that . He agreed , so I slowly unzipped his shorts while looking into his eyes again and we kissed real lusty this time . I was very wet myself too . I reached inside his under wear and felt such a big thick cock 11" at least . Much larger than johns cock at 5" . I was so excited because I never experianced one this big before . I straightened it out straight up and we kissed again lusty with my small hand around his long shaft . I got excited at the amount of precum juice on his swelling cockhead , I stroked it up and down as john slept next to me . I could see and feel Bills intense please going through him as I kissed and stroked him . I absolutely wanted that big cock in my mouth and wanted to taste Bill very badly , so I bent down into his lap , he smelled clean , and was . I licked that hard shaft and up the head tasting that salty precum at last , it made me more turned on at the taste , I swirled it around and stretched out a thick strand between my lips and his cockhead all while looking up into his lusty eyes , I ate the precum strand back to his cock and sucked the rest of it all off the head and into my mouth . It tasted so salty Like I Love , It drove me wild with lust . I had a big wad of precum and savored its taste inside in my mouth before swallowing it down . I stroked as His cockhead disappeared into my mouth with my eyes glued to his , he let out a pleasurable moan but controlled , he tasted so good too .

? As I sucked him a little more precum came out swallowing it too . I winked at him between going up & down sucking more and more as I blew him . With his tasty cock in my mouth , I noticed John began to move in his sl**p , I kept my rythem in turn , Bill also looked at john . I blowing him without hesitation loving it more as I sucked him . Then heard John say who is winning in a sl**py tone as if he did not open his eyes yet or notice Bill and I . Taking my mouth off Bills cock said , The Yanks 4 to 3 . I went back to business on Bills cock , I felt it throbbing now so I played with his balls taking each one inside one at a time . Now John awoke and saw us . He saw my head bobbing in bills lap from his view and said Gina ? Gina so fast ! We could of invited him over this next week for it . Bill looked surprised and assertive to the situation and said , Listen john Gina wants it now . Gina told me earlier you only got 5 inches come on man a babe as hot as Gina deserves a 11 incher any time she wants , John now said in a accommodating voice OK ! All the while I was sucking away on Bills cock . Bill said back to John , Ok Bill is what you’ll say from now on . I heard john immediately say OK Bill to Bill . Bill said now that’s better . Bill told me to get up and face him doggy style on my knees on the carpet . I got up took off blouse I left my purple bra on and Bill unzipped my mini skirt and as I wiggled my ass he pulled it down until I stepped out of it . With only my nylons and bra on I said one last thing darling , bill smiled and said what a tasty looking pussy . Oh Gina your such a hot Filipina fox . I kneeled down in front of bill this time doggy style and leaned into bills lap so my face was again at bills cock . I smiled at John then put bills cock right back into my mouth . It tasted so good and strong as I sucked up and down its length tasting another wad of precum again . Bills cock slipped out of my mouth and I said while still stroking it , john pull out your cock for Bill to see , john did and it was not hard and barely 5 inches . Oh john , Bill said ,, is that a joke? he said cum on , a pretty hot asian lady like Gina needs a real mans big cock dont you gina ? Still stroking that long shaft I said yes Bill I do , I need yours Bill so big so strong and darling I love your taste too . You have a nice taste . You are a great Cocksucker Gina too bad you had to waste that talent on a limp dicked husband . Can john do anything around us bill said ? I told john go get the Canon camera make vids and pics of us , John came back shortly I was sucking away again with bill moaning . John began taking photos on the side of us I looked at him and back at bill as the pics and videos were made . Bill said to john , hey john do you cum very much ? John said plenty I think . Bill looked at me I slowly turned my head in disagreement . I began sucking on my new Huge cock . Bill then said John I want you to take the video of my huge cumload exploding into your wifes face and mouth , I doubt she can handle all of it . Hearing this I got immediately excited about it with his already precum after taste in my mouth now , John said OK Bill with a wimpy respectful voice, I smiled at that and sucked harder now bill moaning deeply I felt his cock beginning to tense up swelling up inside my mouth my eyes locked onto bills , this look of mine set him off ,

?Bill told john video this you wimp. Bills big cock exploded sperm into my throat so hard it filled half my mouth , I swallowed it , the second burst I swallowed again , I slipped his cock out about 8 inches away from my wide open mouth and another thick shot blasted inside I caught it and swallowed at once . Then another blast with another stroke hit my cheekbone and smeared across the side of my face and hung down as it slide down and hung off my chin in a long strand of thick sperm . I stroked a forth time another huge blast shot half inside my mouth and half outide on other side from last shot , it smeared back across to my ear and began to slide down too. The fifth big long sperm blast combined inside my mouth with last one , it tasted so salty and good , I loved the smell too . I sucked on the head and two more big shots followed ,,,,,I was satiated with his sperm and amount of it . I never tasted so much at once from any guy . I raised up off his cock winking again at him , my tummy warm with his sperm inside , I turned to john still videoing and said you really think I was going to give up this fantastic cock , Bill will be my bull from now on . Bill will come over when he wants to and fuck me or get a blowjob anytime . We will continue to Cuckold you john , Is that understood honey ? John said Ok dear . This was the first session with another man and not a woman for john as we swung before with other couples . I successfully Cuckolded John with Bill . This Happened September 11th 2009 , Here in Riverside California USA .

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1 year ago
very horny
2 years ago
great story except the Yankees were winning.
3 years ago
Always nice to have a videos record of great sucking thanks
3 years ago
nice one ....have u read my stories? pls say ur opinion
3 years ago
exxxtremely hot! you have my hard cock bulging against my shorts and my balls full of simmering sperm for you ...i wish i was there to watch a baseball game with you >:)
3 years ago
me too
3 years ago
Nice story. I hope the Yankees lost!