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This is what I posted to a mate has issues attracting a female. He is disabled, yet all parts work. This site has many people, some of whom are real and caring. Maybe someone there can also advise him. He is a human being and though I've never been in his situation, could use some positive words. G'day.

Stop believing no woman will want you.
Make them want you.
They want a nice guy but select bad boys because they don't know what to expect from nice guys.
I lost a soulmate as she was afraid my commitment was real and I also didn't want to change her sexually.

Go to my page and read some things about women...
I am revising it so be patient.
For now, get a tan, go to a gym, work out.

You are only disabled as far as you allow yourself to be.
There are mates from war injuries who take time to recover and do.

Women get hit on 80percent of time there at gyms, they go to work out.
So do same and be the loner who is working on himself.
Work within your disabilities.
I am creating a program for wheelchair and disabled people for self-defense.
They will notice over time.

Be Bond, 007.
No shit.
Go to thrift shop for good things, some have great stuff.
Save $ for as needed. Put aside 10percent each month if not more.
Count it as lost, spent, but save. In 30yrs you could have security.

Be clean. Shaven or if bearded, trim.
Clean fingernails. She don't want em scr****g her inside and not dirty.
Join a professional assn like Rotary or Lions.
I did and have a couple realtors (short skirts, tight tops, round bellies if married, milfs) who have lot of pressure and little sex.

Most married women (who I used to not take but do now as my 20somethings are ignorant of lovemaking, used to wham bam maam from boys. are drama queens) get sex maybe 1x week and hardly any oral.

Because their men are out of honeymoon dating stage.
And wives have k**s and become milfs.
I love a woman with strong thighs, small breasts, but a round belly and hairy vagina.

Be a mentor to k**s.
What's your trade and interests.
I fly and dive and write and photo and work with k**s.
I'm fortunate and the exception.
Find something you like. I also build plastic kits for therapy. It's what I like.
I also make submissive collars, etc. for play.
But I do tutor k**s. Hands off.

You say you have interests in Formula 1.
Well, is there a test track or event near you.
Write the companies and collect items.
Learn photography and take pics, of the crews the ones who get little notice.
You also surf web.
Take time to work out of home doing research for others, for $ or barter.
There's a lot to seek out.
Write sci-fi or something. About your life.

Find a flying club or boating or whatever.
Volunteer with Red Cross or a thrift shop or charity.
I found 50yr olders widows and divorcees working at such places.
Not desperate women. But women with needs.

There are women who share same interests.
I found a 29yr old goth at a photo shoot who works for a pal.
Network with others.

So take stock of who you are.
At one time, decades ago, I had a 'nice guys' club.
For the who what how when where of nice guys vs bad boys.
Journal. May be a story or movie.

But look at you.
Then make changes.
One a day. Something you want to change about you.

Women will follow in time. Don't go for first one who gives you a b.j. unless it is something there.

Don't settle.
If one can do it, another may be better.
I go to parties and shoots and chat up the most beautiful free woman there.
One told me she is pretty by chance, puts on knickers same as others.
But was alone and not dating for 2yr before me.

She took up with me, this former Penthouse model of 70s era, and my pals can't believe it and men try to hit on her but she is with me as I treat her as a lady, woman, and sex slave when she wants.

So my friend, don't look at your outside, look at your inside.
It don't have to be all sex all time.
It rarely is.
But don't give up, on life, on you.
Go with the flow. Things will happen if you tune into your spirit and those around you.
I do and it works.

100% (2/0)
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1 year ago
I have read this a couple times now, thanks for posting. All of your advice is honest, backed by experience and only has genuine intent......thank you