Dark Domination-Women In Charge

i believe in traditional ways as well as exploring sexuality with women who dont fit into a mold or model, but are willing or desiring to let loose that inner woman.

I enjoy intimacy with a woman and not just sex. I take married women, but only after a she reveals how long its been since shes had sex. it says she wants a lover and id rather be that one, and not some tool who would use her as a piece of meat.

Some women say they get sex 1x week or 1x month for 10 min by king of queens type guys, who were great at first but now dont like their hairiness, giving them oral, or if they gain weight. I love all women and types.

If she allows me to be be her lover then I will appreciate all she provides. I am half asian and learned many things there, and on my own. I role play with women using military to fantasy type events, even just meeting in a place and seducing her.

But I also ensure if she wants more that she realizes running to another man isn't an answer without a lot of study. Some women and men both have issues that stem from c***dhood or trauma. If so, they need other direction and not just sex. It means the chain of sexual behavior might come from the past not desire to 'have fun'.

So I'm older and yada on...ha... I got into cuckolding men when a woman told me she felt he was enjoying himself and his sharing her with others instead of them both equally being satisfied. I know some people are just meant for each other and some are predators, etc. There are perversions and there are dark desires and there is the circus act (don't get me started on clowns, clowns and sex, clowns and mimes...)...

But a man or woman who have developed patterns of pleasure are sure, confident, and ever developing. If you find yourself with such, be ready to accept as that is what you are there for.

I showed her ways to turn him into the bitch. If the woman only wants sex with me then I will treat her as a woman of quality, even tho we might role play or explore her fantasies or desires. I will make love to her best I can with what I have.

If her man is clueless and a squirrel, then I will also have her call him on phone and chat with him while I am inside her..but I do love holding a woman during sex, stroking her places, and after we are done. Intimacy. Even when having what is called an affair, it has to be mutual with ground rules. Be sure that there is control and understanding.

And I also like exploring her dark desires if there are any. If she is a dom, I will see if we can learn from each other, or maybe be her sub which is not often. If she has needs I will be willing to fulfill them. I have made love to a woman whose dream was to be taken while restrained or to restrain the man/worm and use him to worship her.

I am a simple man and yet when I love a woman it is totally. I have had lovers return 20yrs later and it is like time stood still. Love starts at day one again. No drama no anger no regrets. If you meet a woman who is dom dark angel it is either fate or desire. It is a measure of who you are in the fantasy that the woman will treat you.
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