Women are special

Ok, someone told me that one-liners and cock pix get women.

Really? Well maybe they aren't women. Maybe they've been abused or hurt or just want to have fun with you.

Consider this. You are a tool for a woman sometimes. If she feels chemistry or a need to procreate or mate or have a good time, you are the one at the right time at the right place. Or maybe not...

Women are different and there are and will be discussions until God says the way it is and Her word is final.

If you really want to be a friend with a woman on here and maybe in real life, then tell the truth. Be honest.

I am 58, half-asian, retired, and more on my profile. But I never lie to women here, no matter who they are. I may embellish myself or write stories that are true but updated, etc. but as far as relating to another human being. I try to be honest.

If you are gay, tranny, etc. so be it. Only one person can judge you and from what I hear He/She gives you an opportunity to repent at the last breath. So I live life here truthfully, as far as I can without revealing myself because there are others involved who are friends I will never betray, and f****y.

But I am alone and don't hurt anyone, and I've said if I do something that may not be right to you, tell me, I will listen.

So guys, if you want to friend a woman, get some class. Like in real life, show up dressed well, clean, and with a smile. First impressions last a lifetime. Look in the mirror. Would you want to meet you. Be honest.

Stop living in drama and anger about what's out of your control. Be a Dude. Save some $ (put aside 10percent a month like it's spent), educate yourself (Ray Bradbury went to a library for 10yrs and wrote his stories from learning there, and not a college), clean up the body, (get in shape whether at home or gym- you will meet women there too, stop the booze and cigs-save $), you can be more.

Life is what you make it. If you're a perv or whatever, it's probably too late, but the Marquis de Sade and others got remembered in history...). Don't hurt yourself or others. Never put another person at risk or cause them to be in fear. Some women today can and will defend themselves by weapon, training, or words that cut. And remember, they will tell their gal pals if you are naughty or nice.

So women are special. I know. I love them all. I am here to play and to learn and to destress. But I know who I am. I accept it. Do you know who you are? Once you do, you will find fate and destiny open up and that woman walks in.

80% (3/1)
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