Online Relationship: Slave to Master

Master, if you read this I hope you like it, I have this fantasy of you. I hope one day it can come true. One day, we met at a hotel and we checked into that hotel. As soon as I closed the door, you grabbed me around the waist and kissed me. I had never had my first kiss and the pleasure was immense! You used your tongue and you were soon going under my skirt. (For reference, I had on a tennis skirt and a tight tank top with flip flops and of course panties and a bra while you had shorts a t shirt and boxers and a undershirt. Of course, you had a bag of a change of female and male cloths and other things I did not know about) I pushed you away, being the virgin, I was nervous, and asked for you to wait, but you just pulled me back and kissed me until we ended up on the bed. you finally let go but it was to take off your cloths. You took off your shirt, undershirt, and shorts. I just sat there frozen you just smiled and I tried to go around you to get to the bathroom but you just pull me back and i end up on the floor. You were able to hold and lift me onto the bed and throw me on the bed. I had some tears falling and begging you to stop, you just came to me and tore off my cloths. I tried to close my legs and mouth and everything but you just took out handcuffs out of the bag and handcuffed me to the bed. you then took out a ball gaga and put it on me. you also took out a dildo. You took Vaseline and lubed up my ass. Then you just pushed it into my ass. I screamed into the ball gag with tears down my eyes. You then kissed my forehead and i saw you go down into my pussy and lick and kiss it. I moan and soon, I screamed and moaned at the same time, cumming. You laugh and then you take off your boxers and take your cock and push it into my pussy. Seeing this, I start to squirm but you held me in place and pushed it. You and I both feel my Hyman break and the bl**d on your cock. You then pump my pussy until I feel something hot in my pussy. It was endless. You then take out the ball gag and your cock out and move up and seeing this I knew what you wanted. I immediately close my mouth, seeing this, you move your hand down onto the dildo remove it then quickly put it back. I scream but you had already inserted your cock into my mouth. I accidentally bite you, you pinch my nipples till I have tears and bl**d on my nipples. I whimper and you take out your cock and quickly back in. You make me suck it. Then you cum again. You make me swallow it. You then lay down beside me and hold my hand. I was no longer a virgin. I then got up and went to take a shower and you follow me. You don't fore me this time and instead once you into the bathroom, you take out the dildo and I quickly got onto the toilet and shitted. You smile. I then went to the bathtub and told you to climb in too. I turn on the water. You ask me if you can piss on my body, I say yes. You smile and piss on my body and near the end I got down on my knees and drank some of your pussy and swallow. I then kiss you and transfer some of your piss into your mouth and make you swallow it. Your eyes get big and I laugh. The water is turned on and it is hot filling us both then I wash you with soap and you wash me with soap and near the end I climb onto your cock and ride you. We then got dressed, Me, now in a pink daisy dress with white thongs and white bra with my flip flops. We left and from then on, I waited for our next adventure.
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3 years ago
This is a great story. I wish for you and your Master to find each other very soon.
4 years ago
He could have been more caring, but if that is your fantasy?.......
4 years ago
woot! i like :)
4 years ago
The story is very hot ... but for reading pleasure it needs to be cut up in a few paragraphs ;)
Please write more!