My First Time & Her First Time - It Was Great

My college was about 10 minutes from where I went to high school. I was young for my grade, I didn't turn 18 until halfway through my freshman year in college so I had a lot of friends in the grade below me that were still just down the street. A bunch of them would come by the college and hang out, go to parties with me, and even just come by the study. One of these was my friend Nancy. Nancy and I had been friends since she started her freshman year at our high school. She's a Taiwanese girl, light complexion, tall (about 5'8") and thin with a pretty nice 32C rack. I think both of us had always found the other relatively attractive but it never really crossed our minds.

One Friday night the week after I got back to the dorms from winter break, all of that changed. I received a message on AIM from Nancy saying she had gotten into a fight with her Dad and drove off and she needed a place to hang out for a few hours. My roommate had left for the weekend so I told her to come on by and she could crash on his bed if she needed to. She said thanks and that she'd be over in 10 minutes. I don't think either of us realized that that night would end up with us fucking until the sun came up. I was still a virgin even though I had been sucked off by about 20 girls by the time I left for college. Nancy was also a virgin. Two friends, both virgins, losing it to each other in one wild and insanely hot night. No problem right? Just one thing. Nancy had a boyfriend of about a year at the time named best friend. To make things worse, Chad was also a virgin and they had made plans to lose it to each other...on Saturday. To this day, they still did as far as he's concerned and he and I are still best friends. I'm fairly certain that wouldn't be the case if he knew the rest of this story though. Yes, I know it's messed up and that I'm a major asshole, but that's probably one of the reasons why it was and still is so hot for both Nancy and I.

It was about 9PM when Nancy showed up at my dorm. She was wearing pretty simple jeans and a t-shirt and had an overnight bag with her that I realized she had packed away in her car for the next night with Chad. She said she needed a drink. I had a bottle of Vodka leftover from a party in my dorm room so we took a couple of shots while I let her vent about the fight with her parents. We hung out, had a few more drinks and watched a movie before I started getting pretty tired. That's when the trouble started. She said her jeans were uncomfortable but the only thing she had packed in that overnight bag was the lingerie for the next night with Chad. I handed her one of my t-shirts before realizing that since I wore my clothes very fitted, and she is actually an inch taller than I am, my t-shirt wasn't going to cover up much of what her thong was missing. It was a cold night so I gave her one of my flannel button downs to wear and figured problem solved. My roommate had taken his blanket home to wash so I gave her my blanket and told her I'd be ok and we said goodnight. She turned away from me but I was still turned on watching her strip off her shirt and bra and replacing it with my button down. She stepped out of her thong once she had the shirt on so she was completely naked under my shirt. I quickly reminded myself that that was Chad's girl and got my mind out of the gutter.

Regardless of how cold it is, I never sl**p in anything other than my boxer briefs so I hopped under my top sheet and hoped I didn't freeze during the middle of the night. It was damn cold and I was shivering but I was exhausted so I fell asl**p shortly after. During the night, I noticed I got significantly warmer. I opened my eyes and saw the clock said 2:30 on it. To my surprise, I was under my blanket. I sat up confused when I felt a rustling and even bigger surprise, Nancy was in my bed with me. She sat up with me and said she didn't mean to wake me but I was shivering and she felt bad since I had been so nice letting her stay. It was a twin bed so I was a bit uneasy about lying half naked in a tiny bed with my best friend's half naked girlfriend. She turned on her side and grabbed my wrist and placed my arm over her so I was spooning her and said "now we have enough room".

Having her ass pressed against my dick was making me hard and I knew that she could feel it. When he was rock hard and obviously pressing against her ass, I sheepishly apologized. She turned around so we were face to face, put a hand on my chest and said "it's ok, don't be embarrassed. I'm flattered". We both smiled at each other and then we kissed. At first it was just an innocent peck on the lips but a minute later she was on top of me grinding her pussy against my cock. The only thing between us was the thin layer of fabric of my black boxer briefs. She unbuttoned the shirt to let me suck on her perky 32C tits while she was grinding on my dick. Her pussy was starting to soak through my boxer briefs and onto my cock and that was making me insanely horny.

I turned her over on her back and got on top of her making sure the throbbing bulge in my boxers was still pressing against her warm wet slit while we continued to make out. I began kissing my way down her neck, back down paying plenty of attention to her nipples, and down to the promised land. I already knew that Chad refused to go down on girls - he thinks its disgusting - so Nancy was in for a treat. She had gotten a full Brazilian wax earlier that week in anticipation of Saturday night but I guess she decided to get her money's worth earlier. I began kissing from her belly button down to her pussy. The sight of her perfectly silky smooth pussy was driving me nuts. I began to trace the outer edge of her pussy lips with the edge of my tongue, right side first, then the left. She was panting heavily already. I placed my lips right in front of her slit and teased her saying "oh you're enjoying this...i'm sorry...did you want me to keep going?" letting the vibration of my lips and the warmth of my breath just millimeters away from her love hole drive her up the wall with anticipation. I began to give soft pecks to her pussy with my closed lips while she begged me for more. Finally I allowed my tongue to part my lips, and then hers, and slide in and up her slit.

I told her how amazing her pussy tasted. She said "are you sure? Chad says its gross". I slid two fingers into her dripping wet cunt to get them covered in her pussy juice. I pulled my fingers out and licked every last drop off of my fingers while she watched so she knew how much I loved it. This really turned her on and as I slid my fingers back into her, moving them in the come hither motion while licking her clit she was screaming out "oh fuck me Justin...fuck me please baby...I need to feel that hard cock in my pussy now. Then, like an erupting geyser, I found my face and bed drenched in a stream of her cum. "Holy shit Nancy...Chad never told me you were a squirter!" As she caught her breath from her massive orgasm, she stated simply "that's because that's never happened before".

We sat there in the first normal moment of clear thought we'd had since she climbed into my bed and she asked "so Chad talks about what we do?" "well yah sometimes - I know he's really excited for tomorrow night - to be your first and for you to be his" "oh yah about what I was saying earlier" "don't worry about it. but we shouldn't be doing this and we definitely can't do THAT" "agreed". She pulled the waistband of my boxers down over my cock and let it spring loose. She wrapped both of her hands around my pulsing member like she was measuring the length and girth with her hands. "Wow" she said, "Jessica told me you were bigger than Chad but he's tiny compared to you". Jessica was one of Nancy's best friends who dated Chad for a couple months and was nice enough to suck me off whenever I was horny once she was single again. Jessica had told me that Chad was only about 4.5" long and less than 4" girth. Nancy asked me if Chad had told me anything else about her sexually and I responded with "he said you give way better blowjobs than Jessica". She looked down at my rock hard cock still aching for a release in her hand and said " wouldn't be fair for me to leave him hanging like this after what you just did for me so maybe we can get a second opinion on that since we both know how familiar you are with Jessica's blowjobs"

I stood up as she slid my boxers down and off. Nancy dropped to her knees in front of me and began tracing the swollen and almost purple by now head of my cock with her tongue. She licked from all the way under my ball sack to the tip of my cock, then licked the entire length of both sides before finally taking the head into her mouth. As her lips moved up and down the length of my cock, I noticed that she was going deeper and deeper until she made my entire cock disappear into her mouth. I could feel the tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat. She took my cock out of her mouth long enough to say "your cock is amazing, no wonder Jessica sucks you off whenever you want it". Chad had told me that Nancy refuses to let him cum in her mouth so I told her I would tell her when I was getting close. I could feel the eruption building in my balls so I told her I was about to cum. Rather than take my cock out, she took it all the way to the hilt while I shot a huge load of my hot sticky cum down the back of her throat. I felt bad for Chad because Nancy didn't just let me cum in her mouth, she swallowed every last drop. She even licked the last few drops that leaked out off the tip of my cock when we were done.

I felt bad about what had happened but at least we didn't fuck. It was 4AM, she had her orgasm, I had mine, it was time to get some rest. Then Nancy told me that sucking my cock made her wet and she asked if I would eat her pussy one last time since Chad refuses to. I reluctantly agreed and started to lick and finger her pussy while she moaned in ecstasy. I had two fingers deep in her cunt while licking her clit again when she started to squirt again. Her squirting turned me on to the point where my cock was even thicker than it was before. As her orgasm subsided she dragged me down on top of her begging me to fuck her.

I tried to pull away but she had her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to her. I told her I didn't have any condoms. Ironically, Chad had picked up the box I normally kept in my room to use on Saturday night. She said she didn't care and that she just wanted to feel the tip of my thick hard cock stretch her pussy out. She grabbed my cock and started to rub the tip against her slit that was still drenched with her cum. I told her "just the tip" but as soon I felt her warm, soft, wet pussy wrapped around the tip of my cock, I didn't want to pull out. She cringed as my dick tore through her hymen. I slowly slid my way in until I was buried balls deep in her pussy. We stayed like that for a minute to let her get used to the feeling and then I slowly started to rock my hips back and forth moving my dick in and out of tight little pussy. After a few minutes she said "I think I'm about to cum". This was a problem because that turned me on so much that now I was about to cum. I told her I needed to stop but she yelled "I'm going to cum, don't you dare stop fucking me with that big hard cock of yours". The walls of her pussy clinched around my dick and then I felt a gush of liquid surrounding my cock as her pussy began to spasm. This was too much for me to handle and I exploding filling her little teenage pussy with a load of my cum. I thought for sure we were done now but next she wanted to try cow girl, and then reverse cow girl, and then side spooning. I dumped load after load of cum deep into her little pussy. Neither of us cared about the consequences of that, we just wanted to keep fucking like a****ls. Whenever I thought I was done, she'd take my cock back in her mouth and get him ready to go again.

We finally got around to doggy style and I had her on my bed on all fours while my cock was slamming her tight little pussy from behind when her phone started to ring. It was Chad calling. I stopped and she glared at me and told me not to stop before picking up the phone. "Hey sweetie! what time is it?" she said while taking his best friend's cock from behind. "It's 9" I heard him say. Had we really been fucking for 5 straight hours? She told him about the argument with her dad and how I let her sl**p in my roommates bed. He told her he'd pick her up from my place to go down to the hotel where he would be taking her virginity that night. She hung up the phone and told me he would be there in 15 minutes. I spanked her and called her a dirty little slut and continued to pound her until we both finally came one last time.

Chad picked her up, thanked me for looking out for her, and off they went to their magical night together oblivious to what happened the night before. They broke up about 6 months after that. Nancy and I have fucked a handful of times since then and it's always a great time trying to relive our first amazing time - her real first time.

Like I said, I know this makes me a huge asshole but it was a high school relationship that was never going to last anyways. Hope you enjoyed reading about our first time.


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