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hi friends my name is ashish..i am from pune ..this is a true story that happend with me recently.i am a 18 yo boy who lives with his mom. my mom is muslim . her name is heena. my mom and dad had love marriege. my dad (now45) and mom (42) love each other dad lives out of statte wheneva he is home my parents have great sex.which was usual for me to see a few times.
as usual my dad left pune for his trip in and me were alone at mom has maintained her body alot . she visits gym daily.
i dropd her there daily and also went to recieve her.
on 3rd usual i droped mom to the i was leaving the receptionist told me that gym was to close within an hour so come early to her mom didnt know what receptionist told me and she thought that i will take 2 hrs to come and pick her.i went home . had a bit of porn fun and after an hour went to the gym.
at the gym i saw the door was shut but not latched.. i went in to see that the receptionist was i started searching for mom. as i was passing the steam bath sectoin i heard some voices. i peaked in to see who is in there. i was shockd to see a thick man with 6" cock was fucking my mom.
i shouted "MOM NO SHIT" till then they both ad seen me.i just walked away and got into the car
after some time mom got into the car , she was ashamed of what i had seen.she asked e to not to tell it to dad. i said "when u have a better cock at home why take a gym trainers cock?" and she knew what i had in mind
that night after dinner mom went into her bedroom and i started watching tv
i thought mom went to sl**p but after sometie i heard her voice calling me. i went in to see she was dreesed in a super hot dress.i was gettin hot as she was coming near to me.she then whisphered in my ear "in afternoon u didnt let me its your responsibility to give me an orgasm" and she started passionately kiss me. i was hard till then and my cock was pricking her.i undressed her and she removed my pants and started stroking me 8" inch monster.i started licking her boobs.she said"show your oral skills at right place" and we got into 69 pos. i licked her till she had her first orgasm.thon i fucked her pussy in doggy style. we used 2 more positiones till she had another orgasm . then i finnally cummed into her with missionary pos.she wasrealy happy with me and also exhausted so she went to sl**p...
comment if u like and want to know what happend next
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1 year ago
Lovely story dude!
2 years ago
2 years ago
very nice :)
2 years ago
Won't say it is great. 8/10. Good storyline. A bit more of sexual details next time