Playing In The Shower

The sunlight danced through the window blinds making me wake up. Thank god it was the weekend. I roll over, loving how the feel of my sheets rubbed against my naked body. I am barely awake and already so fucking horny. I feel my pussy getting wet. I sigh and gently massage my tits. Kneading them, making my nipples start to ache. I pinch them, letting out a light moan. I slowly run my hands along my body – delighting in the shivers that go straight to my clit. I trail my hands along my thighs, gently brushing my pussy lips. I can feel the wetness on my fingertips.
I slide one finger in and groan at how tight and slick it feels. I groan as I thrust my finger in and out. Teasing myself, knowing what is about to come. I slide my finger out, whimpering a little at the loss of sensation. I bring it to my lips, licking it clean – enjoying how I taste. I climb out of bed and throw my sheets off. The cool air wraps around my body, making my sensitive nipples rock hard. I walk across the hall and into the bathroom.
I reach in and turn the shower on. Looking forward to the steam. The hot water pricking my sensitive skin. Making my entire body feel as wet as my pussy. I can feel the air getting hotter, wetter. I step into the shower letting the water flow all over my body. Down my face. Along my back. I can feel it drip down my ass.
I run my hands along my body. I can feel everything getting wet. Slippery. They glide so easily over my body. Down my arms. Along my waist. Over my hips. I slip them over my ass. I massage it briefly, enjoying how it feels when my fingers dig in. I give it a spank, gasping at the slight sting, and spank it again. I drag my hands back up my body, groaning at the sensations overtaking me. I slide them up to my tits. I love how slick they are! I turn my body so that my sensitive nipples are facing the shower spray. I lean forward and let it hit. The power of the water assaulting my nipples makes me cry out. My poor neglected pussy begins to throb. Unable to take anymore, I shove one finger in. Then two. Fuck, my pussy is so wet! The combination of the water and my fingers makes me begin to writhe against my hand. I lean against the shower wall to support myself. My hand thrusting in and out, the water pounding against my tits. I start moaning, feeling the pressure build. My clit is throbbing. I reach down and find it hard. Swollen. I moan as I roll it between my fingers. I stroke it faster and faster while I shove a third finger inside my aching pussy. I pump my fingers in and out. Harder, faster. In and out.
It’s too much – I’m going to cum so fucking hard! I slam my fingers in one last time and I feel my pussy clench against my hand. I cry and scream out, my entire body shaking as my orgasm rips through me. Even in the wetness of the shower, I feel my hand get drenched while I cum. I moan lightly and lick it clean as I slowly float back down to earth. I hear the water running as my breathing returns to normal. I smile to myself as I think about how much I love taking a shower.

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2 months ago
Great. You should post more stuff like this, we would really appreciate it :D Keep it up
3 months ago
I want to shower with you
4 months ago
Please write more stories!!
4 months ago
You should read my story "The Shower", we are definitely like minded. Two sentences in and it was added to my favorites.
4 months ago
Love it!
5 months ago
Delightful description
5 months ago
video it next time it happens, okay? ;-) very nice!
5 months ago
5 months ago
I love taking showers also ;-) I love the feeling of a pussy clenching on my fingers as it cums... Your orgasms must be so nice... Thanks for sharing
5 months ago
thanks for sharing... hot read
5 months ago
Your words and descriptions are so erotic! I'd love to wake up next to and shower with you every day...WOW!!
5 months ago
Damn that's a hot read! Thanks for sharing.
5 months ago
One hell of a full-body masturbation scene - so hot!