Dad's Furry Heaven

This is my first attempt at erotic fiction, hopefully some of you enjoy it, I plan for this to be a multiple-part story. The usual disclaimers apply. If you enjoy this story let me know, would appreciate feedback.

There it was, for the first time, the ass I had so coveted. I loved how his ass was a beautiful and erotic balance of muscle and size, with a nice thick coating of fur leading to his tight hole. I had lusted for this ass for years now, jacking off In bed just thinking about getting the opportunity to feel it, and even hotter, to feel his ass. I couldn’t help but wonder how his hole would feel against my tongue. Whose ass Is It? It's my burly, masculine, fury, dad of course.
I'm 18 years, 6 ft, swimmers body, with a 7 in cut cock, and unfortunately smooth, though I've always had a fascination with hairy men. My dad Is 36, 6'2, and the best specimen of masculinity I've seen. He's tall and muscular with a nice coating of fur covering his body leading to two of the best trails I've laid eyes on. One trail led from his chest through his abs to his thick low hanging uncut cock and balls. I knew he had to be huge, even soft dad’s cock hung low and thick. The other trail led to his perfect mounds off ass, down to a hole that I have fantasized about. Luckily for me my dad wasn’t shy about his body and would often walk around naked after a shower because he liked to “air-dry”. I began noticing my father when I was about 16. The way his muscles seemed to want to tear through his clothes and the way he strutted his sexy body around the house In no more than a pair of basketball shorts or on special days his jockstrap. My mother had walked out on us many years before, which to my amazement didn’t affect my father much. They argued often about almost everything so her leaving wasn’t much of a surprise.
We had a gym in our garage where my dad helped me to train and tone my body from an early age to be muscular and lean like his. Since it was just "us guys" around we would either work out in our jocks or loose fitting shorts. Dad said it would make cleanup easier since there wouldn’t be any sweaty clothes to wash afterward. I loved it when he would spot me on the weight bench, from that vantage point I got a perfect view of his thick cock and large hanging balls nestled in his jock. The straps of his jock would frame his hairy round ass like a perfect frame. The hairs on his cheeks lead down his enticing crack getting denser as it circled his hole. I could barely contain myself at the sight and would often daze off into a fantasy where my face would be buried deep in his ass with my tongue deep in his hole working its way In and out of his delicious crack. I'd have to jack off several times before we worked out just to try to make sure I wouldn't get a huge bone during our workouts.
As you can tell I'm a big fan of men's asses, all of them actually but my favorite are muscular and hairy, the hairier the better. Dad was very serious about weight lifting and would often push me to exceed my limits and grow more muscle definition. He was very proud of his body and loved to show it off anywhere he could; he thrived on the looks of lust and admiration he got from both men and women. I'd see the lustful eyes of his friends when they would ask him about his workout routine, and simultaneously caress his body with their eyes. I wasn't bad on the eyes myself, often times I caught the double take from men and women passing by. With our natural good looks and sun tanned bodies we looked more like b*****rs than father and son.
So it came to be that one day I finally got my long desired wish. When I turned 18 my father and I had a barbeque and invited our friends over for a day of food and drinks by the pool. Even though I wasn't 21 yet my father let me drink which was awesome and awful at the same time. The beer made me loose control of my cock and I kept sprouting a hard on every time I glanced over to my dad wearing nothing but a Speedo with hair just peeking out from his crotch and above his ass. Since I was wearing a matching Speedo myself I kept diving in the pool to try to hide my growing erection. I couldn't wait for the party to be over so that I could enjoy the rest of the evening in my bedroom massaging my cock and dreaming of his sweet ass.
Finally when all was said and done we began to clean up, that's when I noticed my dad was swaying back and forth a little more than usual. When I tried to help balance him out I realized that I was in no better condition than he was. He told me to head on inside and lie down while he finished cleaning up in the backyard. I went to the living room and crashed on the couch. A while later I was awakened to the sound of the weight-room equipment, I got up and peeked Inside, still pretty tipsy, and saw my dad In his favorite well worn jock bench pressing. He was really working up a sweat and I could clearly see the outline of his thick cock and balls through his sweat soaked jock, when he got up I also noticed a small stream of sweat leading down to his ass. That was when he saw me and called me over to spot him. He slurred his words slightly and I could tell he hadn't sobered up yet. I asked him if he was sober enough to work out. He slurred something to the effect of anytime being a good time to work out. I reluctantly agreed since this would give me the opportunity to fully stare and observe his body without worrying if he noticed. As I stood over him I started to bone up in my Speedo again. I blushed in embarrassment when my dad looked up and noticed my growing bulge; he said not to worry since we were both men and men got hard and horny occasionally. As he said that I noticed a twitch in his jock from his cock, "see," he said, "The alcohol gives me little to no control of the little bastard." He started to fill out his jockstrap more and more. I could see his cock head through the worn material straining outward. I had to close my mouth to avoid drooling on my fathers face. After his set he recommended we switch so I could get a set or two in. From above my head I saw his cock tenting out from his jock, and I felt a few beads of sweat drip off his ass and onto my head. I almost came in my Speedo from the feeling of it, dying to just have a taste of his sweat. After we were both hot and sweaty my dad said "Fuck It lets take these damn things off" and to my surprise he dropped his jock in that instant, freeing his semi-hard cock from its confines. I couldn’t stop staring at him, and soon my own cock started leaking through my Speedo. He soon noticed the trouble I was having with my Speedo so he grabbed the waist-band and pulled them down my legs. My cock jumped to full attention as he undressed me, and it almost hit him in the face as he did so. When he stood back up from undressing me I saw that his cock had gotten completely hard as well. It had to be at least 10 inches and about as thick as a beer can. I noticed a little bit of pre-cum slowly dripping out of his foreskin and my mouth began to water. Before I knew what was happening his body was pressed up against mine, cock to cock, and he was rubbing himself all over me. "Fuck I can't hold out any longer boy," he said as he humped himself against me and kissed me passionately on the mouth. We moved down to the soft floor of our weight room where I wasted no time and worked my way down his torso to his beautiful thick and rock hard cock. I took his cock in my mouth and got his huge cock as far down my throat as I could. Luckily I had experience in deep-throating cock, since I had been sexually active since I was 15. My father moaned in ecstasy and rubbed my head as I swallowed his cock down my throat. I felt so natural sucking his cock; I easily got it all down. All my father could say was "fuck" over and over as I sucked his cock deeply down my throat. After a while he started turning his body so that we could get in a 69 position and have each other's cocks in our mouths. His throat felt Incredible on my cock. He took it all down like a real trooper and I had a feeling this wasn’t his first time sucking a cock. After a few minutes I couldn’t take much more of my dad sucking my cock. I felt my balls tighten and tried to hold back from my inevitable climax. I moaned and tried to warn him that I was about to cum. He didn’t back off, just kept sucking and throating my cock in a frenzy. Finally I couldn't hold it anymore and I began to unload in his mouth. As soon as the first spurt of cum hit his mouth he began bucking in my throat and slammed his cock deep unloading his massive load. I lost count of how many spurts I shot in his mouth as my own throat was filled with shot after shot of his thick sweet cum.
I was so horny that after my amazing orgasm I was still rock hard, and so was my dad. I couldn’t wait any longer, I backed off his cock and turned him quick so he was face down on the ground; it was time for me to have some of that ass I had been dreaming about. My dad was surprised and confused at first so I turned around to hold down his arms with my knees. He squirmed and tried to get out from under me as I made my way to his hairy ass and tight hairy hole. I gave his ass a few hard slaps to let him know I was in charge. Then I spread his cheeks so I could get a good view of the ass I had been dreaming about. I was not disappointed; his asshole was even hairier than I had fantasized. I slowly began to lick my way down his crack savoring the taste of his musk and sweat. This really got him excited and he raised his ass in anticipation. The smell of his masculine ass was Intoxicating. I began to tease his hole with my tongue, taking my time to get his asshole all wet and relaxed. After a while I began to eat his ass like a lunatic, making his hairy hole wet and eager. His hole was winking at me, as he writhed and moaned under me. I reached around and grabbed his oozing cock. I felt his body quiver from under me as I played with his pre-cum covered head, then his balls, and finally up to his nipples. I was in heaven with my face buried deep in the crevice of his ass. All the while all he could do was moan and buck onto me. My cock was harder than it had ever been; I was even leaking streams of precum down my shaft and all over his back. I ate his ass till he finally couldn't take anymore teasing. I fingered his pulsing hole until he started begging me to fuck him. I couldn’t believe my masculine dad wanted me to fuck him. I asked him if he was sure he wanted it, he replied by turning so that my cock was lined up with his ass. I began rubbing my cock up and down his hairy crack, leaking pre-cum all over his hairy hole. "Fuck me," he growled and backed up onto my cock simultaneously popping the head of my cock into his pre-cum lubed ass. I had loosened and wet his hole so much with my tongue that my pre-cum was all the lube we needed. My dad's ass was tighter and wetter than I could have ever imagined. His ass was so tight and hot around my cock that I lost control and had to push my entire 7 ½ in. cock deep into his hole. I felt his hairy ass against my balls and heard my father moan loudly. I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was. He said “Oh god son, I’ve been fantasizing for your cock so long. I want you to ride and breed my ass.” I could barely catch my breath with all the excitement. I pulled my cock out and rammed it back into his hairy hole. I started fucking him as hard as I could, and my dad bucked against my cock like a mad-man. The hair on his ass felt great against my cock and balls as I relentlessly pumped In and out. I knew I couldn't keep It up much longer, I could feel the cum rising from Inside of me waiting to escape into his ass. I flipped my dad over so that his legs were on my shoulders so that I could see his face while I fucked him. He looked like he was in pure ecstasy. I grabbed his cock and began jerking it as I fucked him. We both moaned and our bodies tightened as we felt our Impending orgasms. Soon after I felt my dad’s ass tighten up and begin to twitch around my cock, I knew he was about to cum. Cum started shooting out of his cock like a fountain; he aimed at me and shot his cum on my face and chest. That pushed me over the edge and I grabbed his hips and I plunged deep and hard into his ass unloading what felt like a lifetime of saved cum deep into his furry ass. I shot so much cum in my dad that I could feel it start to leak out of his ass. Without hesitating I lifted his ass to my face and began to eat my cum out of his ass. This made my dad cum a second time onto his face. My dad pulled my mouth to his and we began to swap each others cum. As we kissed I could feel his cock stirring and growing again against my own. "Dad I want you to fuck me now," I said aiming his cock towards my hole. He replied "I thought you'd never ask" and lifted me up onto the weight bench so my ass was up in there air aimed at him. He stood over me admiring my ass and body. My cock began to rise again with the anticipation of having his huge cock in my ass.
End of part 1

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agreed !!!!! VERY HOT
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Very HOT!