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Hi this is jai again. Thanks all the reader for u r support and good response for my real stories “Turning Shy Wife for Swapping”. After some time Arvind gone to his place .But he left a sexy and shyness wife for me. Now it’s a new Reena for me she is not shying now on sex topics ,when ever she wants to do sex .She say me clearly we starts our sex life properly with all the kamasutra steps . life is going well for sex ,after few day later I again offer her for swapping she agree but we are both from good f****y and educated so we do want to do with reliable person some one likes Arvind. but no one is there reena and me do not what to do with un known person ,it is became so difficult for searching a new swapping partner who can fuck my wife and swap his wife for me .

We are living in Mumbai in a apartment on the 5th floor there is only two flats on one floor .The flat in front of us is always locked till we come here .one day a old men aged 55-60 year old come to our house I open the gate he introduce him self as Mr. sharma the owner of the flat. I welcomed her and he come inside and sit. He said that he purchase the flat for his son who is now working in America and the old men is living in Gujarat. Therefore it is locked from 2-3 years .I said o.k. he said that one of his friend who is living in Delhi his elder son is studying here in Mumbai and living with his room partner his daughter is also get admission here so my friend request me to give them the flat on rent so that both the b*****r s****r leave together and study properly ,and the location is also good so there should be no problem for the girl .I said nice , so when they are coming he say tomorrow I said ok next day it is Sunday in the morning some one ring the door bell my wife is nude and we are restless from the night sex .so I go and open the gate it is the same old men Mr. Sharma but with one more old men is with him .I welcomed them and said them to sit they say sorry to disturbed you, this Mr.agrawal I said hello sir he said that my son and daughter now u r neighbor so please help them they are young in their life .soon my wife also come he requested my wife also that please take care for them and treat as u r younger b*****r s****r wife said no problem. Now they said that the flat is clean they are coming at 2:00 and we will say them to get u r help. I said o.k. no problem then they gone.

Now it is 1:30 p.m. some noise come from outside I open the door it is a young tall handsome men aged 22 year old is standing and putting some luggage there I said hello he replay’s me hello jai bhaiya I said u now my name he said papa said about u. I am yinit . I said why r u bring the luggage from the stairs he said that lift men is repairing lift. I said ok after few min. my wife also come there my wife see and smiled him I said to bring some water it is very hot and humid soon my wife brought some water now I heard a voice I look towards stair a young girl in yellow color short salwar suit is coming with BIG BOOBS her boobs are too big that they are coming out from her dress big breasts jiggle while she walks she come closer to me her white color face fully wet with sweat her kurti is plain so when she up her hand her armpit nude and her armpit hair is visible also very wet sweat excuses from her white body she excited me very much then she is start shouting on her b*****r that u left this heavy beg for me he replayed sorry when she come more closer to me I m shocked really she say hai to me I just shake my head then she drink the water and turn back to lift the bag when she turn and bend to lift the beg her BIG BUTTOCKS r so nice that my eyes r not moving any where my wife understand the things and she pinch me then I look toward her I saw young men is searching my wife’s secrets parts now I end the silence I said ok if u want something please come then they close the gate and we come inside now I m watching the match on television richa come and say she need a bucked of water I send him in the kitchen when she is walking I peeped at her and enjoyed the view of her special body parts I specially liked her really BIG and HEAVY breasts which jiggle with her movement. I also liked her VOLUPTIOUS hip. she has the biggest, heaviest and the most beautiful BOOBS she is just 18 and her figure is like a actress she is now giving complexion to my wife we called them in the night for food they both come at 9:00 vinit is in lower and t-shirt where richa is in pink frock she is looking to sexy I cannot believe her nipples r visible for me her hair r to long that touching her ass when she is walking her butt is moving like she flying they seat on dinning table and I start talking they said that he is doing here final year then I asked about richa she said that she will join the collage from day after tomorrow then she know the time then I drop a spoon down to see her silky legs they are really very clean and white with out any hair are thighs are also visible soon they finish the food and gone for a sl**p now I close the door my wife is cleaning the kitchen and I go from her back and start kissing from behind she know every thing because while we eating food and I drop the spoon she understand then she say wait please but I am in full mood I left her in my arms and go to the bed room and we start our play ,today I start and say her just enjoy what I do she laugh and say I now u r doing and imaging me as richa I smile and I say really for her vagina I do any thing she say she just eighteen and your penis is to big she can not handle it she says I also like her b*****r vinit .so I will make there mind set for swapping soon . then I unhook her bra she laid down I removed her panty and get my mouth In front of her vagina and thought that its richa’s vagina when I entered my tongue I get a salty taste and she say aaaaaahhhhhh sssssss maza aaraaaaaaahaaa haaaaaaaiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaan aur chuso mazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaarahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaiiiiiii, chuso puri tongue dal do come on jaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii . I acted quickly and kept my hand on her breast. She looked at my face she said I m not richa you are so excited that if today richa is here u converted her ass hole and vagina into one hole she was also hot now thinking of vinit and start touch my lund also was massaging slowly my lund on her hand, she said uffffff and said jaiiii please mat kar aisa .. I asked her to sit on my lap so that I can massage well, and she agreed. I took my lungie off, I was not wearing underwear my lund touching her butt . I asked her to to give some oily cream so that I can massage her body now she give some cream to me and she also put some on her hand to massaged my lund, She started playing with my lundd and said OH jai Tera lund tu aaj bhut uffan mar raha hai I slowly made her to lay on the bed. But She took my lund in her mouth and started sucking and licking it. It was feeling really good for me I said reena I wanted to fuck your ass she said later not now. ok I said I told her that I was feeling so hungry for richa I offered u for ass fuck. She said wait I should also satisfy then she took the whole size inside the mouth and this blowjob lasted for 30 minutes. I was holding her hair and head with my hands. Her mouth was being fucked by me and she was enjoying it. I feed all my cum in her mouth and she drank it all after few min later Now was my chance so i lifted her in my arms I started by smooching her and then kissing her neck and then her arm pits. She had shaved armpits and they smelled awesome. I was just licking them for 10 minutes. She told me it will take time for seducing her so wait My hand was on her left nipple and in 3 minutes time they were pointing towards the ceiling. I bit them and gave her so many love bites on her breast. She was moaning now its her ass hole time she turned around gave me a kiss on my forehead and said butt is fully charged for ur lund i asked her to get in the doggy style and she did. When i gave her thrusts she used to apply pressure back and it was great fun now I was on the back of her and i slowly inserted my whole cock in her ass hole and then she pulled me near her mouth from back and said in my ears, “satisfy my heat pleasssssssseeee”. I started stroking her hard harder“AAAAAhhh OOOOhhh Mujju please aaaaaaraaam se aaaaaaaaaahhh”. I was getting turned on and started giving her more thrusts and making her mad. I used to give her light thrusts for a minute and then a very hard one once in a while. She used to get excited My cock was getting crushed now and i was giving more pressure to make her feel pain. As her cunt was big i had to work hard for the same. I continued for 7 minutes and then.I heled her from the stomach now and started thrusting harder and she said i am gonna cumm, i also came in her cunt and all her juices were on my dick. After few seconds we r khallas it was2:30 am we sl**ps for daily work.

Now days are moving after a week one evening my wife said that vinit is making her hot and when ever u gone to office he come and try to make good relation with me my wife says that soon he swap his s*s for u so she said he is nice but his s*s is very innocent. I said o.k. first come to vinit then we go to do with richa she says o.k. now my wife start talking to me say that now when vinit come she start making friendship with him now my wife start wearing silk saris and sleeveless blouse. She wraps the sari tightly around her body showing her solid 38 ass and 36D boobs prominently. She wears sleeveless blouse showing her armpits when she raises her hand. her ass and the sexy armpits and lusted for them for a long time. Vinit is addicted to watch her body while moving in the house doing house hold work. She moves her ass seductively even in the house and some times when I and vinit r at home watching some live match I watched his eyes are on reena as she walks moving his eyes with her body to catch the glimpses of her fleshy 36-D boobs when she bends. one day he comes early from collage and come to our house . He came in and sat next to my wife in the sofa. They start talk about so many things
He come very close to her body my wife eyes on TV and he was behind her on sofa. And he can feel her body temperature. She was wearing a yellow color sari and black blouse, vinit slowly put his hand on her shoulder and start massaging her shoulder and her pallow fell down and he can easily see her huge breast as he was sitting up on sofa, his Lund was on top and he slowly massaging up and down and on neck then shoulders and trying to go down on her breast , she was feeling cool and closed her eyes and enjoying the body massage. It was about 12:45 in the afternoon now she understand what he wants she stand up and break his hot ness my wife come inside the bed room and closed the gate she then call me and say the situation I gave her a plan she said ok and then went outside she come and set near to vinit then as per our plan she says what are u doing he says I love u and I want to fuck u I say what about my husband he say he is in office she said no this is wrong he can judge soon then she divorced me he request me a lot I said no he can say I do not say any one just for one time she said that if her husband fuck u r s*s then he is agree . He said what r u talking she said that u fuck me and let my husband fuck u r s*s he is in deep thought and gone out from the house in the evening when I come I asked her what happen she said all the things I said o.k. then we take our dinner and sl**p in the night vinit call my wife at 10:30 he said that u r husband is sl**ping she replayed yes then he say is u r husband agree for this swapping she said not but if u agree then I changed his mind he said we discuss tomorrow . Next day he come at same time and say that her s*s is very young how can we changed her mind then as per our plan reena said that I arrange a small party here we all four together u and my husband drink and u agree my husband I agree u r s*s he is agreed

On Sunday he and her s*s come we set together then I take his s*s to my bed room for my talking now vinit and jai are drinking and slowly slowly as per our plan vinit purpose my husband here they are talking and discussing the things the guys are set now it’s a time for innocent richa now they r in bed room soon my wife say her to show our wedding cd but she play a blue film richa shocked reena say sorry and say my hubby is very sexy he watch daily a xxx movie sorry I change reena is watching her eyes r on tv reen say u like this she say no I saw this first time in my life then they start talking about sex richa says that she virgin and never saw or read any sexy magazine slowly slowly they started nude talking now reena put the cd and say her to watch I will come soon she said that if vinit bhaiya or jai bhaiya come then reena said do not worry u watch with free mind and reena come out and say what happen vinit replays fine you can play with me then he asked about richa I said she is shying soon she will join as
After half and hour later when we finished our bottle reena go to bed room she fine that richa is horny her hands is in her boobs and she is horny I purpose her for my husband fuck she agree but what about my bother reena say that I will take him out of the city for my relative marriage because u r jai bhaiya is with u she agree I said watch I will come reena come out and say good news to as so I said that vinit and u gone somewhere for some time when I fucked her and she sl**ps then I will call u and go to vinits flat and do ur work soon richa come out jai say that vinit and reena r going for a function u will leave here she say o.k when reena gone for a bath she gave a oily cream to richa and say that in the begning to get a plain but after that u feels u r in heaven she says how I start first she said how then reena say when we gone out u wear my saree and gone in front of jai after that he will do the rest now vinit locked the gate key to me and keep one key in his pocket reena take a shower and wear a nice saree and they gone soon richa go to the bed room after a short while she come like bride in front of me I stand up and touch her hand .

Now richa is here I start my things she is in she wear a blue saree with matching blouse and petticoat I start removing richa clothes she put the head down she is shying I Said o.k do not worry I brought some cds and play now she is sitting away from me and we start watching xxx movies now slowly we start moving close to each other I said r u feeling fine now she do not say any thing put her lower lips in her mouth her eyes r now want to see me nude I say ok with eyes then I remove the shirt and pant down my body is full of hair then I put down my underwear she start looking at me now I say shall we start and turn off television she shake her head when she face towards my underwear find that my penis is dancing in front of her face she watch the cock and slowly say ufffffff .. kitna mota lund hai . I say did u say something she say nothing my god his penis is too big that I saw in the movie just now she is horny now start removing his clothes she start undressing her first he put the saree down then the blouse then bra and then panty I am very hungry to see her nude from the day I saw her we r ready for fuck now i start kissing her from top to bottom she start kissing my lips I stand up from sofa she still sitting on sofa I come in front of her and hold her hair in my hand, jerked her face towards my pulsating cock saying, You have teased it. She took the cock in her cozy little mouth.. It soon she started exploring depths of her throat. she stuck his hot hard dick in her mouth, moving it in and out gently at first but then real fast. She began sucking his penis hard, I was jerking it in and out of her mouth, this time she almost choked on it. She was enjoying every minute of it, sucking like a lollypop I put now 6inc in the mouth she says aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aur undr leeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I put 1inc. more inside her mouth raise the speed of pushing and breath fast now I put her in my arms and gone to my bed room now she know that she get a hard fuck of 8inh cock she take some oily cream which reena give her she stand up applied some cream in her vagina I saw her nipple is tight i put my hands on them from over and began pumping hard. My each hand was covering one full breast. I was surprised to find out how soft those BIG COCONUT sized BREASTS were started kissing and nuzzling her throat and kneading the juicy and creamy tits with his both hands. The nipples became harder. It was too good to stop. She was moaning loudly yessssssssss yesss mujhe maza aa raha hai ufffffff meri choot mein mazaa aa raha hai . i moved down to her white belly. he moved his tongue in her big deep Navel he licked her whole belly with special attention to her beautiful Navel, his cock was throbbing wildly I thought she is enjoying say dheere se please,I adopt her on the bed keeping her buttocks high. Her asshole was totally exposed and at her mercy. she is also excited he turned her around, spread her legs to exposing her creamy vagina hole.i put the upper face of penis on her vagina lips face slowly soon i jerked her upper portion on her vagina and put 2inches inside her hole she is enjoyed she say she say that ur cock is just like a iron rod ufffffff meri chhot tu aaj fat jaye gi maaaaaaaaa uff please slowly I push a hard jerk entered my 8 inch inc inside her vagina she shout mummmmmmmy mar gayiiiiiiiiiiiiii now the whole cock is inside her vagina I start moving in full fast speed after few min, she said mera paani aa rahaaaaaaaa hai she dropped her cum and I also cummed in her vagina after some time I m feeling wet- wet inside and out side vagina area we separated now I see my cock is tooo big covered with her vagina bl**d and she is turn her face and breathing fastly I m finding her thighs have dropping some cum and bl**d I say in my heart marchood kya chood hai I come closer to her and rub the whole area with the towel she hug me and say I like u I saw her face she take her lips near to mouth and start smooching she took my hand on her boobs we close to each other again but this time just for showing love then she stand and go to toilet I find that her cum is dropping slowly from here thighs area with few drop of bl**d .

Now both r restless we are laying nude soon she is in deep sl**p I stand up and gone out call reena that richa is in deep sl**p u will go they say they r coming in 10 min. I said them that I am also sl**ping if u have some work with me u call me .i take the keys which vinit give me i vibrate my cell and locked my flat and enter to vinit flat to see reena ‘s fuck how vinit fucked her
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Unfortunately, I couldn't read through the first paragraph because of bad grammar and I had to reread the same text to get the point. I think you need an editor for a better reading.
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learn to spell
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good but hard to read