The other guys dick

The other guys dick is a bit shorter than mine so you manage to fit a bit more of it in your mouth. I'm on pussy duties and make damn sure every thrust goes deep and hard.

I say to our stunt cock "Holy Fuck! Look at her arse. It's just about fucking perfect".

He opens his eyes looks at your arse, groans and says "Fuck yeah, I'd love to try out that tight shit hole." He looks down at you with his raw cock sliding in and out of your mouth. "Baby, can I Fuck your ass?"

You let his stiff dick out of your mouth and say, "No. Only Sir is allowed". The guy seems a bit disappointed. Fuck him. I feel a bit sorry for him though because he'll never know the hard cock heaven of your arse hole. "Well how about you join me in her pussy instead. It'll be a tight fit but I'm sure she won't mind that.

I lie down so you can straddle me. You have to come down close next to my ear to get the angle right. I can feel you move your bum positioning your pussy hole with the head of my cock. He's behind you now. He gets a magnificent view of you sliding your wet snatch down enveloping my cock right to the base. You pump me in and out a few times before you rest your naked tits on my chest reach back and pull your arse cheeks up and forward opening up your pussy just that little bit more inviting the stunt cock to join us.

I feel his knuckles brush against my balls as he positions himself to enter you. Then i can feel the ridge of his cock against mine. He's at you opening. The slimy lubed up head rubbing against my shaft trying to squeeze in. There's a bit of a popping sensation as he enters you. I can feel his hard dick run up the length of my own as it pushes in deep and snug.

As the first pangs of intense pleasure wear off I realise my eyes are shut and my mouth is open. I'm mid way through a low almost inaudible groan as my eyes open and look into yours.

"Oh baby that feel so fucking good! I love DPing you"

You smile at me not saying anything but obviously soaking up the feeling of two fat hard dicks pumping your tight hole. You shift possition a little bit now that he's inside you so you can have better control over us. In this position, slightly raised off my chest, you can thrust back powerfully against both cocks, letting you feel stretched wide when we're both buried to the hilt. I can feel our balls constantly rubbing together his hair sometimes brushing my sack. The ticklish sensation sending pleasurable twinges all the way up my dick. Feeling the underside ridge of our cocks rubbing together just adds another layer for me. Our hard dicks snug inside you. Rubbing against each other. Filling you up.

You break character briefly saying "Ah yeah, that's it boys fuck me. Fuck me hard". With that you slam back on our cocks. Your head tilts back so i can see the length of your neck, your face angled to the ceiling. "Oh fuck me. Shove those dicks in me" You look down at me while you cram as much cock in with each thrust as you can. Your almost breathless with extacy but you still half whisper to me "Am I your beautiful slut baby?"

"Fuck yeah!"

I reach up and pull you towards me locking my mouth on yours. I close my eyes and feel our tongues intertwine as we explore each others mouths. The sensation is amazing, overwhelming for me. The feel of our mouths together combined with the cramped hot wetness of your cunt and another cock grinding it's way in there rubbing both of us at the same time.

I move to your neck just under your ear and start to gently nibble, lick and kiss you. I'm close to your ear now and in a breathy whisper i ask you "Do you like that dirty girl?"

You whisper to me through your gritted teeth "I fucking love it!"

"Mmmm fuck I love you, you hot bitch! Now we're going to make you cum"

I tell Stunt cock to pull out and feel the slimy wetness of your cunt juice dribble off his dick as it draws out over my balls. We help you flip over on your back so your bum is right at the edge of the bed. Climbing over you I position my mouth right over your clit. "Er, would you mind sliding your cock back into her please?" Stunt cock obliges. I feel you set out a deep breath as that hard cock enters you again. I've got a front row seat. I can easily see his dick piston in and out of your soft warm hole. I call back to you. "That feel good baby?" Even as you start to answer "Yes" I've already started pushing my tongue against your clit. Just holding it against it with firm pressure. The pounding he's giving you naturally makes you move around a bit and gives your clit the slightest rough friction against my tongue with each thrust. If I lift a little of the pressure off, the friction on your clit increases so your almost wiping it on my bristly taste buds. My hands are free enough to pull your pussy open to each side. That stretches the skin around your clit. I have to lighten my tongue pressure now. With your cunt stretched hard open like that your pussy is extra extra sensitive and I don't want to desensitise it. I have to keep that contact between tongue and clit just right so it provides just the right level of tickle. Just enough to add to the sensation of the other boys fat hard-on stretching and filling up the rest of your cunt.

I can feel you take my dick in your mouth and run your tongue around the head. "MMMMM! good girl!" I want to taste your cunt juice while you suck me so i take hold of my assistants cock on one of his out strokes. Opening my mouth I direct his head in. Fuck. I can taste you on this guys dick. Such a turn on licking your juice off a guys cock. I start running my tongue around his head just like you're doing. I pull him out and say "Fuck her again then fuck my mouth!" His cock plunges back into you up to the hilt. Pumps in and out a few times then fills up my greedy mouth. Even though you can't see it I know you know exactly what I'm doing. Your pussy gives you away. It's so wet now it's dribbling out and you can feel it trickle over your arse hole. He keeps feeding me your juice and I make sure I lick every last drop I can off his cock and kiss the underside of the head for good measure.

It's time to get back to teasing your little bud. "Fuck her slow and deep now then gradually build up your speed". Turn my head back to look at you but your eyes are closed and your heads angled right back. I think to myself Hmmm fuck yeah you're loving that arn't you you hot slut. My dick hardens just a bit more at the though of you enjoying two boys attention. I start in on your clit. Light tickling. blowing cool air on it occasionally. Dribbling a bit to keep it really slippery and moist. I slowly build up the pressure of my tongue as it sc****s over your clits surface, trying to match it to his intesifying thrusts. I can hear your breathing get faster and shallower. My cock is out of your mouth now and I can hear your almost whispered expletives getting nastier. "Oh yeah, yeah. That's it." It's turning me on so much I want to reach back and play with myself but I push my cock harder against your fat tits instead to try to give it some relief.

He's fucking you quite hard now and Im licking you fast and hard.

Breathlessly you say "Oh. Oh. You like licking that cunt don't you baby?" "Yeah fucking eat my cunt!"

I know you've reached your point of no return. Your climax is building. I know you'll be trying to hold it back but it's too late your already over the lip and it's snowballing to a massive orgasm.

Your cries of "OH!" get more and more frantic and loud. I just think to myself "Yeah she is enjoying this!" As you loose control it gives me a huge mental turn on and I lick you harder and faster ignoring the fatigue. Now I'm just determined to give you the hardest climax you've had.

Then you let go with a loud long "OH!" and shudder as the feeling of cumming hard spreads out from your cunt and washes over your whole body...

It takes you a good few minutes to recover. Stunty joins us on the bed next to you and we both run our hands over your smooth white skin. I whisper to you "I love you babe. That was so fucking hot"

Your boys dicks are pretty worked up by now.

we mannuver around into the jack card position, heads at opposite ends of the bed, our legs under each other and our dicks and balls touching.

You say jokingly "Hmmm well it seems a bit unfair to make one of you wait, so I'm going to try to stuff both your cocks in my mouth." Taking a grip of our cocks you find you cant get your hand all the way around this dick sandwhich. No matter you just squeeze them tighter and mash them together a bit more.
Then you start to wank us. Both at the same time. Our dicks are right against each other. Our poles slip and slide and rub all over each other as you slowly wank us. The sensitive area under my head is mashed together with his. It's almost like our cock heads are kissing.

You bring your face down to us. Mouth open wide, you start to try to cram us in. It's a tight fit but you manage to get your tongue pushed down far enough between our heads to separate them and brush that sensitive under head spot. Your a skilled girl. Licking two guys frenulums at the same time. It's intense. You pop us out and after you've run your tongue all over both our cocks you look at Stunty and ask "How does he feel? You like rubbing cocks with another boy don't you?".
"God yeah his dick feels hard and slippery against mine and your tongue is awesome. I want to cum so badly".

Next you turn your attention to me. You keep wanking us but move your mouth up to my nipple. My mind knows whats comming up and I just get this "OH fuck... here we go again" sense of anticipation.

You start licking and sucking my piercing lifting the ring up so the section inside my body digs in against the nerve. My eyes roll back. "Fuuuuccck" I bight my bottom lip. I'm not going to last long with this kind of treatment. Our dicks are getting a nice firm milking. Mr stunty starts groaning. I think he's close.

You really up the pressure of your tongue on my nipple now. I guess you can tell I'm turned on by his moans. You probably are too. I cant help but focus on the sensation of my ring grinding into the nerves in my nipple. Not for the first time I thank fuck I got my nipple pierced. I can still fight it but I know I'm done. There's a moment or two of clarity where I look you in the eyes and half say, half mouth "Oh. Fuuuuck. Baaaay-beeee!"
My eyes roll back again. I try to stop my tongue lolling out but by this point I'm not in control of my body. My dick starts pumping out the first of six or seven thick white wads of cum. They spray high in the air, some landing on my chest and stomach. Most of them coat the two cocks you're still furiously wanking. I start bucking and spasming as the last shots of cum fly out. I'm too lost in my climax to know but Stunt boy looses control right around the same time. His cum oozing out all over our exhausted dicks.
You wank us slowly now easing off a bit as your boys lie there spent in front of you. Our cocks covered with our combined cum.

I'm still in a cum induced haze when i feel you get close to me. You kiss my flushed cheek and I smile as you whisper in my ear "Who's the hot slut now baby?"

80% (5/1)
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1 year ago
I'd love to be your next stunt cock ;)
2 years ago
This is one MegaHot fuck story.... Good job
2 years ago
This is Awesome! My wife would never go for it, but this is Exactly what I want to experience with my wife! 5 Stars, thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
Nice. Love the DP.