true story about my aunt from thailand

My aunt is from thailand,visiting my mom. she cant speak english,not attractive but got a ok body.shes tall dark and got the biggest camel toe i seen.Im trying to help her around the house and be a good nephew to her.anyways every time i get the chance to i get a hard on in front of her.i know she sees it but never says anything.sometimes for fun i say im going to fuck your cunt in english,she just looks and smiles because she dont know what i say.i cum on her panties all the time,and then i hang them on the doorknob in the bathroom so she gets them back with cum on them.she never says anything to me about them.i like to jack off in the bathroom at night because i know she can hear me. i even leave cum on the sink,and she always pretend like she cant see it.anyways the last night she was here i had to let her know i wanted to fuck. so i knocked on her door at night and showed her my dick and said in thai.if she wanted to do it?well she said no and finally looked suprized and slamed the door shut.well i didnt get up in the morning to say goodbye,but thats ok.i had soo mutch fun the time she was here.
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3 years ago
It will be interesting to know if she ever fucks you.