My Mother's Best Friend

My mother and Mrs. Robinson had friends for as long as I could remember. I have also had a major crush on her ever since I started liking girls. Mrs.Robinson was a nice lady. She was my mom's best friend so I knew it would only be a crush. What was I to do? If I told her how I felt she'd have given me the "that's so cute" line. Something I truly didn't want to hear. I kept my feelings to myself. After I graduated from college I went to stay with my mom. The arrangement we made was perfect. I'd use the basement as an apartment since it was finished and had its own bathroom. Every now and then Mrs. Robinson would come by to see my mom. They would talk for hours. About what I don't know. My relationship with Mrs. Robinson was one of respect. Things changed between me and Mrs. Robinson when my mom went out of town for her class reunion. I guess she didn't tell Mrs. Robinson because she came by at her usual time. "I'm sorry Mrs. Robinson mom isn't here at the moment." I said. "I know she isn't. She asked me to come and check on you." she replied. "please come in and forgive my rudeness." "you're forgiven Raymond." she said as she came in. "how are you doing Raymond?" "I'm alright Mrs. R." "I haven't heard that awhile." she chuckled. "I need you to help me with something Raymond." "sure Mrs. R. What do you need?" "it's about a young man I know. He has a crush on me. He thinks that I don't know about it, but I've known for quite sometime now." it looks like I'm not the only one with a serious crush on this woman. "He just won't admit to it." "why is that?" I asked. "maybe because I'm friends with his mother." "I'm sure that given time he'll tell you how he feels about you." "okay Raymond it be waiting for you to do so." at that moment I was embarrassed. "how long have you known about that?" "your mother told me after you left for college. I see your feelings haven't changed either." "how do you know that?" "it's written all over your face." "okay I'll admit to it. I've had this crush ever since I started liking girls. The reason I didn't say anything was because I was afraid that you would give me the That's so cute line." "when you were fifteen yes I would have. Now that you're over twenty-one I don't mind you telling me how you feel." "what about mom?" "your mother won't mind. It was her idea for me to check on you so that you could tell me." "really." "yes really. She also knows that I like younger men and that you be perfect for me." "very interesting I never thought of you as a cougar." "I see." she chuckled. "there are many things you'd find surprising about me." "I'm sure there is. Why don't you show me." "alright come with me." We went to her house for dinner. She made a wonderful dinner. "now you just wait for me in the living room. I won't be long." "alright." She went upstairs and changed into something more provocative. When she came back she was wrapped in a blanket. "come help me with this." I went and took her hand and helped her down the stairs. With each step she took the blanket started to slip a little bit at a time. When we got to the sofa the blanket was on the stairs. She had a nice set of tits. Big round with perky nipples. Her pussy was well shaven. It was obvious that age and gravity hadn't caught up with her yet."what do you think?" "you're beautiful Mrs. R." "there's no need to be formal call me Marilyn." "alright Marilyn what would you like to do now?" "first I want you to suck my nipples." I massaged her tits while sucking and nibbling on her nipples. "MMMMMMMM that feels good." I then started to kiss her body. She spread her legs inviting me to lick,suck,and nibble on her clit. "OH MY you're very talented with your tongue." then I slipped my tongue into her dripping wet hole. "OH SHIT! MAKE ME CUM!" she came as she said that. Marilyn sat up and took my clothes off of me. "oh my you've grown into a big man." before I could say anything, her lips were wrapped around my dick. She took all 11" right to the hilt. Marilyn was expert when it came to deep throating a large dick. "cum in my mouth darling." I came right after she said that. "Mmmmmmmm that tastes wonderful darling. Show me what you can do with that massive dick of yours." I climbed on top of her and slid my dick deep inside her dripping wet pussy. She was so tight. "OH MY FUCKING GOD IT'S TOO BIG! YOU'RE STRETCHING MY PUSSY!" she screamed. I just kept pounding that tight pussy of hers. "YES DARLING FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME! HARDER DARLING HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER FUCK ME HARDER FUCK ME HARDER FUCK ME HARDER!" she yelled. "Who's the King here?" "YOU ARE MY KING! YOU ARE! I'M YOUR SERVANT, YOUR SLAVE, YOUR WHORE. I'LL BE WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO BE MY KING! HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME! YOU CAN FUCK ME WHEN YOU LIKE AND WHEREVER YOU LIKE MY KING!" Just as she said that I started to cum. "YES MY KING FILL ME UP WITH YOUR WARM CUM! FILL ME UP,FILL ME UP,FILL ME UP,FILL ME UP!" I came until her pussy was overflowing with my warm cum. When we finally finished both of us fell asl**p with my dick still deep inside her pussy.
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10 months ago
Is not English. I read and write with traslator.

His story is hot and exciting.
I lose because of traslator details.
I encourage you to continue writing.
To make the story hotter, provide details on the age of the lady and hers. Say if you are married too. Say if she tells you that you fucks much better than her husband ...

Best regards and Finger Up spirit of sharing (◦'⌣'◦)
10 months ago
very nice story.
11 months ago
very nice
11 months ago
Very hot indeed,,sure would love to see some pics of this lady..mmmmm:-) :-) :-) thanks