My Sister's best friend (fiction)

My s****r's friends have always been able to stay with me when things aren't going well with their boyfriends and/or husbands. They've always seen me as a big b*****r. My s****r and her friends were in their twenties and I'm in my mid-thirties. Anyway one night Kristina came to my house with tears in her eyes. I suspected that she and her boyfriend had gotten into a major fight so I invited her in. "Kristina what happened?" "Carlos and I got into a fight because I wasn't home when he got there." "He does know that you're working right." "He does but he wants me to drop everything and be at his beck and call. I can't do that and pay the bills." "tell you what. Why don't you stay here with me until you get everything worked out." "thanks TJ you're a lifesaver." "no problem.the guest room is ready, and you know where the towels are." I knew that she was going to be here awhile but I didn't mind. That's what big b*****rs do. I went to bed after I was sure that she was alright. I know that she likes to watch me change clothes. I was sound asl**p when Kristina came into my room. She got my attention when she started sucking my dick. Something she did very well. "T.J. I just wanted to show my gratitude for your letting me stay here." She sucked my dick until I came hard in her mouth. "Big b*****r I have been waiting to do this for a long time." "Really." "yes really I just had to get around your s****r to do this. I want you to fuck me with that massive dick of yours." She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. I slid my dick deep inside her dripping wet pussy. "YES GIVE IT TO ME BIG DADDY GIVE IT TO ME!" she screamed. I fucked her slowly so she could feel every inch of my dick sliding deep inside her dripping wet hole. "HARDER BIG DADDY HARDER! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! MAKE ME CUM!MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM!" she squealed. I fucked her so hard that she started shaking when her orgasms hit her. "YES BIG DADDY TREAT ME LIKE YOUR SLUT! I'M YOUR SLUT! I PROMISE TO BE A GOOD LITTLE SLUT AND DO WHATEVER YOU WISH OF ME!" "I'm CUMMING my little slut!" "FILL THIS PUSSY UP BIG DADDY!FILL THIS PUSSY UP!" I came until her pussy was overflowing with my cum. "THIS PUSSY IS YOURS BIG DADDY ALL YOURS! she squealed as I pounded that tight little pussy. Kristina started sucking my dick again making me cum over and over again like she was taking a bottle. "I love sucking your dick big daddy and I will suck it everyday if you wish." "I would like that Kristina. I really would. What are you going to do about Carlos?" "I've already taken care of that. I'm not going back to him. It's over and that's that." "If you want you can move in with me." "really?" "yes really. I'll help you move in." "thank you but what about Carmen?" "Carmen has no say in who I date or have sex with." when we fell asl**p the sun was coming up and my dick was still in Kristina's mouth. I just kept CUMMING in her mouth. Lucky for us we didn't have to go to work today. She enjoyed me CUMMING in her mouth. I enjoyed nibbling on her clit and nipples. Who knew that the girl of my dreams would be my s****r's best friend.
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