Mom and Son Weekend Cont'd

Mom and Son weekend continued

Sorry for not writing sooner with the next episode enjoy and don’t forget your comments are most welcome

As Mom went onto her knees she licked the end of my cock and played with my balls then took my hard cock to the back of her throat. I pulled on her nipples to make them nice and hard she was devouring my cock. I let my mom continue and thought I will just use her mouth as a cum bucket and then we will go out to do some naughty shopping and a nice sexy lunch.

I started to buck on my mom’s mouth and she looked up at me with her eyes and she had a hand between her legs frigging her clit I was now very close to cumming and my mom could sense this and quickened her pace and I called out go on my mother slut suck my cock empty she winked at me and a came straight away right down her throat she swallowed as quick as I was cumming and didn’t spill a drop. I thought she is learning quickly to keep me pleased.

I said right get dressed remember no knickers or you will be punished she replied ok son anything for your pleasure I went and had a shower and dressed. I was downstairs and mom was still getting ready I called up and she replied almost ready I want to look my best for my son and make him horny.

I smiled at myself thinking about that. She came to the top of the stairs and started to walk down and I thought fuck me I might just have to fuck you before we go out. She had her hair tied up with red lipstick on a small black lacy top and a white linen skirt and black high heels completed the slutty look.

I said mom you look amazing she said thank you.

I replied have you kept to my instructions she replied why don’t you have a feel and find out?

I said come over her and let me feel then she smirked and walked over I ran my hand up the inside of her leg and felt her shudder as I reached her thigh and I felt her wetness between her legs and I pushed a finger inside her and made her lick it clean

I said right that’s enough lets go she replied oh but that was so nice

I said you can have some more later who knows I might finger you in public and make you cum over my hand lol

She replied you dirty bastard you would and all wouldn’t you?

Of course I would.

We jumped in the car and headed off to town she was driving so I hiked up her skirt and had my hand between her legs and played with her pussy to keep her bubbling on the way to town.

We parked easily and went into the shopping mall we went straight into a Debenhams. We went to the woman’s section and we looked at the skirts there I said right I think you should buy a mini skirt to start with and it has to be the shortest in the shop she smirked and picked out this denim one that I swear blind was the size of a belt. She tried it on and she looked amazing. We then looked at the shoes and picked some boots out knee length and stiletto high heel.
We then walked to the underwear and I said you should buy some black g string and push up bra my mom agreed hastily and picked out the smallest pair of panties that you can imagine. We paid for them and I said right time to go to the sex shop and get some toys

As we walked in there was only one other person in there looking at the porn dvds there was a woman working behind the counter who looked up and smiled at us both.
We started looking at the butt plugs and mom picked one out and I said no that is not big enough lol

She smirked and I went for a bigger one and also picked a glass dildo that would be used when I wanted my mom to pleasure herself as my mom was looking she was rubbing my cock, I told her you filthy whore wait till later and I spanked her ass quite hard so the assistant could hear she looked up and giggled.

We went to the counter and paid for the items and left the shop as we left I grabbed my mom and pushed her down an alley and bent her over I said right time for your anal pleasure and took the butt plug out of its package and pushed it up her cunt to get it lubricated then pushed it in her ass she moaned out loud. I then pulled her skirt down and said right lunchtime lets go to this quiet little pub I know.

We walked in and found a table in the corner and looked at the menu I went up to the bar and got some drinks and ordered the food as I turned round my mom had her hand between her legs and was licking her lips. I got back to the table and pushed her hand further into her pussy and told her don’t come yet you are not allowed.

Our food arrived quickly and we ate it quickly as we were both starving I whispered to her to go to the toilet and I will be there in a few minutes she smiled and said yes of course son. I got to the toilet and found my mom bent over the toilet with her ass in the air I thought right no time for pleasantries I removed the butt plug and replaced with my hardening cock and pushed in straight in one go and said to her right mother take my cock deep in your ass and I’m going to fuck you deep and hard and come inside your ass. I thrusted really deep and she pushed her hand in her mouth not to scream out loud and I continued this for 5 mins and was ready to explode I rammed it in one last time and erupted inside her I pulled my cock out and pushed the butt plug back in and said right you whore keep my spunk up your ass till we get home.

Yes son was her reply

Evening session to be cont’d

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9 months ago
keep it up.
1 year ago
short wanit! could do wit doubling in length for me
2 years ago
This guy ought to ease up some on his mother; after all she is his mother, she would please him just as well without his macho, demeaning attitude!

It's nice that his mother is being luridly exposing her defilement and degradation, i.e. no panties, shoooorrt skirt, cum running down her legs, etc.!!
2 years ago
Holy crap this series is awsome i loved reading them mmmm wish my mom let me do this
2 years ago
3 years ago
Very, very good job. Hope you keep up the good work.
3 years ago
very hot cant wait to read the next part!