Why I add People and other things


I add people that I find interesting. If they have pics and vids I wanna watch I add them. If they are a foot fetishist AND they have pics and vids I like I'll add them. Sexy women are a no brainer, duh U add women and couple that are sexy to me. I don't care about someones sexual orientation I'll add who ever I think is a cool person. but I will not add someone with nothing on their page. Sorry but why would i do that? I don't chat or cam. I'm not saying that I don't want to or that I will not. but I do not seek it out. I'm a really laid back person, I like to see people live their lives on their terms. However I do not like nor do I condone people being sexist racist ageist or any ist that singles out a group specifically for harm. I add people that want to be added. If I get nothing from your page that tell me not to add you then if I like you.... I add you. I'm not seeking a million friends but things can snowball fast. I don't know how many friends I have on here but I have added them all because I saw something on their profile I like, maybe a video I saw and I'll try to add the person that posted it if they not tripping. I figure if you post a pic or vid you WANT it to be seen. there are all kind of sites where you can out a vid or pic on and limit who can see it. That is not this place. I don't think. This is the most human sites I have seen. people exploring their sexualities and show others that my have similiar desires.

Say for intense, I post foot pics and vids. I want people to see them and possibly get turned on relieve some stress. maybe comment about how much they like it and all that good stuff. If it is not their cup o tea then they can click some where else. LIKE T.V. turn the channel if you don't like it.

I don't want to turn this into a rant. So in short, I see a lot about people complaining about adding certain people of a certain gender and sexual orientation. WOW! So it's perfectly alright to be negative about someone sexual orientation as along as it is not yours? You want sexual freedom but no one else... right. that's equal.


EVERYONE on here wants to stick something in someone or have someone stick something in them. man or woman. Okay.

EVERYONE on here want to lick, suck, nibble, munch, slobber, pinch, poke, hit , squezze, milk, and or rub on someone else body parts. as well as having that done to them

So if you can open your mouth, ass, pussy, and pee pee hole for whatever sexual pleasure you like. then you can open you mind to people of a sexual orientation.

Gawd you don't have to sl**p with them. share the videos share the picture. the only people that should not have the right to see your pics and vids on your page, are the dickheads and asshole that have no respect, no avatar pic, no pics, or vids on their profile, message you like crazy for camming and chatting.

See I'll block ANY one if they annoy me. but that has'nt happened yet "knock on wood" For the most part people are cool. I find it troubling that people won't add people who don't have pics of their face on here. HEY IDIOT!!! some of us don't want to lose our job or get kicked out of school. What are you from another planet. You know GD well people get fucked with in the work life because of shit they do in their private life. People are PETTY!!
Look at the coach dude ryan or whatever. I saw that video more that TWO. count'em 2 years ago. So I'm guessing some hater came across it recognized his voice or wife and boom there you go. The Hater storm starts.

So I see it as people that say they will not add someone because they do not have a pic of their face on their profile, work for big b*****r, or are them selves company owners that wanna fuck up people lives. If I did not work with the public and was self employed I'd have face pics on here. But I think that is WHY Xhamster is so popular. The anonymity of the site. So I hope this... I don't... Rant helps if you are wondering

Do No Harm

100% (5/0)
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2 years ago
This man should be one of the people running this site,it could not be in safer hands!
3 years ago
i like your attitude and think you are right

3 years ago
Actually it's my mistake. it's my first story/blog post. I'm sure I put it in the wrong place.
3 years ago

About the remark right below by Pete:
every story needs labels and blogs get
lots less readers :-(
3 years ago
All well put and I agree with pretty much everything, but don't see how this is a story let alone Fetish, First Time, Voyeur (LOL). Really more of a Blog. But whatever all power to you Arkane28.
3 years ago
Bravo, I worship your established religion :)
3 years ago
Brilliant just fucking Brilliant I could not have wrote that better it was in my mind all the time but you put it out to the World we are all the same, we are all different, young, old, gay straight, black, white the list is endless.
Great piece of thoughtful writing.
Thanks for posting and Welcome to xhamster.