My First Time with my First Girlfriend

Hey Friends, This a story i created, when i was in Flight and getting bored...!!
So Enjoy

I’m here to share my first sex story which happened to me last month with my friend Charu (my school friend). First of all let me tell u about me I’m a guy with height 5? 9? and my tool is 7 inches long. I’m a smart guy and all I’m athletic build.

when I was in school in 10th grade/class I got to know about sex and porn and from their on I was very eager to have sex. so as the time passed this girl Charu took admission in our class and by the time we become friends and after 10. I got selected in polytechnic college and I got out of my school life I got cut off with my school mates and new friends were their waiting for me to came so in college life

I used to fantasize girl with me and I was getting out of control. I badly needed a girl so as I finished with my engineering and came back home. Next day I went to the market it was raining so I took my car with me and went towards the market and on the way I saw my friend Charu. (Let me tell you about her she was 5? 5?inches her figure is 34 28 34 she was fair any boy would like to have her on his bed.)

Friends I was very happy to see her and same reply was from her. So I asked her that where was she going. she said that I’m going to market to buy some cloths and she asked me to come with her. I was very happy at that time and I went along with her. On the way to market I asked her what was she doing these days. Then I got to know that she is doing engineering in electronics and communication engineering.

She used to stay in the hostel with one room mate. So at first we went to the restaurant and had coffee and then we purchased some cloths for her. At the end she asked for my number and I gave but I did not asked for her number and next day I went to give interview in a collage and got selected their and I was so happy at that time and a call from unknown number came to me, basically I do not pick up the unknown number but at that time, I was happy and I answered the call and on the other side it was Charu. She was scared and I asked her what happened. she said that someone was following her and asked me to meet her. I asked her to wait, I pulled up my speed and within 1 hour I reached her place. She was laughing at me and she said that she was just checking that I was cared about her or not. In my mind I thought lets react with anger to her and I said that never call me and never talk to me. And I get out of there and went to my home.

She was calling me and I was not responding to her calls so after 10 days I got her call again and I pick up her call and she said- I love you. I was shocked to hear this and I was in very much joy she asked me to meet her. so I dressed up and went to the park where she called me. I told her that today I have to join my college and have to see a room & I was in hurry and asked her to come & meet me. I found a room near by her college

And asked her to came and lets talk. she came to me saying various lies at her home as she was planning to stay the night with me. when she reached I hugged her and kissed her on her cheeks.This was the first time I was kissing her cheeks. I welcomed her in and prepared tea for her. she said that she would stay with me tonight. Friends, I was so happy to hear this and again I hugged her and she said that I love you ,since our school days, But I didnt had guts to approach you nd say that. while she was saying this I planted a kiss on her lips. Initially, she got back and refused but as to my second attempt she was also replying me and then we smooched for 10 mins. Then I put up on my bed and I was kissing her very passionately. she was also getting in the mood now and she starting behaving naughty then I started removing her clothes. Now she was in her bra and panty & was feeling shy, trying to cover herself.

I also removed my clothes to make her comfortable saying that we're equal now. Stood in the underwear in front of her. My tool was erected and she saw it and commented- you have a big penis. I was excited to experience the best thing in world. Then I again kissed her wildly and removed her bra and I started caressing her boobs and she was moaning (mmmmmmmmmm). I licked her nipples and started sucking them. At this time my cock had become very hard and while sucking her boobs I took my hands on her pussy. She was moaning very loudly.

It was our first sex so I removed my underwear and her panty. we both were naked in front of each other then I started licking her pussy and fingering her. she was moaning in pleasure. Aftr 10 mins she come to her climax and I threw all her juice in wash basin. C'mon it was the 1st time i tasted, nd was shocked so i did it.....
she took her hand and started playing with my tool and she took it in her mouth

I cannot explain my joy at that time and she was sucking me with so enthusiasm and after 15 mins I asked her to stop as I was about to cum but she didn't, instead she speeded up and I came in her mouth. She licked a bit of my cum and spitted the remaining in wash basin. After that she rested on my body and took out a chocolate out of her bag and we ate it together while kissing each other. she also applied some chocolate on my tool and started sucking it again. I again got an erection and I held her and made her lie on the bed I took a pillow And placed it below her Ass. I started rubbing my cock on her pussy. she was moaning, I inserted my top part of my tool in her pussy and she screamed in pain. I Kissed her to make her stop screaming. But she started crying. I was holding my position and I told her that it will pain for some time but after that she will enjoy this. So I started again applying f***e and my half cock was in her pussy and I kissed her and applied full f***e.

My tool got fully inserted she tried to shout but she was not able to because I was kissing her. I rested on her body & after 5 mins her pain got reduced and I started stroking her. now she was also enjoying and moaning in pleasure (aah aah yes yes fuck me I love you yes come on fuck me badly). I started fucking her fast and she came twice. After 15 mins I was also cuming. She asked me to not cum inside her. But, I ignored and filled all her pussy with my juice. I rested on her body after that we slept for some time in that same position only with my cock in her.

An Hour later, when I got up she was in kitchen making sum coffee, naked.
That night I fucked her all the way and all the night. We both slept at 6:3 in the morning.

Thanks for reading my story and please reply me weather it is bad or good reply must please friends.
Love you all
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