Grace 10 – Graduation (2-4)

The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, rough sex, light bdsm and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 10 – Graduation (2-4)

(Uni student Grace Worthington graduates, gets flogged, exposes herself to her parents and fellow students, and inspires her friend)


Two days later she entered the ornate University Hall for her graduation ceremony.

That day was a memorable one. It was the culmination of many years of hard work, of personal and f****y sacrifice and as such recognized by the wider academic community, business- and government officials.

The 700-strong audience was made up of students’ relatives, academic mentors, professors, representatives of major international corporations and officials from the local council and department of education.

The historical University Hall had hosted these ceremonies for the past 100 years as it did today. After the speeches of several dignitaries the graduates appeared on the podium one by one to collect their degrees. The Honors Degrees in Biotechnology were left for last. Grace Worthington belonged to the last four university graduates to collect her degree. The Chairman of the University Board and her professors praised her work ethic, her intelligence, the quality of her science papers and her dedication to her academic field, resulting in her graduating with honors. As Grace entered the podium under sustained applause she looked at her parents and friends who were wildly clapping and beaming with pride. She had always been her parents’ great hope and her achievement represented a milestone for her and her f****y.

After the ceremony there was an opportunity to mingle and reflect. Grace received several offers from leading bioscience organizations to be employed as a researcher. As a 22-year old she decided to first take a year off and then consider her options.

That afternoon she and her parents packed her belongings and vacated her room at the dorm. Irene (Grace-9, the photographer who shoots for magazines and websites) had agreed to host an exclusive evening soiree at The Estate’s recently renovated ballroom in honor of Grace’s graduation. Around 60 guests would attend, mainly f****y, friends, fellow students from the area and a few of Irene’s acquaintances.

In the evening, around 8.30pm, the car of Grace and her parents turned into The Estate’s long driveway. The functions’ dress code was strictly evening attire. Her father wore a tuxedo, while she and her mother were dressed in silver and black. Grace’s straight dress was entirely silver, reaching just above her knees. Her pearl earrings were hiding under her shoulder length blond hair. She wore a matching silver bracelet and black shoes to complement the look.

The soiree was well underway as Grace and her parents entered the ballroom under loud applause. Irene and The Estate owners, Roger and Jean, had done a stellar job in renovating the large space. The ambiance was elegant with new dark timber flooring, classic light beige walls covered with French paintings and a few ornate mirrors. One mirror, on one of the long sides of the ballroom, was a new addition and enormous in size. It measured around 3.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. Its gold frame was in an ornate old French style and looked straight out of a French Chateau. The owners had decided for soft French wall lights, complementing the main chandeliers. For this occasion, different large baroque lounges with small teak tables were s**ttered throughout the ballroom, creating an intimate atmosphere where guests could mingle and dance to the music of a string quartet. Irene, Roger and Jean were perfect hosts as Grace and her parents mingled with f****y and friends and enjoyed the exquisite finger food and champagne.

Grace saw Elizabeth Montgomery on the other side of the room who lived as a local just 20km away from The Estate. She met up with Irene who was in conversation with two of her friends from, as it turned out, Brazil. “Ahhh…Grace, perfect timing.” Irene pulled her over to introduce her to an attractive South American couple. Both were in their mid thirties, dark skinned, slim with black hair and were elegantly dressed for the occasion. The woman was her height, had a slightly masculine face and short haircut with small twisting curls. “Grace, meet Mike dos Silva and his wife Celia. They’re people I shoot material for every now and then.”

As Grace shook their hands an alarm went off within her brain. She knew what kind of material Irene referred to and that these people might have seen her on the website or in a magazine (Grace-9). Her worst fears came true when she shook Celia’s hand. “Hi Grace, nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard, and ehhh… seen… so much of you.” She looked at her not knowing what to say as Celia came closer to a blushing Grace and whispered; “It’s great to see you in person. You’re even more beautiful then I expected. I see you’re not only academically gifted but also in…ehhh…other areas…I really enjoyed watching you…” Grace noticed Celia’s brooding eyes and seductive smile as her fingers ran up her arm.

Irene looked at Grace’s predicament with bemusement. She came closer, looked at Mike and Celia and said; “Relax Grace. Mike and Celia have seen you on the site and were very impressed indeed. Don’t worry. We’ll all be very discreet. I have by the way something planned for you…later tonight. Soo…” She paused and looked Grace straight in the eye; “don’t go away…”

Grace saw Irene’s mischievous smile.

“…Planned for you later tonight…”

As she left to mingle with other guests Irene’s words echoed through her mind. They unsettled and aroused her at the same time.

She met up with Elizabeth Montgomery on the other side of the ballroom. Elizabeth had been in conversation with her parents while watching her from a distance and noticed Celia’s whispering and touching. It were little gestures but, to her, significant.

“Say Grace, I saw you over there in conversation. Who are these people? Do you know them?” “No”, Grace replied. “They’re friends of Irene. She is a photographer. Her studio is in another part of this building. She does occasional work for them.” Elizabeth was curious and wanted to know more. “What kind of photography does she do Grace?”

Grace hesitated, then moved closer to Liz and said with a soft voice: “She does work with models. She’s a professional and constantly looking for new girls. She…ehhh…does mainly…how shall I describe it…adult work…” Grace locked eyes with Liz. She saw the shock and bewilderment in her eyes. “Do you mean…she shoots porn?” Liz whispered the last words to Grace who just slightly nodded.

Elizabeth came closer: “Jeez Grace, are you sure, how do you know… did she..?” Suddenly her eyes grew large. She looked straight at Grace; “Did you…oh my god… you did?” Nothing needed to be said. The look on Grace’s face gave her the answer. She was shocked, confused and highly aroused at the same time.

Grace turned away as Elizabeth’s parents came over. A million thoughts ran through Liz’s mind. She visualized Grace naked, having sex in front of Irene’s camera. God it was such a turn-on.

It was just after 10pm when Irene found Grace in deep conversation with her parents. The soiree was still in full swing with guests dancing and enjoying themselves. “Ahhh.., here you are Grace,” Irene said as she inserted herself into the conversation and turned to her parents. “I’m sorry to cut in but I have to borrow your daughter for a while. I need to introduce her to a few people…” Irene coaxed Grace away towards the middle of the ballroom and pointed at the large mirror.

“You see that mirror Grace?” she said with a mysterious smile. “Well…that mirror is more than it seems. It’s a one-way mirror. There’s a very large room behind it. You can see through it from the other side. Behind the mirror is double glass, it’s a sound proof room.” Grace looked at Irene in astonishment; “You mean…oh my goodness, that’s amazing.”

Irene came closer to Grace. With a soft voice she said: “Mike and Celia are already behind there… They’re waiting for you. Her voice came closer to Grace’s ear; “They…eh…need to taste your body, Grace…” Grace blushed and looked at her, shocked. She didn’t know what to think. Irene’s words aroused her in a uncomfortable, nervous way. She tried to protest but knew Irene would see through that.

“Oh my god,” Grace whispered breathlessly. “Irene, not on my graduation evening, not here, in front of my parents and fellow students. I don’t even know Mike and Celia; I just met them 45 minutes ago. They’re total strangers to me…”

Irene smiled: “Hmmm…maybe that’s all the more reason to do it, Grace. I guess I’ll you in the hallway over there in five minutes…”

(continue part 3-4)

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