Grace 4-French Ecstasy

The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of d**g use, group sex and graphic language. It is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 4-French Ecstasy
(Grace Worthington enjoys wild orgies in a French chateau)

The mid-year exam results were in. Grace hurried down the Uni corridors towards to administrative department where the results were pinned on the announcement board. Her finger ran down the list. She found her scores. Above average was the verdict. Acceptable but she knew she had to improve to make it to the next year. Excited, she called her mum to share the news.

It had been a difficult six months for her. She felt restless and didn’t sl**p well. Hot images of her groupsex experience with that client in the city (part 3) just wouldn’t go away.

She went to the cafeteria, ordered a juice and contemplated her situation. What had happened to her? Until the beginning of the year she had been this average girl with only three (ex-) boyfriends. She focused on her studies, went out on Friday night but nothing wild. She knew she was too body confident. She knew it was easy to take your clothes off when you looked as tanned, slim and hard-bodied as she did.

That day at the beach changed everything (part 1). She exposed herself to that couple. Shockingly, they turned out to be friends with her parents. She knew that encounter could ruin her life. A secret that weighted heavily on her shoulders. The city client experience showed her a whole new exciting world. A world she was eager to explore. That was two months ago. Just thinking about it still aroused her and made her squeeze her legs together. She had to get it off her mind. Next week the holidays started. She would travel, visit friends and try to forget about it all.

Two weeks later a text from Alex (Who is Alex? part 1) threw that all in disarray.
She was at her parent’s home and planning to travel abroad in the next few days. Everything was arranged when she read the sms on her phone. Alex wanted to see her. She was coming over within the hour. She nervously sent a confirmation.

She arrived and exchanged pleasantries with Grace and her parents. Grace found time alone with her. She told her about a client who lived in a mansion just outside Paris. He was throwing a huge sex party that would go well into the night. He was looking for a girl who could ‘entertain’ his many guests. It paid lots of money plus a free holiday to France. In a calculated way Alex added that about sixty guests were invited who were mostly ‘libertines’. The party was being held in a few days time. She noticed the arousal in Grace’s face. Alex knew her weakness. She didn’t need an answer. The next day Grace received an envelope with instructions, tickets and spending money.

A few days later she packed a shoulder bag and left for France. She told her mum that she went shopping in Paris. Grace was about to cream herself at the thought of what awaited her. Her mum would have been disgusted and horrified if she knew what her only daughter was getting herself into.
Grace arrived in Paris early in the evening. She caught the train to an outer suburb and found the address easily. It was a large mansion with an impressive driveway. She rang the bell and was met by a female staff member who let her in. A lot of guests in evening attire had already arrived. She mingled, drank wine and admired the stately home. It had a large hallway with rooms on both sides. At the end, she was told, was a large ballroom. The atmosphere was pleasantly warm thanks to sparse soft classic lighting. It was after 8pm. Most guests had arrived.

A large upholstered red bench stood in the middle of one of the larger rooms. It was about 1.5 meters wide, 2.5 meters long and 1 meter high. Grace admired it when a female servant asked her to follow her. They went through one of the back hallways into a small room. A girl dressed in black leather greeted her. She told Grace to take her clothes off. Grace was nervous. She new her time had come.
Slowly she started taking her clothes off while maintaining eye contact with her. The girl could see the lust in her eyes and admired her tanned body. She fitted Grace with a red studded dog collar connected to a leash. She was handed an aphrodisiac and swallowed the tablet with water. Loud rhythmic music came from the guest area. A black man entered the room. He took his clothes off and revealed his huge manhood. The girl also fitted him with a dog collar and leash. Together they slowly walked down the hallway, entering the room with the guests. Grace saw fifty eyes checking out their naked bodies. She didn’t mind. It excited her. They were all strangers to her.

She was led on to the upholstered bench. Grace moved to the front on all fours, spreading her knees and pushed her ass high up in the air. The guests surrounded the bench and had a clear view of her genitals. The girl put lubricant on her fingers and moved her hand down Grace’s body, down her back, over her bum into her crotch. Grace arched her back and pushed her muscular, small ass up a bit higher. She felt the girl’s fingers entering her between her legs. She was lubricating her holes under the watchful eyes of the crowd. Grace felt strange hands running over her body. Hands and fingers squeezed her boobs and nipples, ran down her back, penetrated her anus and pussy. Fingers delved deep and pushed open her holes. A female guest grabbed her hair and slowly planted a lingering deep kiss on her open mouth. Grace could feel her tongue deep inside her and assertively kissed her back. The black man now climbed on the bench but was still kept tight. The girl suddenly gave more leash and he immediately buried his face in between Grace’s ass cheeks. His wild tongue delved in between her pussy lips and licked all the way up her crotch, pushing into her anus. He frantically ate Grace’s crotch.

The guests watched intently, enjoying the show. She overheard some of the guests saying how they were looking forward to fucking her tonight. Grace enjoyed the wet tongue licking her, penetrating her, working her over from behind. The aphrodisiac tablet kicked in. She was horny and ready to mate. The girl gave the man more leash. He immediately mounted her. Grace arched her back and raised her head. With his hands around her waist the muscular man stabbed and pushed his large cock into her slit. Grace felt the big hot knob pushing past her pussy lips, delving deep into her abdomen. He fucked her violently for at least ten minutes. The crowd gasped and excitedly egged him on. Grace was on heat. She felt his meat rubbing her cavity walls. Hands of the guests reached out for her, groping her, rubbing her. The girl pulled the man away and strange fingers inserted themselves into her throbbing holes.

Grace’s face was bright red; she was ready for anything by now.

Females came up to the front and kissed her with wet open mouths. They grabbed her hair and f***ed their tongues into her. The man mounted her again and attacked her red dripping openings with full f***e. Grace spread her legs even further, pushing up her ass to give him maximum space to shove his hot meat deep into her. The black cock buried itself inside her to the max. She felt his hard balls banging against her pussy lips. “Fuck me hard, fuck me!” she screamed. Grace loved every bit of it. She was a public fuck toy. Suddenly the man latched tightly on to her small ass. His legs were shaking, his face contorted, he growled and with a loud scream shot his massive load of sperm into her slit. She felt the hot liquid hitting her abdomen. The stream didn’t seem to end. With every violent push another load shot into her. A minute later he released its grip. The crowd gasped, watching the man’s long wet cock slowly exiting Grace’s body. The red knob appeared, still shooting small strands of cum, which splashed against Grace’s crotch.

Many of the guests now slowly disappeared. The man joined them in one of the other rooms.
Grace, still on a leash, left the bench and slowly walked with the girl to the end of the hallway. She heard thumping music and moans coming from the ballroom. She was red hot and felt throbbing wetness and itching between her legs. Some of the man’s sperm still dripped out of her pussy.
The ballroom space was sparsely lit with only a few lamps. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She let out a gasp and almost creamed herself. She saw five large round upholstered beds in the room. Groups of semi-undressed and naked people were involved in groupsex. Others walked in between the padded podiums and watched the frantic fucking. The sound of moans mixed with the loud beat of the music. Her brain stopped functioning. She was so turned on. This was her first orgy. This was what she had been thinking about for all those months. A burning feeling between her legs, whether she masturbated at night or tried to study during the day.

The girl pulled the leash and pointed to the piles of bodies fucking wildly. She told her they were there for her and to mate with all of them.

She led Grace slowly in between the podiums. The fucking she watched was intense. There were piles of bodies. It was hard to distinguish what belonged to whom. The girl had taken off the leash and watched it all from a distance. Grace slowly went close to one of the podiums. Two men, standing nearby, watched how she squatted slightly and couldn’t stop fingering herself. Grace turned to the men, stood naked in front of them and frantically rubbed her crotch, squeezing her boobs, while intently staring at them. A hand reached out from one of the piles and went between her legs. Fingers went into her. She moved towards the podium presenting her dripping slit. Many hands now groped her. She moaned and slowly moved onto the podium. Hands caressed her body as she moved to the middle of the group. A man went under her sliding his cock into her pussy. A girl sat on the man’s face and kissed Grace with open mouth pushing her tongue inside. Simultaneously a stranger took her from behind in her anus. Grace didn’t turn to see who it was. It was irrelevant. She wanted to fuck strangers. Her face was flushed. Her eyes glazed. The aphrodisiacs made her go wild with lust. Her openings were wet, pink and swollen. The cocks pulled out and hot sperm splashed against her crotch, dripping off her pussy lips, running around and into her holes.

Of the people who watched her fuck, Grace saw how the two men and the woman were staring at her. They were intently watching Grace’s supple body and were clearly on heat. Grace knew they were the next to take her. She positioned her self on the edge of the podium and spread her legs wide, offering them a detailed view of her red genitals. She winked to them to ‘come and get it’, threw back her head and licked her lips. The men slowly took off their trousers. Grace noticed their bulging hard cocks. The woman admired Grace’s muscular hard body and also slowly stripped. They moved onto the podium. Grace went on her back, her legs spread impossibly wide. The woman buried her tongue deep inside her mouth while shoving two fingers into Grace’s gaping pussy. She moved her crotch over Grace’s face offering her neatly trimmed slit to her. While Grace’s face buried itself deep inside the woman’s red hole, hands ran down between her ass cheeks, pushing them apart. The two men took turns pushing their cocks into her slit and her anus. She felt the hot meat throbbing inside her. Grace was red-hot and latched on to the woman’s clit, eating her ferociously. Hot juices filled her mouth. She couldn’t get enough of this. The cocks delved deeper into her, then pulled out, spraying hot sperm all over her red holes. Grace left the woman’s crotch, sucked her nipples and roughly assaulted her open mouth with hers, French-kissing her furiously. While she was riding the cock of yet another stranger she looked around the room. Bodies moved all around her. The smell of sperm and sweat filled the room.

Voyeurs stood around her group, getting themselves off by watching her fuck. Grace felt incredible. The whole situation felt like an impossible wet dream. She wanted to give all of them a hot show and changed positions. While she was riding someone’s hot cock she leaned backwards resting on her arms stretched out behind her. She spread her legs and moved her hips up and down giving onlookers a detailed view of the massive cock sliding in and out of her red swollen pussy. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. She loved being watched, showing off what she had between her legs. Hands ran up and down her chest, lips sucked her firm tits. She was fuck meat and loving it.

The man underneath her pulled out his throbbing cock and onlookers watched how large strands of milky hot cum shot out of his red dickhead and landed on her stomach and chest. The stream of sperm splattering on the front of her body didn’t seem to end. That drove Grace over the edge. Onlookers saw her shudder as she came with a scream, liquid spraying out of her fuck hole. She slumped on her back with her legs wide open, smearing the hot seamen all over her body. Immediately a new girl mounted her and pushed her slit in her face. She buried her head between Grace’s legs. Fingers pushed open her swollen pussy, lips latched on to her highly sensitive clit.

Grace pushed her head in between the woman’s slim legs and frantically licked her crotch. A cock appeared above her and pushed into the woman’s anal canal. A few minutes later she saw the shaft tremble. It pulled out and loads of sperm shot against the woman’s crotch running into Grace’s mouth.
Grace moved slowly between podiums, watching, rubbing her clit while slightly squatting, white sperm running out of her holes down her legs. Other onlookers groped her, pushing their fingers inside her asshole, feeling her in her crotch. Grace grabbed some of the men’s hard cocks, jerking them off while watching the frantic fucking. She felt the men tremble, hot sperm shooting over the pile of bodies in front of them. She moved to another podium. While watching, a man positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock up her anus. She arched her back as he wildly fucked her ass while squeezing her small boobs. She heard his deep groans, noticed him latching onto her small tight ass and suddenly felt his hot juice shooting up her anal canal. For Grace, this was the best thing ever. She fully immersed herself in the large groups, fucking with everybody like crazy.

It was midnight. The girl, who had Grace on the leash during her first mating, entered the orgy room. She was still dressed in leather and was slowly going from podium to podium, watching the frantic piles of flesh. She had not been allowed to join in. Her genitals were burning between her legs. It almost drove her insane.

She slowly walked over to the next podium and spotted Grace in the middle of around fifteen wildly fucking bodies. Many voyeurs were masturbating around the group. Almost every few minutes one of them was shooting his sperm onto the glistening pile of bodies. She watched Grace lying on her back, legs spread wide, deep–kissing a girl. Another girl was squeezing her tits and working her nipples while an African man was pumping his long cock into her bright red, dripping hole. She arched her back as her pelvis counter-fucked his long hard meat. The girl watched it and slowly started to take her clothes of. The sight of all this was too much for her. She now watched Grace naked, her hands rubbing between her legs. The black man grunted loudly, pulled out his cock and shot his liquid over Grace’s stomach and tits. One of the girls smeared the white sticky substance all over Grace’s body.
The girl watching the podium caught Grace’s glazed eyes. She winked the black guy, showed Grace a leash and ordered both of them to leave the group. Grace slowly crawled on all fours over bodies to the edge of the podium. The girl attached the leash to Grace’s red dog collar. She stood up next to the girl and the black man. All three were naked. Grace looked disheveled, her skin smeared with dried sperm. She was still taking in the incredible scenes around her while frantically fingering her slit, when they left the orgy room and slowly walked down the long hallway.

Grace was led through a small side door down a flight of stairs into the basement. At the end of a dark corridor was a dimly lit very large room. She heard the sound of a pulsating beat mixed with moans and squeals. A large crowd was watching something. The girl slowly led Grace to the front. What she then saw shocked and excited her at the same time.

She stood in front of a large glass wall. Behind the wall was an area covered in cream bathroom tiles with padding on the floor. It was steamy behind the glass. Naked bodies, two deep, covered in oil and sweat, moved through each other like a mass of worms. It was impossible to count them. Naked people entered the room and were gradually being pulled under by a sea of groping hands. Every now and then a body would crawl up against the glass, only to be pulled back by many hands into the raging oily mass of meat. She saw everybody penetrating everybody in every possible hole. The oil lubricated everything. They were not people anymore. All were reduced to being holes and meat.

This was too much for Grace. Her skin crawled. She ran her hands over her breasts, her face, through her hair. Moisture dripped from between her wobbly legs. Her sperm coated body screamed for this. Her carnal desires were about to overwhelm her. The girl read Grace’s mood, took off the leash and gave her two tablets to swallow. One an aphrodisiac, the other was exstasy to give her energy for the next frantic hours. Her hair was tied together with a band and the three of them went through a side door. Servants covered them in oil. They stepped into the area behind the glass into layers of wriggling bodies. Immediately many hands grabbed their legs. They slowly made way to the centre of the area near the glass in front of the crowd. The girl was the first to be pulled down. She resisted, squatting while many fingers violently pushed into her slit and anus. Her legs turned to jelly and she was slowly pulled down, disappearing under hands and bodies. Grace saw her struggle, heard her moan and scream. She saw how her stretched out arms slowly disappeared. The incessant beat drowned her out.
Grace turned towards the glass and looked straight at the crowd. She then spread her legs wide, leaned forward, planting her stretched out hands against the glass, slowly arching her back and bending her knees. The hands and fingers rapidly moved up her legs reaching into her crotch. She let out a loud moan when many fingers pushed into her stretched slit and asshole. She squatted deeper as her ass buckled and moved around, fucking these fingers. She didn’t want to come yet. She would get weak at the knees and the hands would pull her down. She kept on fucking these fingers. There were so many they were stretching her holes penetrating deep into her. All the while her wild eyes were staring through the glass at the crowd.

The black man was also still standing. His long cock was rock hard. He slowly positioned himself behind Grace and lifted her up by her thighs. She was now suspended in mid-air, her chest and face against the glass, her arms and legs spread wide. The black man positioned his cock under her pussy lips. The crowd gasped and saw close-up how he slowly pushed in his long meat, sliding up her wet, puffy red hole. Grace pushed herself slightly away from the glass and spread her legs even wider. Her feet were off the ground as that hard long cock pumped wildly in and out of her. She felt the meat rubbing in her cavity stimulating the right places. She licked her lips and stared at the crowd reveling in her being a fuck toy.

She locked eyes with every single person. They were all staring at her swollen wet genitals.
All were strange eyes for her except for one pair that she knew. A hot flush went through her body. She recognized Alex in the crowd. She was watching her mate like an a****l impaled on that massive black cock. It all slowly got too much for Grace. Her body cramped up. The crowd saw how she trembled, screamed, her red face contorted, pushed against the glass. The man increased the pace while her pussy exploded, hot liquid blasting down the shaft of the stiff rod banging wildly in to her red hole.
A minute later the black guy came. She felt the boiling sperm running up his pole. His massive cock pulled out of her slit and rubbed between her pussy lips against the glass. Hot white loads of liquid shot up splashing the glass wall. The crowd saw it run down the glass and mix with the oil and sweat of the worm-like mass. He stuck his black cock straight back into Grace. This time it slid slowly up her anal canal. She felt how the head popped through her anal ring and hot meat pushed deep inside her. The man slowly lost strength. Many hands reached up his legs, into his crotch and eventually dragging him down. With him, an overwhelmed Grace also slowly moved downwards. Her face slid down the glass wall, through the black man’s sperm. Fingers pushed into her and stretched her holes, hands rubbed all over her, squeezing her buttocks, firmly grabbing her hard tits. From behind hands reached for her shoulders, her face, her hair. Alex saw her face disappear being pushed into someone crotch before losing sight of her. The last she saw of Grace were stretched out arms and her fingers trying to hold on to the glass wall. She went under in a pulsating mass of bodies becoming just another worm, another piece of meat.

In the next hours Grace stopped being a person. Dozens of fingers, tongues and cocks f***ed themselves inside her body cavities. The oil lubricated everything. She frantically screamed, ate, licked, sucked, groped. The ecstasy kept her going. The aphrodisiac drove her insane. She had spasms continuously. Her raging orgasms didn’t solve anything. The lack of release made her skin crawl. At one point she climbed up against the glass wall. The crowd saw her screaming red face, her wild eyes and fiery red genitals. Her stretched out hands were desperately trying to hold on to something. She was pulled back by many hands and immediately covered by bodies, fingers pushing into her every hole. She became the ultimate fuck meat.

This event profoundly changed her. In the weeks that followed Grace had trouble sl**ping and concentrating. She still did well at Uni but the sounds, smells and images of all this had been imprinted in her brain. She could vividly remember every minute of the evening, night and early morning. So many people to fuck, so little time.

It created turmoil in her life. At night in her dorm room she masturbated furiously, carnal images filling her mind. Her parents were oblivious to it all. Some of her fellow students suspected something. It became all very difficult to manage.

She had long talks with Alex. The only one she could confide in. Would she be able to manage her urges?

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wow, just wow...your story is SO GOOD! it made me cum and made me desire to host one of those parties! so hot!
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wow excellent wow