Grace 8-The Estate (2 of 3)

The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, anal sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 8-The Estate (2 of 3)

(Uni Student Grace Worthington participates in a porno photo shoot and has a close call)

It was late that Saturday when Grace Worthington and her parents arrived home from the soiree. Within an hour everyone had gone to bed. Her parents were well asl**p when Grace was still thinking through the events of that day and what was awaiting her the next day at noon. Her parents were oblivious to the wild fuck parties of their daughter.

Irene told her she would be posing for photos for a Brazilian magazine. She had hired Jake, a male South American model from an agency. The shoot would take a few hours. She would be on the train back to Uni early in the evening. She would get enough sl**p for an early start on Monday morning.
A photo shoot like this had always been one of Grace’s fantasies. She had asked Irene if she could play slow ethereal rhythmic music and adjust the non-photo lighting during the shoot to create a pleasant atmosphere. In return Irene asked her not to wear underwear or eat solids until the shoot and to drink plenty of water.

It was 2pm in the morning. Grace was still awake, too excited and too nervous to go to sl**p. It was warm that night. The bedroom window was open. She was naked, lying on her bed with her legs spread wide. Her genitals were recovering from the onslaught of that evening. In a few hours she would be stark naked in front of a camera for the first time. She was restless in her sl**p that night.
It was Sunday around 10am. Grace woke up, went through the shower, put on her blue jeans and a tight white shirt, packed her bag and said goodbye to her parents. Her mum insisted she’d have breakfast but she wasn’t hungry. She lied. It had all to do with her porno shoot. She had told her mum she wouldn’t be back for another two weeks. She mentioned urgent Uni assignments and papers. It was all a lie to cover up her promiscuous behavior.

Around twelve the doorbell rang at the estate. A uniformed staff member let her in. Irene came to the front door and greeted her with a kiss on the mouth. She guided Grace into her studio and took her travel bag. Irene’s photo studio was right next to the main entrance hallway. It had high doors and windows that were covered up to guarantee privacy and exclude any light from the outside. The large clean looking space had a high ceiling and timber parquetry. Several photo light boxes shone on a meter-high very large white upholstered bench the size of a double bed. An array of Irene’s different photo cameras were stationed around two meters away from the bench giving her plenty of room to move.

Grace took it all in with growing excitement. This is how she had seen it in her fantasies. Irene put on some slow rhythmic music and dimmed the non-essential lights. Grace noticed the other people in the room. Apart from some house staff she spotted Roger, his wife Jean and a dark skinned person who was probably Jake. In all about six voyeurs were standing around, waiting to watch her fuck on the bench in front of the camera. Irene finished her setup and came over. “Grace”, she said softly, “Jake is over there. He’ll come in later. You’ll be impressed with his cock”. Irene came closer and whispered: “I can’t wait to see you stark naked on the bench fucking in front of me. I’ll turn the music a bit up for you. I want to see you hot and horny.”

The music was louder now. The studio doors had closed and Grace’s arousal had taken over from her nerves as she slowly walked barefoot past the others in the dimly lit back area of the room. This was her exhibitionist dream.

She spotted Roger and slowly approached him. “Hello Roger,” she whispered with a hoarse voice while softly squeezing her breasts through her shirt. She paused while she locked eyes with him. “What do you think I should do Roger?” she said while slowly unbuttoning her shirt. She was very close to him, staring at him with horny eyes. He smiled as his fingers ran through her hair, down the side of her face, over her chest. They slowly continued to unbutton her shirt. “I think you should take your clothes off Grace,” he slowly whispered. “I want to see you fuck and scream under the lights.” The last button went and Grace’s shirt fell to the floor exposing her small hard breasts.

She smiled and slowly moved on to lock eyes with Jean. ”Do you want to see me fuck and beg for more cock Jean?” Grace softly moaned while touching herself allover. Jean smiled. Her fingers slowly unbuttoned Grace’s jeans and pulled her zipper down. Her hand disappeared inside Grace’s pants. Grace felt Jeans’ fingers rubbing her clit. “Yeeaaahh,” Jean sighed, clearly aroused by the prospect of watching this hot girl fuck like crazy on the bench. Her fingers ran up Grace’s arm, her hand squeezed her firm breasts. “I can’t wait baby, it will be sooo hot watching you spread your legs for all of us.” Jean watched how Grace slowly took off her jeans and was stark naked. Jean groped her again in her crotch as she slowly kissed Grace on the mouth. Grace was so hot it was burning between her legs.

The music and lighting enhanced the horny atmosphere as she slowly walked toward the white bench, naked in between these voyeurs who were ogling every part of her body. Irene watched from afar as Grace stripped naked and walked around. Her camera was at the ready when Grace locked eyes with her. Both of them were horny as hell. Irene’s fingers ran through Grace’s hair, caressed her face. She kissed Grace with open mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside. “Get on the bench, spread your legs wide and be hot as fuck, Grace,” she whispered with a horny smile. Slowly Grace moved onto the white bench. Irene’s hand slipped in between Grace’s legs feeling up her crotch as she cat-like moved in front of the camera. The warmth of the lights caressed Grace’s skin. She was ready for her first porno photo shoot.

While positioning herself in front of the camera lens, she went on all fours facing away from Irene. She pushed up her ass and arched her back to give her the best view of her red-hot crotch between her small rock hard buttocks. She squatted on wide spread legs, leaning forward, arching her back, supporting herself with stretched out arms. The hard buttocks, the blond pubic hair around her red cunt lips, Grace’s opening brown arsehole button. Irene and the voyeurs had it all in full close-up. Irene started shooting frantically. Flashlights went off as Grace turned around and spread her legs wide while balancing backwards on all fours. She arched her back to the max. Her wide open legs were close to the front of the bench giving Irene with her camera a close-to-touch explicit view of Grace’s opening holes and pubic hair. “Oh, Irene,” Grace moaned aloud. “Look at me. Everyone look at what I’ve got between my legs. Oooh fuckin’ hot, I fuckin’ love it Irene.”

Irene took close-ups of Grace’s hot slit. Her flaps opened up so you could see inside. “Oh, great baby. You look fantastic. Show us all your naked arse,” Irene replied. “Now turn around. Do the same stuff, but with you facing away from me. Show me your hot ass, spread your legs wide, I want to see and smell your open cunt.” Grace turned around, went on all fours with her legs wide and her ass high up in the air. Irene kept on shooting as she captured Grace’s hard ass cheeks and light pubic hair around her slowly opening slit.

Grace loved it. She tried another position. She spread her legs wide, kneeled with one leg while balancing the other on her toe. She pushed her ass up; you could practically see inside her asshole. The idea that not only Irene but also everyone else in the room were looking at her crotch drove her mad with lust. “Oh Irene, I’m soo wet in my slit, can you see it? Soooo fuckin’ horny,” she panted.

Grace turned around and moved to the front of the bench, about a meter away from the edge. She spread her legs impossibly wide and leaned backwards, supporting herself with one arm. She began to frantically masturbate, rubbing her clit and opening her slit right in front of Irene’s camera. The lens made her incredibly horny. “Look at me Irene. Look at me. All of you look at me fingering myself. Look in between my legs,” she said while moaning with pleasure, pushing up her chest, throwing her head back. Irene was with her lens almost inside Grace’s burning crotch. She lowered her camera and inserted two fingers into Grace’s hot pussy. Grace bucked her hips up and down and rode those fingers panting and moaning loudly. She looked at Irene with glazed eyes, whispering “fuck meeeee,” before throwing her head backwards again. Irene knew that look.

She gestured to a naked Jake who got the hint. Grace felt a hand moving from her stomach to her tits, firmly rubbing and squeezing her hard boobs and chest. She knew who it was and kept on fingering herself. She was terribly horny and her mind too clouded. She saw Jake’s long hard dark cock close to her mouth. The big red wet knob rode her lips, a perfect close-up for Irene, before it pushed deep into Grace’s mouth. She sucked it frantically. “Oh fuck,” she moaned; “I love it, love it, love it.”

Irene gestured to Jake to go on his back close to the front of the bench with his legs spread. Grace got the idea and positioned herself above Jake with her back to Irene, squatting with her legs wide, bending over forward. Flashlights went off as she arched her back, pushed up her ass and very slowly impaled her slit on that dark long wet cock. “Look Irene. Look how his cock is pushing into my wet slit.” Grace moaned. Irene saw through her lens how Jake’s wet knob pushed into Grace’s red swollen vagina. Blond pubic hair contrasted with the long dark meat that slowly pushed inside of her. Grace upped the tempo. Irene saw close-up how wildly Jake’s meat plowed into Grace’s dripping slit. Irene knew Grace needed relief and let her fuck, ready for her to squirt. It didn’t take long. Grace’s moaning got louder, she grunted and squealed. Her body contorted. “Oh fuck Irene, Oh fuck, I’m going to cummmm! I’m going to spray!” Irene shot continuously as she saw through her lens how Grace had spasms, stiffened up as liquid shot repeatedly out of her slit running down along the shaft of the dark meat pumping wildly into her. These pictures would be dynamite!

Irene ordered a position change. Grace was a mess and still trembling when she and Jake were ordered to turn their backs to the camera. Grace was on her hands and knees with her legs spread as wide as she could, pushing up her arse. Jake stood over her, legs spread wide. While squatting he impaled his long dark cock vertically into Grace’s arsehole. The voyeurs and Irene had a close-up view of how his red dickhead pushed past her anal ring. The long dark meat was gradually disappearing through Grace’s anal opening inside her body. Grace felt Jake’s cock rubbing deep inside her anal canal. “Fuckin’ hell, it goes sooo fuckin’ deep,” she panted while moaning. “Watch my arsehole, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh God Irene, I’m loving this!” Jake started to pick up the pace and virtually plowed his long dark meat into her body. His balls were slapping against Grace’s crotch, his long dick entirely disappearing into Grace. “Your crotch is looking great Grace,” Irene said while flashlights were going off everywhere. She shot continuously as not to miss anything of this carnal mayhem.

“Harder Jake, fuck her hole harder. Open your ass cheeks wider, Grace.” Irene egged both of them on from behind her camera, with a close-up of Jake’s dark meat plowing into Grace’s wide-open red anus only a meter away from her lens. Both were panting, squealing, moaning. She saw how juice slowly dripped out of Grace’s open slit. That’s how completely worked up Grace was. She wanted to touch it, lick it, finger it, but making the shots was more important right now. Her time would come when she would eat Grace’s meat.

A staff member entered the studio silently, was startled by the incredible porno scene under the photo lights, then went to Roger and whispered something in his ear. Roger quickly hurried out of the studio, closed the door and went down the hall next to the studio, to the front entrance. A visitor had arrived and waited outside at the door.

It was Grace’s mother.

Roger was for a moment perplexed by the situation. She greeted him but he didn’t hear what she was saying. His mind was still in the room next door where Grace was fucking herself raw in front of the camera and horny voyeurs. Roger finally gained his composure. Grace’s mother didn’t know what her daughter did on the other side of the wall. On this side you could only hear the beat of the music. Thank god the studio door was closed and the windows covered properly.

“How are you today,” Roger stammered unconvincingly. “eh, everything alright Roger, you seem a bit distracted,” Grace’s mother replied. “Uhh, yes, oh well,” Roger said. “Just the usual, trying to run the estate, pay the bills. You know how it is. What can I do for you?” He was back on track and determined to deal with the situation.

“Oh, I just dropped in because I forgot my purse yesterday evening. I guess I’d probably just left it in your cloakroom. Was a great evening by the way,” Grace’s mother said.

Together they walked down the hallway around the corner past the studio. The loud music could be clearly heard through the closed door.

“God, what a loud music Roger; what going on in there?” Grace’s mother asked. “Oh, Irene has one of her photo sessions with a model,” Roger replied. “Oh, how exciting,” Grace’s mother said. “Could we have look Roger? Would she mind if we watched her at work?”

“I’m afraid that would be out of the question. She would definitely mind. She works closely with her models to get the best out of them. It’s all concentration and a flow of the creative juices,” Roger replied. “Oh well,” Grace’s mother said. “Maybe we can see the pictures later on.”

“Yes, ehhh well…maybe.” Roger imagine Grace’s mother seeing these kind of pictures of her naked daughter; not good.

Roger accompanied Grace’s mother as they walked past the taped off windows while Grace, facing Irene and stark naked on the other side, was slowly impaled herself onto Jake’s long dark wet cock with her legs spread impossibly wide. Cameras clicked and lights flashed as she leaned backward resting on her hands behind her while sliding that hot meat in and out of her swollen wet slit, only a meter away from Irene’s lens. Irene shot wide shots as Grace paused and seductively opened her mouth while closing her eyes, accentuating her horniness. Irene shot close-ups of Jake’s big red knob pushing slowly in between Grace’s bright-red pussy lips, the dark meat contrasting with her tanned skin and short blond pubic hair.

Roger found the purse in the cloakroom and let Grace’s mother out, just as Jake was slowly pushing his cock vertically into her daughter’s anus.

Roger opened the door to the studio, just in time to witness the wild anal fucking taking place under the bright lights in front of Irene’s camera. She was running around the white bench, shooting continuously as not to miss anything of the hot action. Grace’s mum heard the beat of the music but not the hot moaning and grunting sounds of her naked daughter Grace, who, in front of the voyeurs and Irene, got lost in the wild, relentless anal fucking.

Irene saw through her lens how Grace’s anal ring was red swollen while Jake’s hard dark cock was violently pumping into her small tanned arse. Grace’s legs were spread wide. Irene saw her blond pubic hair as a short bush hanging around her red open slit. Jake’s fucking had an effect. Everybody in the room could now see straight down into Grace’s slit. Her pussy lips were hanging raw on either side.

Jake indicated he was about to come. Grace knew what to do. Jake pulled his long meat out of Grace’s arse, his big red knob popping past Grace’s red anal ring. While he furiously wanked himself, Grace turned around and went on her back under an angle to Irene. She spread her legs wide and arched her back, resting on her elbows behind her. She threw her head back and opened her mouth as Jake came. Her tanned skin highlighted the large strands of hot white sperm that shot over her face, tits and flat, tanned stomach. Lines of it were running down in between her widespread legs, mixing with her pubic hair and dripping down the sore lips of her wide-open slit.

Irene couldn’t get enough of this situation and kept on shooting close and wide. She would recommend this shot as a double page feature. Thousands of readers would be able to see all the sperm on Grace’s body and look straight in between her open legs, watching the cum drip from her red cunt flaps. Grace had her mouth open and eyes closed; they would see her stark naked in hot ecstasy.

Jake was done and disappeared to the bathroom. Grace was still lying on her back under the lights, covered in sticky sperm, still enjoying the experience. Irene walked around the white bench to where Grace’s face was and kissed her full and deep on the mouth. The taste of Jake’s sperm mixed with their saliva. “You were soo hot baby,” Irene said. “Go and wash up…”

Irene let Grace out around 6pm. No underwear but in blue jeans, her white shirt and sandals she walked down the driveway, her travel bag slung over her shoulder. Nobody would imagine that this girl had just finished a porno shoot. She walked deliberately slow; her slit was incredibly sore and her anus was still throbbing. She probably had difficulty sitting for another day.

She had promised Irene she would be back at the end of the week for the Friday live site Internet streaming. She would stay overnight till Saturday, running around naked, exposing herself, fucking as many people as possible. Afterwards she wouldn’t visit her parents but go straight back to her Uni-room.

She didn’t realize how close she had come to being discovered by her mother, fucking stark naked in front of Irene’s camera.

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