2. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - The Senator

The author kindly advises that this story and its characters are entirely fictitious. It contains descriptions of exhibitionism, lesbian sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

2. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - The Senator

(Bebe Lazaro and Natalie Jones service conservative State Senator Janet Johnson-Smyth).

It was a dark cold night in one of the outer boroughs of New York. A black limo slowly turned the corner and parked in front of an old brownstone building. Natalie Jones, dressed in an elegant black and silver cocktail dress, stepped out of the car, went to the driver window and briefly talked to the person behind the wheel. After saying goodnight, she turned around and went up the stairs of the dilapidated building. Sandra Curtis’ black limousine disappeared into the darkness while she opened the door to the lobby of her apartment block.

Back in her small flat on the 4th floor, she thought about the confronting images and sounds of Sandra’s penthouse bedroom that evening. She never knew this intertwined world of lesbian sex, money and power existed, let alone that she might become a part of it. The moving pile of arms, legs and densely writhing flesh left a deep impression on her consciousness. The desire of these older women to enjoy the openings between her legs was a revelation to her. That thought made her restless and kept her awake that night.

She was still up at 2am, leaning stark naked in between the open doors of her small balcony. The faint glow of the streetlights illuminated her curves. She felt the cold air swirling around her skin as she closed her eyes and rubbed herself between her legs right there, in full view of anyone who cared to look. Her hands ran over her shivering body, something these women all wanted and she was willing to share with them. While she badly needed a release she couldn’t get one that night. Her unfulfilled desire made her tremble as she went inside, slipped under her duvet, and sent an urgent text to Bebe. She had to see her early on Saturday to talk things over.

The next morning it was raining heavily. Sheltering under her umbrella, Natalie made her way to popular Giorgio’s Café in Manhattan. She scanned the packed room and spotted Bebe amidst the breakfast crowd, alone at a small table at the back. Bebe ordered coffee and toast for her friend as Natalie took off her coat and folded her wet umbrella.

“Well?” Bebe asked while they were sipping their hot coffee. “What did you think about Friday nights gathering? Isn’t it great, you’ve now also got a job,” she enthused. Natalie looked at her with serious intent; “Yes…, but you didn’t tell me everything about your work, Beeb, did you…”

Bebe’s smile disappeared. She looked shocked; she blushed and avoided eye contact. The silence was deafening. Natalie apparently knew. She finally composed herself and whispered: “I’m sorry Nat, I didn’t tell you I guess. How did you find out?” “Sandra took me up to her penthouse”, Natalie replied. “There’s a secret door with a one-way window. I saw you perform with the black girl…”

“Sandra told me she ‘broke you in’, whatever that meant…” Natalie took a sip from her coffee and paused. “I must admit however, whatever she taught you, you were good at it. As a matter of fact I really liked it. I was shocked at first but then gradually enjoyed watching you…”

Bebe first felt caught out but now the conversation had changed. Her eyes lit up; “Does that mean you want to do it, you accepted the job offer, you’ll be in this with me?”

Natalie’s face relaxed; “I do not have a lot of choice do I? Yes, I guess I’m in,” she said hesitantly. “I have to admit; the things I saw in Sandra’s penthouse, you and those women, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.” Natalie leaned over to Bebe and whispered; I do lack experience, I guess. I need…eh, training… I hoped that we could…eh, how shall I put it…‘practice’…”

Bebe smiled as she noticed how Natalie carefully chose her words; “Believe me Nat, you’ll do just fine. Just follow your instincts, go with whatever others are doing and make yourself available…”

Natalie told Bebe about Sandra Curtis’ planned meeting with Senator Janet Johnson-Smyth next weekend. “Hmmm, I’ve heard that name before somewhere, sounds quite familiar to me,” Bebe pondered, while taking a sip from her coffee. “Let me see what I can find, I’ll send you an email when I got something…”

It was Monday morning 8am.

The security staff at one of the many office buildings in Manhattan were monitoring the regular employees swipe their passes when Natalie Jones reported herself to their desk. One of the uniformed officers found her name on the MurchisonMedia employee list and issued her with a brand new smart card. It was a pivotal moment. She was now officially employed, part of the commuting work f***e. After leaving the elevator and entering the MurchisonMedia offices, she met the office manager, was allocated a workstation and provided with codes to access the computer- and email system. Most of her colleagues were females in their early-to-late twenties. Some were regular employees; some of them were interns. One of her closest colleagues was Angela Davis, a twenty-year old athletic and vivacious brunette who had been managing Margaret Murchison’s appointments and bookings so far. The job was really too big for one person and she was grateful to finally get some help.

“You know Natalie,” she said; “for this position you really need a diverse range of skills; not only computer literacy and organizational talent, but also managing the interpersonal aspects.” She smiled mysteriously as her fingers touched Natalie’s arm; “The job is very diverse. The people we deal with are…how shall I say…very…demanding...” She leaned over and whispered; “I think we have a lot in common. We both are… eh, very, very willing. We’ll probably be seeing a lot of each other so to speak…”

Natalie smiled and slightly blushed. She knew exactly what Angela meant. They both would get into places and situations she had never even imagined. The mere thought of it made her nervous, but also aroused her. She spent the rest of the day getting to know her colleagues, clients and office systems.
On Thursday an email from Bebe at Curtis Cosmetics arrived. Natalie double-clicked the attached file at her workstation. It was a newspaper article about African-American Senator Janet Johnson-Smyth. ‘Conservative Senator stands for f****y values’, the headline stated. The accompanying photo showcased one of New York’s most influential black families; Janet Johnson-Smyth with her investor husband Gordon Johnson and two adult daughters in their mid twenties.

“Wow,” Natalie thought, while reading through the article; “She’s black, conservative and married. I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow night…”

The next evening around 8pm a dark limousine pulled up at the valet desk of the exclusive Imperial hotel in downtown Manhattan. Sandra Curtis gave the valet her car keys as she joined Bebe Lazaro and Natalie Jones in the lobby. They had booked a dinner table for four and were expecting the Senator to join them. A few minutes later a chauffeur-driven silver Cadillac pulled up at the hotel entrance and Janet Johnson-Smyth entered the lobby. Bebe and Natalie recognized her from the newspaper article as they were introduced to her. She was a dark African-American in her late forties, slim and of average height with a conservative shoulder length hairstyle. She wore black pumps, black dress pants, a white tight-fitting shirt with upstanding collar, a pearl necklace and matching earrings under her perfectly sculpted hair. Bebe noticed her long slim fingers, her short red nails, but especially her masculine slim face with perfect teeth and piercing eyes.

“Ah Sandra, it’s so good to see you again. How’s business going?” she asked in between air kisses. “Fine Janet, good to see you too. May I introduce these two ladies? This is Bebe Lazaro. She works in our marketing department and that is Natalie Jones. She works for Margaret Murchison as her PA.” “Hmm, very nice Sandra, very nice girls indeed,” Janet said while greeting both with air kisses.
Later on, in the hotel’s busy dining room, Bebe and Natalie enjoyed their four-course dinner with champagne while watching and listening to Sandra and Janet’s animated conversation. It was clear that the Senator was highly intelligent and well spoken with a mind for details. Like a true politician she was carefully formulating her responses.

“Yes Sandra,” she said after being asked about her upcoming re-election campaign; “I am re-affirming my conservative positions to the electorate; f****y as the cornerstone of society. You’ve probably seen that recent article in one of the leading newspapers. I really liked that photo with Gordon and my daughters. Looked very nice, very nice indeed. Especially my daughters, gorgeous girls with their slender curves and smooth, black silky skin…”

Bebe and Natalie picked up on the way Janet said that. There was something odd, something quite strange and disturbing about the way she spoke about her daughters.

They finished their desert.

As they left the dining room, Bebe and Natalie went ahead, on their way to the lobby and Sandra’s limousine.

“Just gorgeous, those two you brought along, Sandra,” Janet whispered, eying the girls from behind. “Especially the blonde one. I love her short curls, her silver short dress and great legs on those high heels. And that other one with her short black hair, her elegant black pants, nice bum she’s got there.” “You like them Janet?” Sandra said. “Yeah, god, love to get my hands on them,” Janet sighed.

Sandra leaned over to her; “I brought them along, especially for you. They’re all yours tonight.”

“You can do whatever you like with them…”

Bebe and Natalie followed Janet into the back of the limo as Sandra slipped behind the wheel. The car left the hotel for Sandra’s penthouse and merged into the busy late night traffic. “Just take us the long way around Sandra,” Janet said while making eye contact with her through the rear view mirror. It was dark inside the limousine apart from a small faint ceiling light above the spacious black leather seats in the back.

The back part of Sandra’s limousine had two rows of seats facing each other. Janet and Natalie were facing the front while Bebe sat on the opposite seat, with her back to Sandra.

The car stopped at a traffic light on Broadway. “Do you want to tell them about your f****y photo in the newspaper, Janet?” Sandra offered from the front. “Yeah.., I think I should,” Janet replied. “You see girls, that ‘f****y thing’ is…well…not real. It’s to give the voters what they want to see. In reality Gordon and I hardly ever see each other. I’ve always been a rabid lesbian, so, a long time ago I made a commercial deal with Gordon to the benefit of both our careers. I would lobby for Gordon’s financial interests and he would give me a ‘cover’ when it came to my constituents. I couldn’t tell you about that in the dining room; too many cameras, too many ears listening…”

“Eh, about your daughters, have you ever…eh…” Sandra interrupted. Janet smiled; “No Sandra, unfortunately it didn’t happen. I wanted to fuck their hot black bodies for a long time, but it would have come out and would have been a killer for my career. Not worth it. But look at me now, In the back of your limo with two girls who are so much younger than my daughters.”

Bebe and Natalie were stunned to silence by the turn this conversation had taken.

“Now, where were we…,” Janet said as she slowly turned to Natalie. Her hand ran through Natalie’s short hair as she softly pressed her lips on her mouth. It was Natalie’s first time she kissed and tasted a black woman. The kissing intensified, their lips fighting with each other, Janet’s long tongue going deep inside her. She felt Janet’s hand running up the inside of her leg, brazenly grabbing her in her crotch, squeezing and rubbing her through her trousers.

Janet paused for a moment; “ You don’t mind me groping you between your legs do you?” she calmly whispered, close to Natalie’s ear. Natalie knew Janet’s question was in fact more a demand than anything else.

“Oh my god, no, eh, no not at all,” Natalie sighed, while trying to regain her composure; “You can do with me whatever you want…”

Janet’s predatory streak came to the fore as she locked eyes with her; “I will girl, believe me I will. You’re young and very willing, I like that, I like that a lot.” She leaned over as she pressed her open mouth f***efully onto Natalie’s.

Natalie moaned as she tasted the black woman’s lips, her breath, her saliva and felt a hand unbuttoning her pants, pulling down her zipper and sliding into her panties, roaming her pubic hair. She opened up her legs a bit further to demonstrate her willingness as Janet came up for air; “Oh my god, you’re such a hot kisser. I’ve got to catch my breath. And you’ve got lovely hair between your legs. Most teenage girls have these boring bald slits...” Bebe watched as Janet gazed into Natalie’s eyes as she slipped one of her fingers in between Natalie’s twitching pussy lips, slowly pushing it deep into her slit. “Do you like this Natalie, do you want more fingers into you?” Janet whispered. “Yeah, yeah,” Natalie begged; “more Janet, give me more, just don’t stop…” Bebe watched mesmerized as she saw Janet suck on Natalie’s lips and groping her crotch underneath her pants.

The limousine came to slow halt in the midst of heavy traffic at an intersection. Janet looked over her shoulder to Bebe as she continued finger-fucking Natalie’s writhing body. “Hike up your dress Bebe, and spread your legs baby. Show me what you’ve got girl, show it to me now…”

Bebe pulled the hem of her short dress over her waistline, sat on the edge of her seat and moved her midriff closer to Janet. She leaned back while opening her legs and slowly unclipped both sides of her tiny white panties. The fabric hesitantly fell away, exposing her blond pubic hair and protruding red vagina to Janet. She loved showing herself like this and waited for the black woman’s response… “Oh god, beautiful, just beautiful,” Janet murmured as she admired the raw confronting nakedness of Bebe’s exposed genitals. She reached out and ran her dark long fingers through the blond short curls between the young girl’s wide-open legs.

“Oh yeah Janet, stick your fingers in, please finger-fuck me right here,” Bebe softly begged as she presented her wet slit to the Senator. Janet’s fingers pushed Bebe’s soft pussy lips apart and slowly slid deep inside her warm opening. She felt the wetness of the young girl’s slit coating her long fingers. Bebe placed one leg next to Janet on the seat and lifted her moving hips, giving her a close-up view, while fucking her fingers.

Heavy traffic surrounded the limo as Sandra drove it towards her apartment. Bebe and Natalie could see the cars through the dark windows while being groped and m*****ed by Senator Janet Johnson-Smyth. “Just incredible Sandra, look how hot and willing these girls are,” Janet said while watching Bebe’s red, panting face and making eye contact with Sandra through the rear view mirror.

“Get us to your penthouse quick; I can’t wait to get into bed with them and taste their bodies.” Sandra noticed Janet’s brooding eyes as she breathed those last words. Her fingers were still sliding deep inside Bebe’s writhing, warm body.

Sandra turned out of traffic and steered her vehicle through the gates and into the underground parking of her apartment building. Bebe, Natalie and Janet had made themselves presentable as they stepped out of the limo and headed for the elevators. There were cameras in the car park and lifts; they would have to behave and contain their burning urges until they were in Sandra’s penthouse.

The small interior lights automatically switched on as the front door of Sandra’s large apartment closed. On entry Janet Johnson-Smyth dropped all pretence of conservative decency and civility.

The sexual tension was palpable as the three made their way to the master bedroom. Natalie recognized the room from her previous visit with Sandra (1). The square, red velvet covered bed in the middle, surrounded by chairs, tables and sofas for the voyeurs. The red spotlight illuminating the bed was the only thing that kept the darkness away. Bebe couldn’t wait for the lesbian threesome to begin. She turned around and came up to Janet. Her hand caressed her hair and distinct jaw line and slipped behind Janet’s head as she f***ed her open mouth onto hers. She felt her soft black lips, her long tongue and Janet’s hand groping her chest, sliding down in between her legs, blatantly grabbing her blond pubes. Bebe leaned backwards, her hips fucking Janet’s hand while she pulled down the zipper of her short silver dress. It dropped to the floor as she unclipped her bra and panties.

She was naked as she went backwards onto the velvet bed under the red light and spread her legs wide. Her face was flushed, her breathing heavy, as her midriff fucked Janet’s long fingers. Two, then three dark fingers were roughly stretching her slit while Janet’s thumb was massaging her oversensitive clit. Natalie was by now naked and slid next to Bebe under the spotlight. The sight of her friend Bebe being finger-fucked by the Senator was too much to bear. Janet watched how Natalie opened her legs, exposing her swollen opening, with strips of dark pubic hair on both sides. She moaned and closed her eyes as her fingers ran over her sensitive red genitals. She felt delicious, almost like a whore, the way she exposed herself to this middle-aged black woman.

“Scissor your legs girls, and start riding each other. I’ll be with you in a moment…”

Janet and Sandra watched the two naked, entangled girls in the red light from the darkness as Bebe and Natalie kissed, groped and rubbed their aching bodies against each other. Janet slowly circled the bed, captivated by the red naked writhing bodies, as she stepped out of her shoes, slowly unbuttoned her white shirt and slid down her black pants. While mounting the bed she took off her black bra and panties as she slipped naked in between those young hot writhing bodies. The difference in skin color was startling as Bebe and Natalie’s hands were all over Janet, squeezing, groping and licking every part of her hard black meat. She gasped, squealed, and stretched her arms behind her as she held onto the velvet bed sheets. She moaned as different mouths locked onto hers. She pushed up her chest as Bebe groped her hard nipples while Natalie pushed her legs apart and slid her tongue up and down her long dark vagina. She arched her back, trembled and let out a tiny squeal as she felt Natalie’s breath and tongue inside her.

“Oh god, Sandra, they’re wonderful. Look at them. They’re so eager, so hungry. It’s almost like fucking my daughters.” Her shortness of breath drowned her words. “Yeah, right there, go deep inside, eat me girls, eat me…”

Sandra watched the three red naked bodies under the spotlight as she heard Janet’s erotic squeals while her dark body contorted. Bebe went upright facing Sandra. She spread her legs and slid her genitals over Janet’s mouth. She felt how strange lips enclosed her opening. She gasped and threw her head backwards as Janet tongue slid deep inside her. Sandra watched how Bebe frantically rode Janet’s face with open mouth as her blond pubes brushed her dark skin.

Natalie lifted one of Janet’s legs and started tribbing her. Their pubic hairs mixed as she was grinding her swollen slit into Janet’s black crotch. From the darkness Sandra noticed how Natalie’s naked sweat covered body glistened in the red light. Her hard buttocks squeezed tighter. She frantically rode her genitals deeper into Janet’s. Sandra saw that she was in a world of her own as she threw her head back and moaned loudly. She had been right about her all along; she was a natural when it came to lesbian fucking.

Janet’s body thrashed about as she was close to an orgasm. Sandra saw how the girls held her down as they intensified the fucking from both sides. The sounds and smells of hot frantic lesbian sex filled the room. Bebe heard Janet’s muffled screams underneath her as her body stiffened up.

“Fucking hell, oh my god Sandra, your girls are fucking me raw.”

Janet gasped for air as she wrested herself away from underneath Bebe’s fiery red opening. Meanwhile Natalie, naked and covered in sweat, had slid off the bed. Her face was red; she was hot and exhausted as Sandra’s hand caressed her messed-up hair. She passively followed the hand as it groped her chest and blatantly grabbed her in between her legs. Natalie gazed at her; she gasped and moaned as her aroused body twitched and responded.

“Do you like eating her? Do you want more Natalie?” Sandra whispered in the semi darkness. “Do you want to fuck more, you dirty girl?”

“Yeah Sandra, yeah, more, more, I love it…” Natalie had discovered a new world of pleasure. She wanted to be a part of this world of hot lesbian groupsex with strangers where she could show off her naked body. Where everyone could grope her and eat her, where she was the lesbian whore she always fantasized about.

She barely noticed how Sandra fitted her with a long black strapon. She just stared at the red naked bodies as she returned to the bed. Sandra tightened the strapon’s black leather straps, running in between her small hard buttocks, pushing them slightly apart.

Natalie mounted the bed, ordering Janet on all fours. She pulled Janet’s black arse cheeks wide open and f***efully pushed the long black dildo from behind into her raw dark slit, forcing it deep inside her body. Janet’s head turned in surprise as she squealed, protested and grimaced. She felt the huge dildo prodding deep inside her flesh. At first Natalie’s hips moved at a slow pace but gradually the tempo increased. Sandra watched how Natalie’s hard arse cheeks tightened as she pumped the dildo deeper inside Janet body. She saw the red glistening sweat running down Natalie’s back. Her breath became irregular, she obviously focused on sliding dildo, moving at high pace, as she grunted and fucked Janet like an a****l.

Bebe was in silent awe of Natalie’s frantic fucking. She went on her back in front of Janet’s face, spread her legs and lifted her midriff, presenting her genitals to her mouth. She felt how Janet’s black lips enclosed her opening, how her long warm tongue slid through her red vagina. Her face brushed Bebe’s blond pubes as she frantically ate the young teenager while being roughly violated from behind. Bebe noticed how Janet became restless, how her body started to writhe and tremble. Natalie obviously was hitting all the right spots; another orgasm was on the way. Janet screamed and bit into Bebe’s blond pubic hair as her body rose up and thrashed violently under the onslaught of her orgasm.
Natalie quickly pulled out as Bebe grabbed Janet’s dark hair and f***efully pushed her face onto her red-hot clit.

Janet struggled and screamed as her eyes rolled. She felt dizzy and was short of breath, her legs felt like jelly, her face and hard black body were glowing. Bebe seized up, screamed and came, as her sensitive clit couldn’t take it anymore. Natalie was close to coming too as she frantically fingered her slit underneath her strapon. She saw Bebe’s body jerk to one side, her stressed red face gasped for air as her orgasm tore through her.

It was around 3am.

The place smelled of sweat and sex as Senator Janet Johnson-Smyth got herself dressed and, sore and on wobbly legs, was ready to leave Sandra’s penthouse. Bebe and Natalie were still naked as she groped and kissed them for the last time.

“Your girls were magnificent Sandra, just incredible,” Janet said. “An interstate business woman has invited me to a lesbian party with a lot of young black girls in a few weeks time. I would like your girls to attend. It would be great to see them fuck with a lot of young hot black chicks. The contrast in skin color would make for great viewing…”

“I can’t promise anything,” Sandra said, “I’m glad you are pleased about the girls’ performance tonight. I’ll see what I can do.” Sandra e****ted the Senator down the elevator, into the limo and drove her home.

Bebe and Natalie showered and strolled wet and naked through Sandra’s large penthouse, her kitchen and bedrooms. The events of the evening had left them exhausted and sore. They spread their aching naked bodies across one of the lounges and opened their legs as they lubricated and cooled their genitals, side by side.

“I couldn’t stop watching you fuck tonight Natalie,” Bebe whispered while leaning over. “It was just awesome. You’re a natural, girl; you were soo into it. And how you took the Senator from behind. That was intense…”

Natalie smiled and blushed as she turned to Bebe; “Yeah, god, I really loved every bit of it,” she said softly. “It was a great experience. I didn’t want it to stop. I couldn’t get enough. I just wanted to fuck, and fuck, and fuck...” The two girls gazed in each other’s eyes as they fingered each other, naked on the large modern lounge in Sandra living room.

Around 3.30am on Saturday morning a dark limo pulled up at the home of Senator Johnson-Smyth. She stepped out of the car, briefly spoke with Sandra, who was behind the wheel, and turned the key of her front door while watching the limousine’s taillights disappear into the dark night.

She owed Sandra a big favor in return for a fabulous experience. One that Sandra would undoubtedly collect in the months ahead.

It was a cold but sunny Sunday morning at Giorgio’s café in Manhattan. Amongst the many patrons, Bebe and Natalie enjoyed their coffee and toast while reading the Sunday paper. There was another small article on page 4 about Senator Johnson-Smyth.

“Senator promotes high standards of decency with conservative f****y values.”

Bebe and Natalie sipped their coffee, briefly looked at each other and just smiled.

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