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I am clearly straight but I must admit that I enjoy the sight of a hard circumsized dick being jerked-off. As a voyeur I have unfortunately had little luck in that respect except this once : my office building was next to an apartment building (approximately 50 feet away). On a sunny summer afternoon 25 years ago, I saw a guy about 18 walking with crutches (seemed like a sprained ankle) a wearing only a towel around his waist, sunbathing on the balcony one floor lower than my office window. Hoping to catch a view of something, I closed my office door and installed myself by the window.

After a while, I was rewarded, obviously aroused by the sun on his almost naked body, the boy started to masturbate with his dick still in the towel. It didn't take long for him to come and I can understand that being almost nude outside would have made him very horny (I know I was!!!). I was dying to see his dick... He finally removed the towel to finish wiping his dick that was just as nice as I had hoped, about 5 1/2 inches and circumsized. He walked back inside and that was it. Never saw him again. I still masturbate remembering that event. In fact, I am doing that as I write this story.
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2 years ago
Another good story.
2 years ago
clearly straight??