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Hey there. If you didn't know, I have TONS of fanfics that are not on here. You can view ALL of them at this link:

Hope you enjoy them! Comment here what you think about them, or if you have any suggestions or requests. You can also DM me a request, and I'll DM you back when it's made. Hope you enjoy!

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[Story] WWE Next Breakout Star

"And Welcome everybody to your longest, weekly televised show Monday Night Raw, live in LA! I'm Michael Cole, along with WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry the King Lawler, and boy do we got a good one for you today!"
"That's right Cole. Our champion, CM Punk, will go one on one with John Cena, in a steel cage match!"
"And if that's not enough, all the Diva's will be in a summer bikini battle royal for the WWE Divas Championship!"
"Boy, I just love the divas Cole!"

Bzzt! Drake turned off his TV, broadcasting the show. He was in the locker room, alone, as all the wrestlers were bakstage hanging out... Continue»
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