Sexy Gemma's sex life

Ever since Gemma had started fucking her boyfriend Kieran's uncle Roger she had felt wonderful. She was getting so much sexual pleasure she was in heaven. Roger called her his little cum slut and she loved it. She loved being used and abused. She loved it when he wanked and cum over her face and hair, in fact she enjoyed everything he did to her. He had just showed the pleasure she could get from being fucked in the arse. Only yesterday, he got her on all fours and trickled some baby oil into her arse hole and then slipped a finger inside and eased it open, then taking a shampoo bottle filled with baby oil he squirted some deep inside her dark hole. It tickled and Gemma loved it. When Roger eased his thick cock inside her it slipped in so easily and as he started fucking her arse Gemma soon started loving the feeling he was giving her. As he reached under her and played with her clitty it wasn't long before Gemma's first orgasm was thrashing through her body. Seconds later she felt spurt after spurt of Roger's hot cum deep inside her.

He slipped out of her oily hole and they lay and recovered. Gemma knew the best way to get him hard again and was soon sucking his cock to full hardness. She wanted to taste his cum again but first needed to cum again, so they got into a 69 position and sucked each other. He soon found her clitty and sucked and licked it until Gemma had nother thundering big cum. She wanted his cum over her face and hair and after sucking him for a while took his cock out of her mouth and wanked him until he shot spurt after spurt of cum onto her face and hair.

That was yesterday and now Gemma had to go to work. She had trouble concentrating on her job as she kept thinking about the pleasure she was getting from her two lovers. Keiran was only a few years older than her but uncle Roger was old enough to be her father. However the sexy thoughts she was always having was keeping her very horny and aroused. This was clearly noticed by Gemma's boss Karen who was about 50 years old, slim with short hair and looks like Denise Welch. She has a great figure and big tits. The Gucci perfume she wears always seems to arouse anyone who is near her. Gemma, who works in a restaurant was as usual wearing her chefs white but had a sexy thong on underneath and a lacy bra which helped to make her feel horny.

Karen noticed that Gemma didn't seem to be concentrating on her work and called her into her office. Gemma knocked on the door and walked in.

'Sit down honey,' Karen said. 'Gemma, there's something bothering you isn't there, you're not concentrating very well today, what's the matter?' she asked.

'Nothing, I'm fine,' Gemma replied.

'Come on honey, you can confide in me, I've know you long enough to know somethings on your mind.' Karen said.

'Oh, well, no, it's just personal matters.' Gemma admitted.

'Well it's affecting your work and that's no good, honey,' Karen replied.

'Well, you know my boyfriend Keiran, well I'm also having sex with his uncle Roger and it's so great fucking both of them that it's making me horny all the time and I'm constantly aroused,' Gemma confessed.

Karen asked, 'What do you mean constantly aroused, are you aroused now?'

'Yes,' Gemma said, 'my nipples are hard and my panties are very damp.'

Karen loved hearing Gemma talk like this, she was very bi and had often fantasised about doing naughty things with her and now hearing Gemma tell her this was having a similar effect on her.

'Well, honey, I'm sorry but it's affecting your work. I know I shouldn't suggest this but maybe you should go off to the ladies and take care of your needs. I presume you regularly satisfy yourself when yyou need to,' Karen replied.

'Oh Karen, yes I really need to,' Gemma said.

Karen was getting very turned on now thinking about pretty young Gemma masturbating and said, 'In fact, why don't you do it here now in my office as one of the others may go into the ladies.'

Gemma started rubbing herself through her whites and Karen said, 'Oh honey, take your clothes off.'

She stood up and slipped her whites off and sat back down with her thong and lacy bra on and Karen said, 'Oh you'd better take those off too, here let me give you a hand.'

Karen reached round behind Gemma and undid her bra. As she slipped it off her Karen made sure her hands brushed against Gemma's ever hardening nipples. When Gemma didn't object Karen started pinching and squeezing them and loved the feel of the hardening in her fingers. Gemma had her eyes closed and was loving the feelings she was getting, then she felt Karen's hand on her panties. She parted her legs slighty and allowed Karen to slolwy rub her fingers up and down her wet slit.

Karen then slowly slipped her panties off and Gemma stood there naked in front of her boss. Gemma could clealry smelly the wonderful aroma of her Gucci perfume as she held her close to her. Her erect nipples were brushing against Karen's blouse. Gemma wondered whether she could do the same to her boss. She moved back a few inches and put her hands to Karen's breasts, who certainly didn't object. Gemma started undoing her bosses blouse and bar and was soon playing with her bare tits. Karen's were slightly larger than her own and Gemma guessed they were probably 38 C or D but in reality the size was unimportant, the pleasure they were both giving each other was what counted.
Gemma's legs were wide apart and Karen was slowly finger fucking her young trainee chef who orgasm was getting nearer and nearer, Then Karen said, 'Sit down and let me lick your cunt.'

Gemma had never heard her boss use this sort of language and it rather surprised her but all she was really concerned with was the pleasure she was getting. Gemma's legs were wide apart and Karen had two fingers inside her and soon her lips and tongue found her young clit. Within seconds Gemma was having one the most intense orgasms she had ever had and just as she seemed to coming down Karen bought her yet another. Eventually they stopped and Gemma said, 'You're turn now.'

Karen replied, 'No its too much of a rush right now, but come into work a couple of hours tomorrow and we can make up for it then.'

Chapter 2 will be where Karen introduces Gemma to her double headed vibrating dildo as they fuck each other in their cunts and arse and Karen persuades Gemma to arrange a threesome for them both with uncle Roger.
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