Chrissie's slutty hotel meeting

Chrissie picked up the post off the doormat after a hard day's work - Monday always seemed a tiring day after the weekend. She dropped it onto the worktop in the kitchen and thought, oh no, not more bills. She took her coat off and put the kettle on to make herself a refreshing cup of tea.

The tea soon brewed and she grabbed the post and flicked through the envelopes realising that most of them were just junk mail, then surprisingly she saw a hand written one. It was just addressed to Chrissie, with no surname. Very odd she thought as she tore it open. There was a hand written letter and a plastic card. She read it.

My Dear Chrissie

Enclosed is a key for room 327 in the Radisson Blu hotel in Bristol. The room has been booked for this coming Friday from 12 noon and you are to be there at this time. In the room on the bed you will find several items of fetish clothing and footwear along with several sex toys. You may look at these and pick them up but you must NOT put any of them on as we will be doing that for you. You must still be dressed in your own clothes when we arrive which will be a few minutes after you.

I know today is only Monday but this is to give you time to arrange to have the day off on Friday. You will also be staying on Friday night.

Love and kisses

Chrissie immediately thought back to the wonderful session she had had with Rob and James a few weeks earlier and even now the memories aroused her so much that she still masturbated while remembering it. She reread the letter again and loved the way it told her, it didn't ask her, it told her to be there at noon, it told her not to put on the clothing. Her imagination was already running wild with what they were going to do to her and it was arousing her sexually.

She had dinner and settled down to watch TV but her mind was eleswhere. She wondered whether Rob or James would be online at xhamster and logged on. Rob was online and they were soon chatting. Chrissie asked him what he had planned for Friday but all he said was, 'When you arrive at noon on Friday, you'll find out.'

She said, 'I might not be going there on Friday.'

Rob replied, 'You will and you know you will. We both know how much we enjoyed our last meeting and this one will be even better.'

The thought of this was arousing Chrissie and even as she chatted she could feel herself getting damp between the legs. Rob went offline and Chrissie started watching some of the videos that she had put in her 'favourites'. She adored the ones where the female was being dominated and wearing fetish clothing. Her right hand had wandered down onto her lap and was easing her skirt up and her hand soon reached her panties. She was amazed how damp they were. The started slowly rubbing a finger up and down her slit through her panties and loved the feelings she was giving herself. As she watched one of her favourite ones where the female is wearing a black latex hood and sucks a guy off until he cums all over the hood she eases her panties aside and slips a finger inside herself. Chrissie is amazed how wet she is and knows that she has to cum.

She stands up and takes her skirt and panties off. She notices the wet stain on them and knows that if Rob or James were there they would now be smelling and licking them. She carries on watching the video and loves how the guy holds her latex clad face still and fucks her mouth. Chrissie now has two fingers deep inside her and is finger fucking herself. Then she reaches for her clit and with just few rubs she is having the huge orgasm that she so badly needs.

The rest of the week seemed to fly past and although Chrissie was still wondering whether to go on Friday she knew in the back of her mind that she would be unable to resist. She booked a day's holiday for Friday and on Thursday night had trouble sl**ping just thinking what she was going to experience.

She woke in the morning, showered and had breakfast. She then spent ages working out what to wear. She sat in front of the mirror and put on her makeup. She knew that Rob and James were into heavy makeup as she applied her favourite silver grey eye shadow and black mascara and a crimson red lipstick and lipgloss. She remembered how they had put red lipstick on her nipples at their last meeting and wondered whether they would be doing the same today.

Chrissie chose a very short black pvc skirt with white blouse and a fully underwired quarter cup platform bra, in black satin that could be seen through the blouse. She then picked up her favourite black pvc thong and stepped into and pulled it up tight against her newly trimmed mound.

She wondered about hold up stockings but quickly realised that men always like seeing suspenders so put some on too. She chose the black PVC waspie with six whipcord thin straps with metal clips. She fastened it round her waist as she did up the twelve little black hooks and eyes that make sure it gripped her firmly. The stockings felt wonderful, proper Aristoc sheer black nylons with a point heel and razor thin seams. She eased her foot into one, pulling it over her ankle and gently smoothed it up the length of her leg. The feeling was exquisite as the sheer nylon slid up her thigh, she made sure the seam was as straight as possible, hugging the curve of her calf and on up her thigh to where the thick welt fitted tightly around her leg. She clipped the first suspender on at the front, pulling it taught. then the back, reaching as far round as she could get it, to make sure it lined up with the seam. Then the middle one, pulling the stocking taught for that extra secure feeling. The other stocking was next, following the same routine, caressing the nylon as it slid up her leg, loving the feel as the clips close and the nylon is pulled tight across her flesh.

Then she chose her glistening black patent leather, four inch heels which tapered to spikes. Chrissie slipped her nylon sheathed foot into the first one, wriggling her toes to get them to the end of the closed toe shoe. The double ankle strap she buckled tightly. When the second shoe is on and strapped just as tightly, she stood and walked a few steps, tentatively. She wears heels a lot, but these felt different, the muscles in her calves were taught and she had to walk with her back straight and her shoulders back, emphasising her breasts even more. She slipped the soft leather choker around her neck, fastened the buckle and pulled the single chrome ring around to the front and let it dangle there.

She stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. She looked like the slut she hoped they were going to make her behave like.

She new the Radisson Blu Hotel although had never been in there and got in the car and drove the short distance. As she pulled into the car park she looked at her watch and saw it was 11.52. She got out of the car, locked it and walked into the hotel and as she walked across the lobby in her red high heels she felt as if everyones eyes were on her. In fact there certainly were two pairs of eyes on her as headed for the lift. The room was 327 and she assumed it was on the 3rd floor and pressed that button. As the doors opened on the third floor she saw the signs to room 327 and headed that way. She found the door and realised she was shaking. She opened her handbag and took out the room key, She went to put it in the key slot and suddenly hesitated and a second thought. The key card slipped in and the green light popped on indicating the door was unlocked.

She pushed the door open and walked in. There was nobody in there which is what she had read about. She saw the clothing on the bed and sex toys. Huge red high heels shoes with at least 7 inch heels, a black latex face hood. Black latex bra which was really just a series of straps and open crotch panties and long black lycra gloves. A black pvc waspie suspender belt similar to the one she was wearing with 6 suspenders hanging down for each stocking and several pairs of seemed and fishnet stockings. There was also lipsticks, lipgloss and eye shadow.

The toys fascinated her too, there were vibrating nipple clamps and a huge double headed dildo with an ejaculating tube fitted to it. There were bottles of baby oil and a large plastic syringe. Something caught her eye and she turned and saw the television was on. Well not really the television, it was her photographs that were running as a slideshow and then followed by photos of Rob's wife Fiona showing her wonderful lipstick coated nipples. Also standing in the corner was a camera on a tripod.

Suddenly she heard the door open and in walked Rob but not with James but with a woman that Chrissie immediately recognised as being Fiona, Rob's wife. Fiona was wearing a very short black skirt which clearly showed her stocking tops and ultra high black heeled shoes. Her make up, in Chrissie's eyes, was distinctively tarty.

Rob went over to Chrissie and hugged her and said, 'Chrissie, this is my wife Fiona.'

Fiona hugged Chrissie and they could feel their breasts rubbing against each other. Fiona kissed Chrissie direct on the lips and then said, 'Hi Chrissie, great to meet you.'

Chrissie's first reaction was disappointment as she remembered how good it was with Rob and James but that soon disappeared when Fiona said, 'Right slut get over here and let me look at you.'

Chrissie walked over to Fiona who was a few inches taller than her. Chrissie felt Fiona's hand go under and up her skirt and Fiona said, 'Right let's see how wet you are?'

Fiona f***ed Chrissie's legs apart and her hand soon reached her pussy and could feel that she was wearing a thong. She could also feel that she quite wet and easing her thong aside slipped a finger inside her. This made Chrissie even hornier, she had only met Fiona a few minutes ago and already she was fingering her and loving it. Suddenly Fiona stopped and said, 'Well your cunt's wet enough so lets see your tits.'

Fiona unbuttoned Chrissie's blouse and pulled her tits out of her bra and was amazed how big her nipples were. She pinched and squeezed them and loved how Chrissie seemed to push her chest forward to enhance the pleasure. Chrissie glanced across and saw that Roger was filming her, she also noticed her imagaes on the television.

Fiona was now pulling her nipples fiercely and although it hurt Chrissie loved the pain. The suddenly Fiona stopped and said, 'Now it's time to get you undressed and Rob dressed in your clothes. She took Chrissies blouse off and then reached behind her and undid her bra and took it off. Fiona momentarily bent down and sucked her erect nipples and even nibbled them with her teeth. Again Chrissie pushed herself forward to enhance the pleasure.

Fiona stopped and undid her skirt and slid it onto the floor, Chrissie lifted her legs and stepped out of it. Fiona sat Chrissie on the bed and undid her shoes and took them off. Then Fiona unclipped the stockings from the suspender belt and slowly eased the stockings down Chrissie's legs. Nex she reached for the waspie suspender belt and unclipped it and tossed it on the bed. Chrissie was now naked except for the black pvc thong and Fiona knelt in front of her and slowly eased it down, her face only inches from Chrissies neatly trimmed mound. Fiona just couldn't resist and leaned forward and slowly licked all the way and down her slit.

Chrissie was so wet now and desperately wanted to cum, in fact she needed to cum. She stood there naked now except for the soft leather choker she had round her neck. Fiona said, 'Now it's your turn to undress Rob and then dress him in your undies.'

Rob stood in front of Chrissie and she undressed him, taking his shirt off first and then sat him on the bed and removed him shoes and socks. She knelt in front of him and could see he had a hard on as she unbuckled his trousers and along with his underpants dropped them to the floor and let him step out of them.

Rob's erect cock stood out in front of him, Chrissie had, of course, seen it before and in fact had sucked it and been fucked by it. Fiona said, 'Now dress him in your clothes but first give him your thong to smell.'

Chrissie picked up her black thong and handed it to Rob who immediately put it to his nose and inhaled and took in the remarkable aroma of Chrissie's cunt.

Then Chrissie took the waspie suspender belt and reached round Rob and clipped it on. She then got her stockings and as Rob lifted one foot she slid the stocking up his leg making sure the seam was straight and clipped it onto the suspenders. She then repeated it with the other one. Her shoes were too small but a pair Rob's size were on the floor and he sat on the bed and she put them on for him and tightly fixed the ankle straps. She helped Rob to his feet and he paraded in front of Chrissie and his wife with his cock now absolutely huge standing to attention.

Fiona handed Chrissie some lipstick and said, 'Now pull his foreskin right back and coat the head with the lipstick and then this lipgloss.'

Chrissie was now trembling as it excited her so much, she loved the feel of Rob's hard cock and slowly eased his skin back over the head. Then taking the crimson red lipstick coated the head of his cock with it. She gave it a moment to dry and then coated it with lipgloss. It looked magnificent and Chrissie so wanted to suck it. She could feel her juices leaking out of her pussy and almost trickling down her legs.

Fiona said, 'Come here Chrissie.'

Chrissie went to her and Fiona clipped a vibrating nipple clamp onto one of her erect nipples. As the clamp closed on the nipple Chrissie winced at the sudden pinching of it but it soon subsided and then Fiona did the same with the other one. Then Fiona took the black latex face mask and put it on Chrissie making sure her lips, nose and eyes were through the appropriate holes. Fiona reached round the back of her and fastened the hood. Chrissie loved the feel of it on her face. The she put on the black lycra gloves.

Then Fiona reached for the vibrating nipple clamps and turned them on. Chrissie immediately adored the feeling as they buzzed against her nipples making them even harder and larger.

She then ordered Chrissie, 'Kneel in front of Rob and he's going to fuck your mouth and your gloved fingers will fuck his arse hole. Don't swallow his cum, just keep it in your mouth as I have another use for it afterwards'

She moved forward and knelt in front of Rob and took his cock deep inside her mouth and clamped her lips tightly round the head and Rob started slowly fucking in and out of her mouth. Her gloved hand went behind him and found his arse hole, slowly but surely she eased it inside him. Fiona took Chrissie's thong from Rob who was still smelling it and with her legs wide apart started pushing it inside Chrissie's soaking wet pussy until just a little was poking out.

Meanwhile Fiona had undressed, well taken her skirt, blouse and bra off and stood there in just a red pvc suspender belt, fishnet stockings and enormous high heel shoes. She got another vibrating nipple clamp and without turning it on reached between Chrissie's legs and clipped it to her clit. Chrissie winced and cried out but Fiona left it there and said, 'I'll turn it on for you soon.'

Rob was frantically fucking Chrissie's latex covered face and Fiona stood behind her and held her head still as she watched her husband's thick cock fuck in and out of Chrissie's mouth. Fiona reached down and flicked the switch for the vibrating clamp on her clit and within seconds Chrissie's body was twitching and thrashing as she had one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

Rob was also about to cum and Fiona held Chrissie's head still and he pumped his white hot seed deep into the slut's mouth. Chrissie managed to keep her mouth closed and kept all the spunk in there.

Fiona now lay on the bed with her legs apart and said,' Right slut, lick my cunt, let Rob's cum run all over my cunt and lick it into my clit.'

Chrissie lay down between Fioan's legs and opened her mouth and let her husband's cum run out over her lips and over her cunt. Chrissie loved the wetness of Fiona's pussy and with all the cum reaaly soaked it. Fiona pulled Chrissie's head tight against her mound and ground herself against her. Meanwhile Rob had pulled Chrissie's cum soaked thong out of her cunt and was sniffing it and rubbing his cock.

Fiona's orgasm was very quickly upon her as Chrissie found her clit and sucked it. She rolled off and Rob replaced her and kissed his wifes's cum soaked pussy.

It was time for a break and to recover, but not for long. Fiona took Chrissie's hood off and then picked up her double headed strap on dildo and eased one end of the dildo deep inside her pussy and then strapped it round her thighs leaving the two rubber cocks sticking in front of her. One of them was about 8 inches long and very thick and the other a little shorter and thinner.

She said, 'OK slut, on all fours on the bed with your arse in the air.'

Chrissie did as she was told and knelt on the bed with her are in the air. Fiona poured some baby oil into the plastic syringe and as Rob eased Chrissie's arse cheeks apart slowly syringed a lot of baby oil into her arse. Chrissie loved the feeling as it seeped further into her.

Rob now sat at the top of the bed and started sniffing Chrissie's thong again. It was soaking wet from her last orgasm and smelt wonderful. Chrissie leaned forward and started sucking him while Fiona got behind her. She held the larger of the two cocks and eased it into Chrissie's cunt and pushed forward until the shorter one was at the opening of her arse. Then again with a gentle push her arse opened up and the dildo slipped inside. Immediately Chrissies loved the feel of both her holes being filled. In fact with a cock in her mouth she had a full set.

Fiona started fucking her and Chrissie was in heaven as she was fucked in both her cunt and arse and as Fiona pushed she was getting fucked too by the dildo in her. Rob was loving Chrissie sucking him and smelling her thong at the same time. He reached forward and played with her nipples too. Chrissie was the first to cum and almost seemed to ejaculate her cum out of her as Fiona fucked both her holes. As Fiona hadn't cum she kept up the fucking movements and it wasn't long before Chrissie was cumming again. Somehow she managed to suck Rob even harder and soon took another mouthful of cum in her mouth. This time she kept it in her mouth and savoured the texture and taste before swallowing it all.

Now Chrissie lay still and let Fiona carry on fucking her and have the huge orgasm she so badly needed. They all collapsed on the bed. Chrissie was sore, tired and exhausted but also very very satisfied.

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Some adventures are just perfect for a Friday afternoon. A whole weekend to continue it.
2 years ago
My idea of a perfect afternoon.
2 years ago
Gorgeous, most of my fantasies, fetishes & lusts all in one VERY brilliant story!
2 years ago
yet another great story