Seduced by my kinky auntie and uncle

Seduced by my kinky auntie and uncle

Ever since I can remember I have called the lady who lived next door, auntie. She isn’t really my auntie but being bought up I was always told to call her auntie Serena and her husband uncle Mark. They had a daughter a couple of years older than me called Sarah.

Sarah and I grew up together and as young k**s we would play ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’. As k**s it didn’t mean much but when I was 18 and she was 20 I’d love to have played that game again.

Sarah had grown into a reasonably attractive young lady, slightly overweight but lovely large tits which were always improved by wearing low cut tops.

I had now been wanking regularly and Sarah was one of my main wanking images. I would often watch her in her garden and stand in my bedroom watching her and wanking myself off.

I had finished school and it was the summer holiday. On a baking hot day and I went up to my bedroom hoping to see Sarah in the garden so I could wank while watching her. I was pleased to see her sunbathing but auntie Serena was also there. But even better was the fact that they were both topless. I hid myself behind the curtain and dropped my trousers and underpants and soon my cock was rock hard.

I found myself looking at auntie Serena as well as Sarah while I wanked. I was now wanking faster and I realised I was now concentrating more on auntie Serena than Sarah. As I shot my hot cum into a tissue my eyes were firmly glued on the ample tits of auntie Serena.

Later that evening I learned that mum and dad were going out for the evening with uncle Mark and auntie Serena. At about 7.30 the door bell rang and I opened it. Auntie Serena stood in front of me. She looked stunning. Her face was well made up and she had a wonderful low top on. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She said, ‘Well are you going to stand and stare all night or can we come in’. I blushed and let them in. Mum and dad were not ready so I led them into the conservatory.

Auntie Serena sat opposite me on a swivel armchair. I stared at her legs as she crossed them. She was wearing deep red lipstick. I had an instant hard on. She slowly swung round in the chair. I was staring at her and she noticed.

My mum and dad came in the room. Mum asked auntie Serena what sort of day she had had.

‘Oh very lazy, I sunbathed in the garden with Sarah most of the day, didn’t I, Robert’ she replied.

I felt myself blushing. I thought, oh no, she must have seen me in the bedroom. I just smiled at her and didn’t say anything.

As they all went out, auntie Serena turned round and smiled at me and said, ‘Have an enjoyable time, while we’re out’. I blushed again.

I was very hard and knew I was going to have a wank while thinking about her. I turned the PC on and found a couple of photos of auntie Serena at a New Years Eve Party. I was immediately attracted to her bright red lipstick. I started rubbing my cock. In no time at all I was cumming while staring at her sexy lips.

I went to bed and when I woke in the morning with a hard on I wanked again imagining it was auntie Serena doing it to me.

Later that morning she came round and invited all the fimily round for a barbecue lunch. At about midday mum, dad and I went next door. Uncle Mark was in the garden lighting the barbecue and auntie serena I could see through the window was in the kitchen.

After a few minutes she opened the window and called out, ‘Robert could you give me a hand please’.

I went into the kitchen. She was wearing a low cut blouse that showed the top of her tits and a short skirt and sandals. The blouse was very flimsy and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. She wore lovely deep red lipstick. I so wanted to kiss her.

She said, ‘When you’ve finished staring at aunties tits again, can you take this salad outside first and then there are other things to take out.

I felt myself blushing as she caught me staring at her. She handed me the salad and I smelt her perfume. She leaned forward and said, ‘I’m not wearing any underwear today’.

I felt my cock twitching, I was getting hard. I took the salad outside and went straight back into the kitchen.

Auntie Serena said, ‘I think it’s about time that I showed you there’s much more fun to be had than just wanking. When your mum and dad have gone home I want you to come back here and I’m going to teach you about the joys of sex.’

‘What about uncle Mark?’ I asked.

‘Don’t worry about him, I’ll take care of him,’ she replied.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I ate the rest of my lunch and had trouble keeping my cock down.

I couldn’t wait for lunch to be over and went back home with mum and dad straight away. I told them I was going to meet some friends.

I was very nervous when I walked down the street and then turned back and went into auntie Serena’s house and rang the bell.

Auntie answered it and she was still wearing the low cut top and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. She let me in and kissed me on the lips. I loved the taste of her lipstick. She took my hand and led me into the lounge.

I was totally shocked and very disappointed when I saw uncle Mark and Sarah sitting there. Auntie Serena said, ‘Don’t worry uncle is fine about this, he likes to watch me fucking and sucking young boys. And Sarah, well you'll soon find out about Sarah.'

I was shocked to hear her say ‘fucking and sucking’ and also to hear that Uncle Mark likes watching her. As for Sarah, I couldn’t for one moment think what she was doing there,

Uncle Mark said, ‘It really turns me on watching your auntie with other men and boys so don’t worry, I’m really looking forward to it.'

Auntie said, ‘Now you need to get me undressed, start by taking off my blouse and now you can look at my tits as much as you like.'

I was trembling as I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. I could smell her perfume and inhaled it deeply. Then I reached behind her and unclipped her bra and took it off. I couldn't take my eyes off her magnificent tits. Her nipples were so red and very big.

Sarah said, 'Mummy loves having her nipples sucked, why don't you suck them for her.'

Auntie said, 'Yes, suck and bite them.'

I bent down and took a hard nipple between my lips and sucked it. It felt wonderful as I sucked, auntie took my other hand and put it on her other nipple and said, 'Play with my other nipple, pull it, squeeze it as hard as you can, bite it, oh yes, that's wonderful, harder, do it harder, I bet you wish you could suck auntie's milk out of her tits, don't you?'

I loved the feel of her wonderful nipples and I realised that auntie was now undoing my belt and taking my trousers and pants down. Then I got a great sensation as I felt her hands on my erect cock. She started stroking it so gently and slowly, but I still thought I was going to cum.

I broke away from sucking her nipples as auntie said, you'd better take auntie's skirt and knickers off. She was still holding my cock as I unzipped her skirt and saw her small black knickers. I slid them down her legs and she stepped out of them. My auntie was now standing in front of me totally naked, but then so was I.

I looked over at uncle Mark and Sarah and saw that he was now undressed and Sarah was pulling a pair of ladies stockings up his legs. His erect cock was larger than mine. Sarah said to him, 'I suppose you want to smell my panties again.'

He replied, 'Oh yes please, let daddy smell his little girl's panties.'

Sarah handed him a pair of white panties and said, 'Here you are daddy, smell how nice they are, you'll be pleased they smell a bit cummy and a bit pissy as I've had them on all day,'

Uncle Mark held them to his nose and took a deep sniff, he loved the aroma of his daughter's knickers.

Meanwhile auntie and I were standing so close that my erect cock was touching her. She kissed me passionately on the lips. I loved the taste of her lipstick and I felt her tongue pressing against my lips. I parted them and her tongue darted into my mouth and we had a very passionate french kiss.

We so so close together that my cock was pressing against her. She parted her legs and my cock slipped between them. I started moving my cock back and forward between them and she whispered, 'Don't you dare cum yet.'

We stopped kissing and auntie sat down on the sofa with her legs wide apart and told me to kneel between them. I did so and she held her pussy lips apart and said, 'Now have a good close look at auntie's pussy, sometimes I call it my pussy and if I'm feeling very naughty I call it my cunt. Sarah calls it mummy's fuck hole or cum hole which I really love as it means she is feeling very dirty too.'

As she held her pussy lips apart I could clearly see everything. It was quite red and very wet. Auntie said, 'Slide you finger inside auntie's hole, slowly in and slowly out, oh Robert that is so nice, auntie loves to be finger fucked.'

The more I slide my finger in her the wetter auntie got, she was now groaning with pleasure and I was so excited that I thought I was just going to cum without doing anything.

Then Sarah, still just rubbing her finger tips up and down her father's cock said, 'Mummy, daddy is very very large and hard, harder than he's ever been, he's definitely ready to cum.'

'Don't let him cum yet, come over here and leave him alone, I need you to show Rob how I like to be licked,' auntie said to her daughter.

Sarah came and joined us and knelt beside me and still in between auntie's legs.

She said, 'See that little lump there, that's mummy's clit and when that's rubbed or licked or sucked it sends her over the top. Now watch what I do.'

Sarah leaned forward and started long slow licks of her mother's pussy, all the way from the bottom to the top of her pussy and when she got to her clit she flicked it with her tongue.

Auntie started moaning and groaning with pleasure as her daughter bought her to within a few seconds of cumming.

In the meantime I was reaching round Sarah and playing with her tits. They weren't as large as her mothers but definitely firmer. Her nipples were very hard. I didn't think I was going to last much longer and I started rubbing my cock against Sarah's bum. She said, 'You'd better not cum like that or mummy will be very disappointed.'

I stopped rubbing against her and watched closer at what she was doing to her mother. Auntie's pussy was now dripping with her juices and they were trickling out of her pussy and down into the crack of her bum. The look on auntie's face showed me she was in heaven. Suddenly she reached down and pulled her daughter's head tight against her and ground her pussy into her daughter's face and shouted out, 'Oh fuck, that's it, I'm cumming, lick my cunt, lick my cunt, oh fuck, that's it, I'm cummming.'

Auntie continued grinding her pussy against her daughter's face and gradually slowed down and stopped. She pulled her up towards her and said, 'Let mummy lick your face clean, let me lick all my cum off your face.'

Auntie kissed her daughter very very passionately on the lips and licked her face clean. As soon as she had finished she said to me, 'Now Rob, quickly, while I'm nice and wet, fuck me and shoot all your hot spunk deep into auntie's cunt.

I didn't need to be asked again and slid my throbbing cock all the way inside auntie's very wet pussy. I only managed to last a couple of minutes before I felt I was going to cum and I told auntie. She told me to shoot all my cum as deep into her as I could. It was a wonderful sensation as I ejaculated all my spunk into my auntie's wet and welcoming pussy.

Although I had cum I left my cock inside her and lay down on top of her. I loved the firmness of her tits and the wonderful aroma of her perfume and her cunt juices.

Auntie let me recover for a while and said, 'Did you watch Sarah closely as she licked auntie's pussy?'

I told her I did and she said, 'Good now you can do the same to Sarah.'

Sarah now sat where her mother had been sitting and I knelt between her wide open legs. She too held her pussy lips apart and I started licking her. Serena sat beside her daughter and sucked one of her tits and played with the other. I loved the taste of Sarah's very wet pussy and my face was getting wetter all the time. She smelt amazing, all cummy and sexy. I sensed she was about to cum and I found her clit and concentrated on it. Soon she let out a huge scream as she orgasmed all over my face. While this was happening uncle Mark sat watching us all and playing with himself. Auntie said to Sarah, 'I suppose we'd better take care of daddy, are you going to or shall I?'

Sarah replied, 'Oh let me please mummy, you know how much he likes me sucking him off.'

Now uncle joined us on the sofa and sat down beside me. Auntie knelt between my legs and Sarah knelt between her father's legs. Mother and daughter looked at each other and nodded, then both lowered their mouth's over our cocks. I loved the feel as auntie clamped her lips tightly round my cock and slowly moved her mouth up and down the shaft. Although I had only recently cum I soon felt myself getting there again. Sarah was doing the same to her father and in fact both mother daughter were moving up and down together.

Uncle was the first to cum and he shouted out with pleasure as he emptied the contents of his balls deep into his daughter's mouth. I was only a few seconds after him as auntie coaxed another huge orgasm out of me. I loved the feel as I came with her lipstick coated lips clamped tightly around my cock.

Auntie looked at her daughter and they moved closer and kissed deeply transferring the spunky contents of their mouth to each other. As they broke away it was a wonderful sight to see mine and uncle's cum trickling down aunties and Sarah's chin.

Now we all needed a little recovery time but auntie wasn't finished with me yet. She said, 'When you look out of your bedroom window and wank while looking at me what are you thinking?'

I said, 'I don't know, I just want to cum over you.'

'Well come on then, wank and cum over me now,' she replied.

She sat on the sofa and I stood in front of her and started rubbing my cock, slowly at first and then it got larger and harder and I speeded up.

Auntie asked, 'Would you like Sarah to give you a hand?'

I didn't need to answer as Sarah came and knelt beside me. She started rubbing my cock just with her fingertips. It felt so good, then she used her long fingernails. She used her other hand to squeeze my balls and all the time she was saying to me, 'Lovely big cock, I love wanking cocks and making them ejaculate over mummy. Cum for Sarah, cum for mummy, cum on mummy's tits.'

As my orgasm approached Sarah directed my cock closer to auntie's wonderful tits and soon I was spurting stream after sream of hot cum over them.

As I finished cumming Sarah leaned forward and licked her mother's tits clean. I was now totally exhausted and spent and we all cleaned up and I went home.

Now when I see auntie or Sarah in the garden I no longer hide behind the curtains and wank and I now go down into their garden and wank in front of them - that is if I don't fuck them.

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great story, family fun is best! why did Uncle have stockings on?
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loved the hot
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reat story thanks
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fantastic story m8. if you've got urls to other ones (esp bi) ps pm me. cheers
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very hot & good
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Great story
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