Auntie Claire and Amy

Auntie Claire and Amy’s massage

Claire woke knowing today was the anniversary of when her husband left her and she was going to go out and treat herself and that meant another pair of shoes. She dressed as she always did which was smart and elegant with stockings and a pair of high heel shoes, although as she was now in her mid-fifties the heels were just a little bit shorter than they used to be.

She still liked to hear the clip clop of the heels on the ground and knowing that many men and hopefully a few women would turn round and admire her legs. In fact it was her liking for younger men and women that caused her husband to leave her.

Claire drove to her local shopping mall and started browsing round the many shoe shops. One of the window displays caught her eye and she went in. She soon spotted a nice pair of open toed sandals with about a 4 inch heel and an ankle strap and went about looking for her size. Unfortunately there didn't appear to be her size so she decided to find an assistant to help her.

Claire approached a young girl who was helping another customer and when she had finished Claire said, 'Excuse do you have this in a size 5?'

The girl turned round and as she saw Claire, she said, 'Oh my god, auntie Claire, fancy seeing you here.'

Claire replied, 'Oh hello Amy, I didn't realise you worked here.'

Amy said, 'Oh it's only on Saturdays as I need to earn some extra money for some training I'm doing. Now let's see if we have your size.'

Claire took a seat and waited for Amy to come back. Soon she appeared with a box and sat in front of her auntie and eased one of her feet into a shoe. As she sat there she could see that her auntie was wearing stockings as her skirt had risen up and showed her stocking tops. As she put the other one on Claire asked, 'So what sort of training are you doing?'

'I'm going to be a masseuse in a local sport club,' Amy said.

Claire said, 'That sounds useful, I often think I could do with a massage to relax me.'

Claire tried on the shoes and liked them, she walked up and down in them and looked in the mirror. She said to Amy, 'The heels may be a bit high for someone my age but to tell you the truth I quite like showing off my legs.'

Amy smiled and said, 'Why not.'

As they went to the till to pay Claire said, 'If you ever want anyone to practise on I'd love a massage.'

Amy said, 'Well I finish at 4.30 and I'm not meeting my boyfriend until 6.30 so I could come round then if you're serious about it.'

'That would be great, you know where I live don't you? I'll see you then.'

Claire walked out of the shop and sat on a bench and put on her new shoes. She walked through the shopping centre and loved the sound of the clip clop of the heels on the concrete floor, she hoped that men where turning round and looking at her legs.

Claire got home and started thinking about the massage. Where should Amy do it. The bed would be too low. She decided the kitchen table would be the right height so went and got the cushions from her sun lounger and covered them with white towels.

Then Claire wondered what she should wear. Should she undress and just wear a dressing gown or keep her underwear on. She decided to wait and ask Amy.

Amy, in the meantime, had finished work and gone home to collect her massaging oils and drove to auntie Claire's house. She rang the doorbell and Claire opened the door and Amy followed her into the kitchen and said, 'Wow, auntie you are prepared.'

'Not quite, what should I wear?’ Claire asked.

'Oh just bra and panties will be fine,' Amy replied.

Claire was about to go into the bedroom to change when she realised that Amy was her niece and there was nothing wrong about undressing in front of her so she unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt and put them on the back of a chair.

Amy said, 'Oh auntie, how sexy, stockings and suspenders, lucky my boyfriend Roger isn't here or he'd be grabbing hold of you.'

Claire replied, 'Oh you should have bought him with you.'

'Maybe next time,' Amy joked.

Claire unclipped the suspenders and slid the stockings down her legs and put them with her skirt and blouse.

'How do you want me? Claire asked.

Amy told her to lay on her front so she could start on her shoulders. She had on a white bra that must have been around a size 40, brimming with creamy breasts and large white knickers that came above her belly button.

Amy poured some oil onto my hands and some on her back and neck.

'Ooh it's cold! Claire said.

Amy told her it would warm up as soon as she started to massage. Amy ground her thumbs into her shoulders and proceeded down her back. Claire was silent but occasionally shifted her position slightly. Amy worked around her bra straps but found it rather cumbersome and asked her if she minded if she unhooked them.

'Actually I was just going to ask you if I could remove it as the supports are digging into my flesh’ Claire said softly.

'No problem,’ Amy said.

She unhooked the bra and let it slip onto the floor.

'Ahh, that's much better,' Claire said.

Amy continued working on her back which was plump and rather fleshy, Amy then worked from her shoulders down her arms which she stretched out for her. She could see the sides of her doughy white breasts as she did this and was rather curious to see what her nipples looked like.

After her arms, Amy moved on to her auntie's lower back and gently eased her hands lower towards her buttocks. After a couple of minutes Claire arched her back slightly and eased her knickers down about three inches to expose the very top of her bum crack. Amy detected wisps of light brown hair with a few grey ones in her crack. Amy was working on her buttocks and pulled the knickers down even further for better access. Claire did not say a word but again squirmed slightly.

'Now for your legs,' Amy said.

At this Claire turned over and Amy saw for the first time her auntie's wonderful creamy breasts gently sagging either side of her chest. Aureolas that were pink and rather large with prominent erect nipples in the centre.

'Is this easier for you, or would you rather I stayed on my back?' Claire asked

'This is fine for me,' Amy said, 'if you're OK?'

'I'm great,' Claire said, 'you have wonderful hands, you are relaxing me terrifically although you're also having a lovely effect on my nipples, look how hard and large they are.
Amy was amazed at the size of her auntie's nipples and could feel herself getting aroused as she looked at them.

Amy then put some oil on each large fleshy thigh and proceeded to massage each one with her hands. Each time she reached the top of a thigh she went a little nearer to her pubic mound.

'I really don't want to get oil on my knickers,' Claire said.

Amy said she was sorry and would not touch them again.

'Silly, I don't mean that; let me take them off so you can do a proper job’, Claire said.

Amy stammered that it was fine. She smiled and pulled them down, revealing a thinning mound of light brown and grey hairs.

Amy could hardly control herself but carried on, getting nearer and nearer to her vagina but still massaging her thighs. She really could sense that her auntie was willing her to touch her so Amy put some oil on her fingers and very gently spread her lips apart. Claire sighed again but didn't say a word.

Amy carefully parted each of her auntie's vaginal lips and ran her nail down the space between. She was squirming and sighing more now and when Amy finally slipped her finger up her slit to her clitoris she gasped. Amy placed one hand on her left breast and rotated the now erect nipple and carried on massaging around her clit with her other hand. Amy couldn't tell how wet her auntie was because of the oil but it seemed very slick to her.

Suddenly Claire arched her back

'Ooohhh that's so good!' Claire cried. 'I'm going to cum if you carry on doing that. Is that alright?'

'Oh yes, auntie, please cum," Amy said. 'I want you to.'

'Ahhh, I'm coming,' she gasped.

She pushed herself up to Amy's hand. She slowly eased two of her fingers into her vagina and Claire gasped again. She bucked up to her niece's hand and gently fell back.

'Mmmm,' she finally breathed, 'I haven't felt so good in a very long time...thank you.'

Amy smiled and said, 'That’s OK, anytime. I'm meeting my boyfriend Roger later and he'll be doing something very similar for me otherwise I'd be changing places with you, how would you feel about that?'

'I'd like that a lot, I'd love to feel your young pussy. I adore the taste of pussy too. Are you sure you don't have time for that now?' she asked.

'No, sorry, although I'd really like that.’ Amy replied.

Maybe Roger and I could both come round and see you another time,' Amy replied.

'I'd like that a lot,' auntie Claire replied.

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1 year ago
lovely little story
2 years ago
There's got to be a part 2 to this, either with or without Roger
2 years ago
Very nice. I love massaging my lady and she loves it as much as I love having my hands all over her body. The most sensual thing.
2 years ago
2 years ago
AWESOME would want to read more on as the boyfriends cums also!!
2 years ago
That's what I call a Happy Ending!
2 years ago
Wow, give us more, that's hot! Thanks.