Debbie succumbs to charm of the shoe salesman

Debbie succumbs to charm of the shoe salesman

We are Alan and Debbie, happily married for many years. A while ago we were in Devon on a touring holiday and one day drove into Cornwall . We lunched in a small village pub, then went walking and looking at the few shops there.

Late in the afternoon we came across a small shoe shop. My wife had been looking for some open sandals for a while. On entering the shop we were met by a gentleman of around mid-50's. My wife would have been 53. Another lady of a similar age could be seen at the back of the shop.

Debbie was wearing a summery dress about knee length with bare legs. She is 5ft 5" and a size 12 and very attractive. She looked round the shop and found a pair of sandals she liked and asked the assistant if they had them in her size. He went into the store room and in a minute or so came back with a pair her size.

She sat down and he sat on the stool in front of her. He took one of her feet in his hand, bending her knee, and appeared to be massaging it with my wife’s dress riding up to about mid-thigh. After putting on one shoe and massaging it he did the same with the other one with my wife’s legs bent at the knee. I was behind the chair and he smiled up at me. He clearly could see up to her panties and normally my wife would pull her skirt down or close her legs but there was something charming about this man and for some unexplainable reason she stayed as she was.

The lady who was obviously the man’s wife came to stand by me and asked if I would like a drink whilst my wife was being served. By now her legs had parted even more and I found myself getting aroused at her unusual behaviour. I followed the lady into the back of the shop admiring her shapely bottom in her figure hugging blue blouse and knee length skirt. I was fascinated hearing the clip clop of her high heels on the stone floor.

We went into a back room and I was amazed to see that there was a one-way mirror looking into the shop. I watched fascinated as the assistant started rubbing his hands further and further up Debbie’s legs. She had her eyes closed and was clearly enjoying the attention she was getting. What surprised me more than anything was that this is not what Debbie is normally like.

I was mesmerised at the sight. I stared at what was happening, he had lifted Debbie’s skirt way up onto her lap and had parted her legs. Her plain satiny panties were clearly visible and he was rubbing his hands higher and higher up her thighs. Debbie slid back on the chair and parted her legs even wider, the look on her face told me she was getting very aroused.

I sensed the other lady standing very close to me. I could smell her perfume and she said, ‘Your wife is clearly enjoying trying those shoes on, he is very good at his job when it comes to serving attractive ladies.’

In the shop the male assistant said to Debbie, ‘I can see you’re enjoying this, your panties have got a damp spot on them.’

‘I know’, she replied.

At this reply he took it that she was not objecting to his behaviour and started rubbing her thighs just inches from her pussy. Debbie knew this was wrong but the pleasure she was getting was so intense she was unable to resist.

Back in the other room the assistant’s wife was stroking Alan’s thigh who was getting more and more aroused as he watched his wife. Then he felt her hand on his crotch. She said, ‘I thought this would excite you.’

She started undoing his flies and took his cock out, she loved the feel of it, the hardness of it and started slowly rubbing it.

In the shop the assistant’s fingers were brushing against Debbie’s pussy. He could feel the heat and the moisture of her pussy through her satin panties. Debbie was so aroused that if he had wanted to fuck her she would have taken off her panties and laid on the floor and fucked him.

The assistant had now taken the sandal and was rubbing the sole of it against Debbie’s pussy, she loved the feel as it massaged her clit. She could feel the pussy juices flowing out of her.

Meanwhile Alan’s trousers and underpants were round his ankles and the woman was on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth and slowly sucking him. Alan was in heaven watching his wife being pleasured by a stranger while he was being sucked off.

In the shop he had put the sandal down and was stroking Debbie’s pussy through her panties. ‘Take them off,’ she pleaded.

She lifted her bottom and he slid them off. Her shaved slit was now clearly in view to him and Alan in the back room. The shop assistant leaned forward and slowly started licking all the way up and down her soaking wet slit. Debbie adored being licked by Alan anyway and now she knew her orgasm was not far away.

Alan couldn’t believe what was happening to him, he adored it when Debbie sucked him but wished she would do it more often to him and he had never cum in his wife’s mouth.

Debbie had grabbed her man’s head and pulled him tightly to her. As he licked her slit and then found and sucked her clit, she called out with pleasure as this enormous orgasm crashed through her body. She ground her pussy against his face.

Alan was about to cum too and told the lady. She had no intention of stopping or taking the cock out of her mouth and he loved it as she clamped her lips tightly around the head of his cock and pumped his hot seed deep into her willing mouth.

In the shop, Debbie was recovering and had put her knickers back on. Alan wiped his cock and the woman stood in front of him with her mouth open and showed him her mouthful of cum before swallowing it all.

Alan joined Debbie in the shop who said, ‘I think I’ll take these shoes please.’

‘Certainly’, he said, ‘there’ll be no charge.’

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5 months ago
brilliant story
2 years ago
Lovely story - I so hope its true - and tell me where the shop is...K always likes to try on shoes :)
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
what a terrific story of sharing