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Taste of my own cum

I love making Fiona cum with my tongue and lips and making her cum all over my mouth and then kissing her so she gets to taste her own cum.
She has now said that next time she sucks me off and I cum in her mouth, instead of swallowing it she wants to kiss me so I get to taste my own cum.
Help, what should I do.
Posted by arbymore 2 years ago
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1 year ago
A dream come true.
1 year ago
Go ahead, would love to do with my missus
2 years ago
do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Take it like a man. Hmm, that might not be it.
I mean: just do it. You might like it.
I love to taste mine occasionally. It started when I wanked myself but not intended to cum because I didn't have any way to dispose of it. But I got to far and had my hands full of my cum. After a short hesitation I cleaned my hands with my tongue. It wasn't bad at all.
2 years ago
I adore sharing cum. One of life's pleasures.
2 years ago
i agree with alabamalou i used to do this with an ex , i found it to be awesome , couldnt get enough of it
2 years ago
mmm go for it m8, tasting yr cum off her tongue is so fuckin hot. linger over it, keep yr tongues 2gether and then swallow x